Pre-Teaser Christmas Style!


Happy Christmas Eve Students!

‘Twas the class before Christmas and all through the school

Ding Dong School students were breaking the rules!

But the Professors said “go ahead – have some fun!

But if the principal comes, we’d all better run!”


Hello students and here we are for your pre-tease class which we will keep nice and SHORT since it is – after all – Christmas Eve.    Tomorrow we will have a Christmas Teaser for you and we just want to remind you of the rules AND show you the fabulous Teaser Badges we will be awarding to those of you who win one tomorrow!

Easy to follow these rules isn’t it – you just have to use your imagination, your SEARCH button to get clues from the photo to follow up on, and sometimes your best guessing skills!    You may win one of these:

Oh boy – now you know you can’t let this Christmas pass by without trying for one of these right?    Then for sure we’ll see you in class tomorrow – even if it’s a quickie visit before you see what Santa stuffed in your stocking on Christmas morning.

Which reminds me – we don’t normally give you ANY KIND OF HINT about when the Teaser will be popping up but since tomorrow is Christmas Day……….we will tell you just this one little hint – it will be EARLY.   At least early here on the East Coast of the USA!!!   So, that’s your hint and you’ll never get another clue like that as to time for the Teaser again (unless maybe for Christmas 2019…hahaha).    We don’t want to interfere with your Christmas celebration so we’ll get Teaser done and dusted and turn you loose after Miss Dingleberry’s Christmas BRUNCH (yes I said brunch…..there will be some breakfast items on the menu since we’ll be early!).

Oh I like brunch……..ummm….Professor what’s a “brunch” exactly????

There will be some surprises tomorrow too – our Cheer Team has new costumes AND they have talked Sarge into joining them.    Miss Dingleberry has a surprise too and that’s all we’re saying!!!!

The Cheer Team is wearing their elf costumes for their little Pre-Christmas cheer today but tomorrow……….well………you’ll just have to wait and see!

Here we are as elves one last time
Squeezing into these suits has been a crime!
Tomorrow we’ll be here to wish you a Christmas SO Merry….
We are NOT going to dress as Christmas fairies!
Now you’d better be asleep tonight when Santa arrives
Or the coal he puts in your stocking might give you hives!

Students if you come to school tomorrow with hives we’ll all know you PEEKED!

Interesting cheer today team………….but thanks for the warning about being asleep (or pretending to be) when Santa comes.   The lady in our Graphics Department said her Mom told her if she tries to sneak a peek at Santa she’d get coal in her stocking.    I know you don’t want that so SLEEP tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow!

I’m not gonna peek! No way!

Now let’s go have our lunch so you all can go home early today – remember tomorrow we’ll have an EARLY class and turn you loose to spend the day with your family!!!!!!

Welcome to the cafeteria students…..I know you’re all excited for tomorrow to arrive so you can see what Santa brings you, but for today, me and my cafeteria crew are bringing you a nice Christmas Eve lunch!!    I’m even on my BEST behavior just for you!!   Amazing right?

Christmas Eve Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class early tomorrow students!    Your Profs…………Happy Christmas Eve!



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    • HA! My Mom gets up early but after we spend a LITTLE time together at that time of the day I go back to bed while she bangs on the computer. But we WILL be here tomorrow and we hope at least a few of our friends are able to stop by……being Christmas morning makes it tough we know!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Hi Cecilia! Merry Christmas Eve to you and the family too – I know you’re happy to have them there and I know you’ll have a wonderful time together. I hope Santa brings you ALL something special this year!

      Love and Hugs, Pam and Teddy


    • Yeah nice huh? And it’s actually no earlier than we’ve had Teasers before….we just wanted people to have fun with their families but so many wanted us to do a TEASER too. It will be a quick morning we promise!


  1. Happy Christmas Eve! We are al waiting on tenderhooks for the big event! A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm and we all go through it together. Let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride.


    • YAY!!!!! I hope he brought you a lot of great treats Clowie! We’re about to see what Santa brought us – Mom wanted to have breakfast first (!)…….LET THE FUN BEGIN!

      Love and Merry Christmas


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