Pre-Tease Monday


Happy New Year’s Eve Morning (or something like that anyway!)

We hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you’ve been stuffing yourselves with leftovers and candy and all kinds of things that will add about 20 lbs. to your weight so that you can make a New Year’s Resolution that you won’t keep – – – – TO LOSE WEIGHT!    HAHA    Our Mom goes through that one every single year.   She asks Santa for GODIVA and gets it then bemoans the fact that she (voluntarily mind you!) eats it all and becomes roly-poly.    Well, I tell her it’s just more of her to love!!!

Now back to the business at hand.  Tomorrow will be New Years Day………..the beginning of 2019.    Some of you may not even have been to BED yet when you see the photo but you must persevere!    You must give it the old Ding Dong try!


I hear snoring from the back of the room.    Too much partying.    It catches up to us.

Before we do our Rules and show you the New Years Badges we have on offer tomorrow, we have been mulling over the possibility of not having classes on Mondays anymore.   Everyone knows about Teaser Tuesday – and we will continue with that no matter what, but maybe we don’t NEED a “prep class” on Monday?    We can post the rules and badges on the Tuesday Teaser post before we show the photo.    Whatcha think????    We will do whatever you all want.

Just tell us what you think about Pre-Tease Monday and we’ll keep it or not depending on YOU!

So here’s the rules you all know so well for guessing tomorrow’s photo location…………!

AND – here are the badges you could win if you are sharp as a tack tomorrow when we show you the Teaser photo!!!

Cheer Team?   Do you have a New Year’s Eve cheer for the students????   I know you have some big hot tub party to host tonight but thanks for squeezing out some time to cheer on the students!

Scooby Doo
Happy New Year’s Eve to you!
We’re getting ready to party with our buddies
And all of YOU have to stay up late and STUDY!
You’d better stay home and get some rest
For students like you, that’s really the best!
No hangovers for you because you all are so GOOD
While we get crazy and have fireworks in the ‘hood!

Well team the idea is to cheer everyone up not depress them but hey – you’re distracted I’m sure because you’re excited about tonight’s festivities.   Well Happy New Year Cheer Team and remember YOU HAVE TO BE HERE IN THE MORNING TOO!

WHICH REMINDS ME – remember tomorrow’s Teaser post will be at a random surprise time – NOT the normal blog time!

I’m already tired just thinking about tomorrow!

We’ll drink to that!  But then we’ll drink to anything!


OK class – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch.   Miss Dingleberry is still not back from her – er – um – ultimate makeover.

Hello Students……me again…..your Swedish Substitute Chef!   Please enjoy your lunch!

New Year’s Eve Lunch Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see you next year (tee hee)!   Your Professors…………


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    • Looks like most peeps want Pre-Teaser to stay………..we thought maybe our students didn’t feel they NEEDED to be “coached” before Teaser Tuesday but I guess everyone enjoys it!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. We probably don’t need a pre Teaser but I certainly do enjoy the cheers and the adorable cheerleaders. The only hangover here will be my left foot. Many days I awake to find that it must have gotten hot over night as it is hanging over the mattress. LOL Great visual
    Hugs Cecilia


  2. Oh dear, however am I going to get here tomorrow? I have been convinced all day that it is Sunday, and Sunday I thought it was Saturday. Ivor was the other way round and thought Saturday was Sunday. Have I got you as confused as us now?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We voted to keep school on Mondays, we need all the help we can get. 🙂 No Swedish meatballs from our Swedish chef? See you next year. 🙂 XO


    • HAHAHA……we should have served those meatballs – we love this Swedish chef dood……….he’s our new Substitute Chef FOREVER! We’ll continue Pre-Tease class….just about everyone wants to!


  4. We think we’ll hang out for a while and have some of those frosted brownies. Yummers. Nothing special will be happening around our house tonight. We’ll all be asleep and wake up when it is 2019. And maybe we’ll be lucky enough to win one of those coo badges. Happy New Year dear friends. We love you. XOCK, Kitties Blue and Mom and Dad too


  5. I gotta tell you Teddy, your selfie yesterday wI wonder if he brought Lingon Berries with him? Mom Loves those!
    Happy New Year!I hope your life be full of surprise and joy. May you be blessed with everything you want in life.
    Purrs Marv and Mom


  6. I voted Other since that should be your decision on whether to continue the Pre Tease. I usually miss the pre-teases anyway since in normal weeks (Where I’d, like, be at work right now… yes, even on NYE!) I usually don’t do blog reading on Mondays. I’m sure the usual “chef” would appreciate only getting snarky comments from me twice a week rather than putting up with my pottymouth three times…


    • Working on NYE??? I bet it’s QUIET at Mecca. I’m wondering if you will be snarky with the new/improved Miss Dingleberry! I think we’re continuing pre-tease – we went with the votes and votes say GO FOR IT!

      Pam and Teddy too


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