Teaser Tuesday Holiday Style


We’re HERE…..are you?  If so COMMENT NOW!!!

Good Morning students.    It’s that time again………….I hope you are well rested……….

Well we hope MOST of you are well rested anyway…..

We have a GUEST TEASER for you today…………..and I do believe it will take all your Sherlockian talents to be first to guess this one.   You all know how to do that detective work so I’m thinking someone will get it!    Maybe YOU?


Maybe you.   Depends on how well you do your detective work when you see the photo today.    First, let me remind you of the rules:

AND then let me show you the possible badges you could win today:

Let’s let the cheer team get you in the mood before we show you the photo shall we?

Tuesday is here you lucky class
We’ll fire you up with our usual sass
Give this one some time and gather your clues
We want a happy class, not one filled with the blues!
If you think you have it right then give it a guess
You might be first – ahead of the rest.
Pre-Christmas badges are cool and you know you want one…..
So get to guessing and join in the pre-Christmas FUN.

Tomorrow when we do the TELL ALL post, you will find out who gets what badges – until then you’ll just have to study the photo and do your best to guess.   I know you all will do a great job!!!

I’m gonna try!  I’m serious about it!

You students BETTER be serious – Geography is IMPORTANT!!!   Madge – you’d better page Mr. Security for the Professors!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Alright Students – WHERE was this photo taken?     Remember the rules………….and HAPPY HUNTING!!    You can stay in the classroom and do your hunting or you can join some of us in the cafeteria for another nice lunch then return to the classroom for (a) a nap or (b) to figure out the Teaser!

DECISIONS – DECISIONS!!!!!!!!   Lunch or study…….I think I’ll EAT first!

Ho Ho Ho…..the line’s moving too slow!!!!


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Good Luck Students!  See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors………………….

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  1. Well… This must either be and airport or an aircraft related building – perhaps a museum. In my ten minutes of googling on lunch, all I could seem to find where plane crash images or instructions about the wheel mechanism. I shall keep searching.

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  2. Goodness we are way late but Thank Mew dear friends for the holiday cheer… team and great noms Ms Dingleberry. We have NO IDEA what or where this photo is but we know one of our friends does. Wheee Holiday Cheer from us all
    Timmy Dad and Family


  3. Oh dear, one of 4 firsties last week and this week, almost an hour late. Too bad our mom wasn’t paying attention to her emails, she was making her tea when this email showed up. We hope everyone has a great Teaser Tuesday!

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  4. Wow…another tough Teaser. We just hope that building doesn’t have engines. Well maybe that would e cool to see: A flying building! Bet Lorianne could draw one for us. Oh never mind…we are rambling. We are heading to the lunch line. Everything looks so delicious, we are each going to get something different and share. Good luck to all the super sleuths. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  5. Everyone remembers Johnny Five from the Short Circuit movies… but what happened to his four other robot clones who didn’t become sentience due to a lightning strike? After their epic failure at catching the clever #5, the government terminated their defense contract with Nova and the company wound up selling off the useless robots to the nearby penitentiary to serve as guards. You think any prisoners are going to dare try and escape this joint if they know four trigger happy bots with deadly laser beams might blast them to Uranus? I hear #2 has already been promoted to warden…

    Speaking of, I believe the macaroni and cheese I got from Miss Dingleberry has also come to life. Or perhaps that’s not really macaroni since I don’t think it’s supposed to be squirming like that…

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    • Now there’s a good explanation for the origins of the Teaser photo if I ever heard one! I’m thinking we aren’t far away from this actually being true – robot guards in prisons – they could “put the hurt” on prisoners starting a riot couldn’t they! As for the Mac and Cheese – is it squirming on the plate OR is it squirming in your innards????? Or both??????


  6. EEEkkkkk…these are escapees from Star Wars….Return of the Jedi. The Empire is standing guard outside this hanger. For all we know Luke Skywalker could be a prisoner. Save him!! This hanger is in Virginia. Lynchburg to be specific.


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