Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thursday is here and so am I !!    I’m going to be THANKFUL first then onward to Angel Sammy’s weekly poem.    Thankful?  Yep – I always am.  Anytime I stop and think about my world, I realize it’s FULL of thankfuls.   This morning for instance I was outside with my Dad in the COLD COLD COLD and I realized at one point when I was hunkered down in the leaves that I really didn’t HAVE to be out there – it was my idea to go but I sure didn’t have to STAY.    I got up and lickety split headed for the front door dragging my Dad by the leash he was holding and back inside we came to get warm.   What if I had nowhere to get warm?   So many animals don’t.   Makes me sad thinking about them but I’m SO thankful I’m not one of them.

We got our regular email from Angel Sammy overnight.   So I’m able to share yet again his poem and a new photo for those of you who are playing along with us with the Poetic Thursday fun.   Some of you are “on the fence” about going out of your comfort zone to try writing a poem.  Let me encourage you to do it.   You just might ENJOY writing one!

Here’s Sammy’s email………..


It’s Poetic Thursday – are you ready?

Hi everyone!  It’s me – Angel Sammy – the cat poet here for another bit of fun with poetry on Thoroughly Poetic Thursday.    If you’ve joining us for the first time, every Thursday we share a poem that we have written during the week using a photo that I provide to you (and me) for inspiration!    What we see in the photo, how we feel looking at the photo, what it makes is think about, etc.   It’s up to you to write any form of poetry about the photo.    It’s fun.   Try it!    Last week I gave you this photo – and following it is my poem for the week.

“Magic and Mystery”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     December 5, 2018


On misty shores the maiden moves along

Towards magical towers and a mysterious song……

Only she can hear.

The message in the bottle promised her love

If she’d follow the light and the sound of the dove……

Towards her hearts’ desire.

Her dreams led her here to this shore

To find the bottle to learn much more……

She was ready for adventure.

She’d been different from others all her life

Her illness was painful and hurt like a knife…..

It was such a burden for all.

The thought of some happiness drew her here

She felt something extraordinary was ever so near…..

She heard the music in her heart.

At the gates of the castle she was met by a light

It was burning yet cool and felt ever so right…..

The Angel said “Welcome to Heaven”.


OK – I can almost hear you.   This is very different for me isn’t it?!   Well this photo when I first saw it stirred something in me (and my MOM!) and we felt like it needed a different “message” than the usual.    I began writing it NOT with this ending in mind – it just CAME TO ME as I was about half way through.    Anyway, I hope you like it and I can’t wait to see what you’ve written!    If you wrote a poem this week, let us know in comments and give us your blog link so we can read it!   OR – write your poem in our comments so others can enjoy it.  

Ready for next week’s photo?    Here it is!

This ought to be a doozie.   My Mom says no doubt this is what every shopping mall in the world looks like right about now.  I thought it would be a good photo to use for us to write about as we sneak up to Christmas!

Are you ready for the holidays?    I used to LOVE when the house got decorated.   Lying under the tree was my favorite thing.    That’s ME on the left and Teddy on the right.   I trained him well didn’t I ??

Sam Under Christmas Tree

So I will look forward to seeing you here next Thursday.    Give writing a poem a try.   You will be proud of yourself if you do and you just KNOW that I will be too!!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Forever, Angel Sammy


Oh Angel Sammy you are right – you really DID train me well and I never even met you but when I dream at night there you are……..helping me, teaching me, telling me things I could only learn from you.    I love Christmas as much as you did.    I’m still trying to decide if I like Dad’s train under the tree as much as you did though!    HAHAHA

Love, Teddy

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    • Thank you so much Herman and Mr. Bowie. We hope the holiday and new year bring both of you good health, much happiness and of course a healthy dose of treats for Mr. B and chocolate and expresso for you Herman!

      Holiday Hugs,
      Pam and Teddy too

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  1. Dear Angel Sammy…. what an inspiring poem…and frankly in my mind’s eye it describes the heavenly trip I like to imagine…well done my angel.
    Teddy looking good under YOUR tree!
    Oh next week’s picture will be fun
    Hugs cecilia

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    • Hi Miss Cecilia! Glad you liked Angel Sammy’s poem this week. I think it’s one of the coolest photos he’s ever picked – some of the poetry we’ve read today is amazing – we loved yours!!

      Love, Teddy


    • We are putting our heated cat house out on the front porch this weekend – – – we can tell we have a night time visitor who sleeps on the cushion on Dad’s rocker on the front porch. The heated house would be MUCH better!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Sammy, you did a super job with your poem. I loved it. And Teddy, you made me smile about coming back into the house after realizing you didn’t have to stay hunkered down out there in the leaves. I imagine your dad was glad too that you both were headed on back on. XX
    Katie Isabella and Mom


    • Dad was very happy – he was miserable out there – even with gloves, scarf and hood up. When the wind blows up here on this hill we feel it in every inch of our bodies! Fresh air is nice but not at the cost of being miserable out there!

      Love, Teddy


    • Brian as always, let me thank you for giving us a “formal” chance to be thankful every week. Most of us realize how lucky we are within ourselves but spreading that word makes it more special!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Hi Angel Sammy! All of us here read the poem and all we could say was “WOW!” So beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

    Please give Mom and Teddy some big hugs from above for us. 💛 💚 💙

    Love–Samantha, George, and Phoebe


    • HI Doctor Phoebe! I’m glad you liked my poem today. It was a GREAT photo to use as a springboard for a poem! I whispered in Teddy’s ear just now to pass on a hug to Mom (and keep one for himself!) from you, George and Samantha. Hope you are getting ready for some holiday fun!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  4. I love your Christmas tree photos, so sweet. That was a beautiful poem even if it was sad. Next week’s poem looks fun, I love the mall despite not liking crowds. And yes, you are a lucky boy to have a warm home and a Dad willing to freeze for you. XO


    • Dad’s a good guy – most of the time when Mom has taken me out – Dad will appear within 5-10 minutes to take over for her… she won’t be so cold. Now THAT’S a dedicated Dad!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Meow meow Teddy what a thott full psot ’bout beein thank full. Do you know mee used to BEE one of ‘those’ kittiess?? Oh yes fore thee ferst 4 yeerss of mee Life mee was an ‘outoodr’ kitty. Mee DID have a home butt THE Hu’manss barelee noticed mee. An when they furinallee DI notice mee, mee was taken to THE Shelter mee spent 2 yeerss inn.
    When mee sitss at thee patio door an sniffss thee chilley air mee ree-memburrss beein cold an lone. An mee iss so thank full mee not alone an cold an hungree anymore….
    An like you angelss Purrince Siddhartha an Auntyss’ Nylablue an Mingflwoer come to mee inn mee dreemss with advice an teechinss an they help mee under stand LadyMeow an how to enjoy mee mew life. Wee are blessed to have our ‘angelss’ aren’t wee???
    THE photoe is so u-neek. Mee bin thinkin ’bout it all week…Yore poe-em iss FURABULUSS! Mee will try mee paw at this one (not sure how it will tern out…)

    “There it iss!
    Thee Castle Mee bin lookin fore,
    the port inn from THE storm
    of what was a lonlee Life
    without true love or care.
    As mee standss an gazess across thee mist
    Mee feelss blessed an *kissed*.
    Soon mee will bee home
    An alone no more shall I bee,
    A once lonelee kitty like mee…..”

    by BellaDharma ❤

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  6. Oh, yes – we are so touched by your beautiful poem. We had not expected the ending – simply wonderful!!!

    The mowers are here as we type taking away the last of our leaves (we hope).

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • So glad you enjoyed the poem……our favorite thing is when we surprise ourselves with the endings…..LOL…..Mom had no idea… just HAPPENED (well, Angel Sammy wrote it of course with Mom’s help! 😉 )

      No more leaves? They are still coming down a bit here – we have some trees along our driveway that are always the LAST to “give it up” !! Our landscape company has been here three times so far to blow away all the leaves. Mom and Dad aren’t doing it themselves anymore – YAY.

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. Oh man, Angel S. That shopping mall looks very familiar to Mom. She is heading to the mall this weekend with her friend. They are just moseying around for Christmas fun. No pressure to buy anything because most of our gifts are already here or ordered online.

    Love and licks,


    • Hi Cupcake! My Mom doesn’t mind going to Malls if she doesn’t have a THING she needs to buy – usually when not holidays, they’re pretty quiet – at least around here. Good place to walk indoors too when it’s too cold to walk outside! Mom ordered just about everything online except for stuff for our stockings!

      Love, Teddy


  8. That is a very beautiful poem, Angel Sammy. It gave me goose bumps!
    I am very glad you have a nice warm and loving home, Teddy. I bet your dad was glad when you decided you’d had enough of the cold and you both went in to warm up.


    • Oh so happy that you enjoyed Angel Sammy’s poem this week. IT was a SUPER SUPER interesting photo and inspired a lot of amazing poetry from those who participate in poetry day. YES I am very happy that I have a nice comfy home and I’m also happy my Dad indulges me in some of my colder and more miserable walks around the house. HE’s a trooper!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • We do think it’s VERY VERY cool how the poems are always different as we read everybody’s. It’s why using a photo is such fun – we all “see” (literally and figuratively) different things. Our imaginations take us to different places and poetry is such a GREAT way to express those things. Anyway, we totally loved your poem this week and are super happy you liked ours too!! Thank you so much for always participating in poetry day.

      Hugs, teddy


    • So happy that you like Angel Sammy’s poem. We liked it too (!!). Both of us LOVE being under the tree – and Angel Sammy loved the train – I’m still making my mind up about that though!!

      Hugs, Teddy


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