Tuesday Teaser Time


Yes students – it’s that time again – AND have you commented yet?  You really SHOULD!

Welcome to another rowsing round of WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN???    The photo fun we have every Tuesday that tests your skill at investigating a photo we give you – examine it closely, figure out what things you’re seeing in the photo that you can stick in your search engine to see what pops up – whatever your Sherlockian skills are – this is the place to use them.


I can tell you are!   You look very determined.    Let’s show the rules and badges then get on with the business at hand – THE PHOTO OF THE DAY!

If you did some serious studying since last Tuesday then maybe – just maybe – you will go away tomorrow after the Tell All being the proud owner of one of these fabulous badges of your VERY own!

My Mom would FAINT if I brought home an award for ANYTHING!

Well I’m going to ask our temporary Security Guard to bring in the photo for today.    Our long-time security guard is on a much-deserved vacation break.

Yes sirs…………………I gotcha photo rat here!   Acshully I have two photos – ya want me to put ’em both up??????

Yes please Dexter

The bottom photo with the white square in the bottom right corner (we blocked out a logo on the photo!)  is from our GUEST TEASER person for today, but our Graphics Department added the TOP photo just because they thought it was a pretty photo of this area along the canal.    Two for one.   YAY.   Now WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN????????????????

Cheer Team – Take it Away!

We like the looks of this pretty spot
We think the guys there are probably really hot!
Guys with muscles work on boats
We’re up for a ride on whatever floats.
Anyway, good luck to all you students
Including you Truman and you too Prudence!

Thanks for the good luck wishes….but why ME???

Yeah…..I was wondering why me too???

Don’t worry you two – I think you were chosen because your names just happen to rhyme with the words the Cheer Team came up with today.

So tomorrow in class we’ll let you know who wins and who doesn’t……………..so GOOD LUCK STUDENTS to all of you including Truman and Prudence.

Now, let’s go to the cafeteria and have a munch of lunch!

Hey Man…..I’m…like….
TOTALLY hungry!

Who’s Up For Lunch???  

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See you in the morning students!!!!   Professors Angel Sam and Teddy

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    • GOOD MORNING! We had FIVE Firsties this morning – FIVE…..Mamma Mia – look out for the cheer team tomorrow!! Guess what we had for breakfast this morning – chocolate eclairs. HAHAHAHA I got some at bakery yesterday and well – we couldn’t resist…I know we’re bad but so what.

      Hugs, Pam

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eclairs… now that is different from the usual stuff. I like that change. A few days ago we had pastry bear claws with some kind of creamed cheese stuffing. Very different than what we are used to. Five is a lot of speedy people! It is a beautiful place but no idea where… not the US. I will eat breakfast and then see what I can find OR where I can find!


        • Oh YES on the bear claws stuffed with STUFF. Sounds good….I suspect you were under the influence of a pastry “spell” like I was when I got the eclairs???? I actually think I miscounted and we have FOUR FIRSTIES today but I’ll have to double/triple check. Enjoy your breakfast and then put on your Sherlock hat and figure out the Teaser!!!!

          Love, Pam


  1. It looks pretty. I am thinking Scotland or Ireland but probably won’t get chance to search for it today. Will email later when I get home from my appointment. Fingers crossed!


    • Well, with any luck, Marge and Sarge didn’t notice that you were late today. I think they cut students a lot of slack for the holidays BUTTTT now that they’re over – well – let’s just say we hope no demerits are coming your way (or that dunce cap!).

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Miss D we love your makeover and cheer team you are up to par as always. Dexter keep that notebook from crossing guard school handy. You never know when there will be running in the halls.
    Our Guess is Bristol England because it was where we visited long ago. If not there then on the isle somewhere. Good luck all
    Timmy and Crew


    • Alright – tune in tomorrow to see if it’s Bristol……and if not there – WHERE!! It’s a tough one we know…..I’m sure Miss D will appreciate your approval of her significant cosmetic WORK…..her new area cafeteria supervisor (hubba hubba) is POSSIBLY the reason why she went nuts! I wonder if Marge has a bit of a crush on Dexter….they look well suited.

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. If Mom had gotten up when she woke up, we could have been among those other eraly birds, but you know how it is with her…never a clue as to the day of the week. Nothing jumps out at us in the photo, but we’ll check it out better, and see if a brain cell or two start firing. Love you, Kitties Blue


    • Good luck with the brain cells. My Mom’s are hard-starters too! 🙂 We had FOUR early bird commenters this morning…..I think we said there were FIVE but we checked again and there were four. EEEK.

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Eow! Look at all the students! What a great morning!
    I do’n think i, Marvelous, will ever be firstie…. you kniw, that could be the mighty Frazer, by wear we live but there are not any skyscrapers…..
    I will keep thinking…


  5. Oh sure. First you block out the logo for America’s Most Wanted, and then you try to distract the students who may not be paying full attention by casually calling that a “canal.” Please. You think I don’t know a moat when I see one? I can practically see the piranhas and maneating otters swarming around in the photos. Another prison Teaser photo….. SOLVED! Yeah, I could see right through your ruse like I can see through that silly disguise Miss Dingleberry insists on wearing now…

    Liked by 1 person

    • HA! So you think that’s a disguise Miss D is wearing? Time will tell….there MIGHT be some kind of disaster in the works for Miss D due to her VANITY but we’re not sayin’. Trust me though – it is Miss Dingleberry in the flesh (or plastic as the case may be). Anyway, we were hoping nobody would notice the piranhas and otters in those photos….especially the foggy one…..but you figured it out. However, WHERE is this prison?????? Hmmmm??????


  6. I have no idea where the photos were taken, as always 🙂 Great cheer ladies! Now please bring back the original Ms. Dingleberry. The sight of a gorgeous blonde makes me ill. actually jealous. 🙂 XO


    • Oh remember, beauty is only skin deep and with all that plastic and filler stuff Miss D has now, she’s got very little actual SKIN. My Mom says she’d rather be REAL than UNREAL and I bet you would too!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. I just got chance to look at the Teaser photos and don’t really have a clue. I have been trying to read what it says on the yellow boat but it’s too indistinct. I have to make a guess so I will say Henley on Thames, Oxford, UK. The buildings do look similar to some of them there, but if so they are taken from a different angle than usual. We used to go there a lot but not for many years now. I am not optimistic, but I’ve had a go!


    • You absolutely did have a go – AND when we said this was a tough Teaser we really meant it because no doubt there are any number of beautiful spots like this along the canals in the UK and Scotland areas……so knowing ONE and recognizing ONE would have been amazing to do. Carry says this is a favorite walking spot for her AND that the pub there serves great food. Makes me wish I was there!!!!


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