Teaser Tuesday Christmas FUN!


Merry Christmas – HO HO HO!  (Santa wants to know if you commented yet????)

Greetings to all our dedicated students who made it here for Teaser class on Christmas Day!    We’re proud of you.  No you don’t get a special prize for being here – just our undying thanks and love.   Now we will try to keep class relatively SHORT today so you can get back to playing with all the stuff Santa brought to you.

Some of you dressed up for class today – you look fabulous!

Our Cheer Team looks fabulous too!   And they have a GUEST Cheer Member today – let’s bring them on in to get you ready to guess the Teaser today shall we????

Christmas Day is finally here!
We decided to dress up as Santa’s reindeer!
Santa is grumpy and likes to be in charge….
How typical is that for our Humbug Sarge?
Good luck with the Teaser on this special day
We hope you get a badge and we just wanna say…..
Unless of course you have the flu bug!

Good job!  You all look………………………interesting!     Now, let’s just give you the rules for the guessing QUICKLY and show you the badges one last time then give you the TEASER photo to begin agonizing over………..

Badges You Can Earn:

Since we gave our Security Guard the day off -I’m gonna show you the photos for today!

That’s right students – photos – meaning more than one – of the same place though – just more hints!!

Where were these Christmas photos taken?   Yes it’s tough…..but do your best!!

Let’s go get our Christmas Brunch from Miss Dingleberry – who -by the way – has a surprise of her own for you today!

SURPRISE students!   I’ve had plastic surgery and you now have a whole new face to see when you come to MY cafeteria!   I just need a little work on my mustache problem AND either laser surgery for my eyes OR some nicer glasses but it’s the NEW ME!    I’ll even try to be a little less………er…………..DIFFICULT………my Christmas/New Year’s Resolution.    Now PLEASE enjoy your brunch, won’t you????


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see you in Tell All Class tomorrow students – Good luck with the tough Christmas Teaser and have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION!!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

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  1. I am very suspicious of teaser photos that have been photoshopped in any manner but I think you’ve done a wonderful job of making Miami Beach in July look like Christmas.
    Just because Miss D turned over a new leaf doesn’t mean that I have to change.

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  2. Nice cheer and you all look good. And Marge, I liked you just the way you were- you didn’t need to change. I have no idea where the photos were taken, but I would like to go there. Merry Christmas Teddy to you and your wonderful folks. XO


  3. When the Prison Beautification Committee in Cell Block 69 pitched the idea of allowing the inmates to decorate the facility for the holidays and lighten up the somber mood, how could the warden say no? And so millions and millions of lights (All acquired via taxpayer dollars, of course) were strung up down every aisle, up and down every guard tower, and even woven into the barbed wire fence (Which was an electric fence, but they needed its extension cord for the lights). The supermax looked so amazing decked out in holiday cheer, that the public at large was invited to stroll the grounds to take in the magic of a very incarcerated Christmas. The warden was pleased and decided to reward the inmates of Cell Block 69 who made it happen………… until he realized that they had used the distraction of all the holiday gawkers to make their escape. It wasn’t long after the legendary Deck the Halls Escape of 1989 that the prisoners in Cell Block 68 came up with the idea of holding a giant Easter egg hunt that Spring. I believe they are still performing the hard labor the enraged warden sentenced the attempted copycats to…

    We hope you enjoyed today’s holly jolly Christmas in the joint tale! I can guarantee you that it’s every bit as authentic as Miss Dingleberry’s new face….

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I like the Easter egg hunt idea even better than the Deck The Halls event! I actually kinda like the Christmas lights on the barbed wire idea – very “home sweet home”!


  4. May your holidays be like Santa – fat, cheerful and abundant!
    I don’t have a clue as to where in the world you are this week other than a Christmas Market! Mom went to the one in Vancouver and says they are fabulishious!

    Purrs Marv


  5. Merry Christmas to all at Ding dong academy! I am present but late. LOL
    Love the new look Miss Dingleberry…i want the formula to you magic youthful potion. The mustache is a good look. LOL there as bacon here this am
    Hugs cecilia


    • Venice at Christmas – has to be amazing. They have an annual Santa Race too on the Grand Canal….imagine….all those gondolas full of Santas!!! HAHAHA Hope your Christmas was fabulous!

      Love, Teddy


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