Tuesday Teaser Time


Good Morning Students!    COMMENT NOW before you sit down!!!!

Happy Tuesday.   I just know you all studied hard last night and are ready to guess where today’s Guest Teaser Photo was taken.   Right???

Well you all sound like you’re READY so let’s get started shall we?    First the rules AGAIN and the possible badges you can win – one more time.   Then we’ll get the Security Guard in here with the photo!

So that’s the scoop…………NOW…………let’s have our Security Guard bring in the photo shall we??


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this photo taken?    What town/city/village in which country or state?   Good luck!!     Here’s the cheer team to make sure you’re fired up!

You’ve seen the photo so now you can guess
C’mon and be brave – don’t be a “hot mess” !
You know your geography we’re sure you do
So come on and impress us we’ll be proud of you!
Tomorrow we’ll find out if you win or lose….
You’ll either be HAPPY or singing the blues!!!!

Thanks Cheer Team………..I’m sure you have everyone FIRED UP now!

Wherever this is, it’s a pretty place – I wanna live there!

Alright already….I am trying for a badge this week PERIOD!

Take it easy now………..this is FUN stuff right?   No sense getting all crazy about it.   Just do your best.   That’s all we ask.    Now if you prefer to EAT before guessing, then lunch is ready now – if you want to stay in class and work on figuring out the photo you can do that too – then come to the cafeteria for lunch.   Either way – we will see you back in class tomorrow morning when we find out who wins what!!!

Hello Students…….we have a nice lunch for you today…….it will help you concentrate on the Teaser photo so you might win a badge from the Professors!!!!!   

Today’s Menu:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you tomorrow at regular class time!  

Your Profs

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  1. Looks like Casa Capulet to me. You can see the balcony which Juliet’s father modified into a makeshift prison so that no-good horny teenager Romeo couldn’t try to make off with his daughter. Papa Capulet also made sure to give Juliet a high and tight crew cut so that she’d be unable to lower her hair down to Romeo in an attempt to elope. Alas, Romeo wasn’t into the Sinead O’Connor look, so he snuck off with Julie’s BFF while Juliet tugged at the bars of her balcony and wondered wherefore art her cheating, two timing Romeo…

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    • A guy with a name like ROMEO should have been on Juliet’s radar anyway if you ask me…..but thankfully her Dad was at the helm of the good ship Capulet. A prison for one is still a prison though – this one isn’t very high though and if she’d had a little intestinal fortitude she could have tied her sheets together and hot-footed it out of town!



  2. Ha! I knew right away that while we have a Verona subdivision, a Verona School and even a Verona Road here in Battle Creek, well, the structure was not like any we see here! And way too old also, Battle Creek is from the 1800’s, not from the time of romances that the Shakespeare dude penned his plays about… MOL!
    I do believe the Kitties Blue will love this picture, because its about one of their kitties!
    Wow, she has a castle?? That is Giulietta’s Castle!
    In Verona, Italy. (Not Battle Creek)…and as usual I am way way behind.

    Wanted to start the Christmas decorations here yesterday, but the snow storm had me doing other unwanted work…so even though I stayed home all day, the confuser did not feel my fingers till way late…now today I have to get my errands done, and then *maybe* I can do some visiting…
    Did you get swamped with a big snow dump, too? Then this warm Verona Italy image will be super appealing!

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    • Make sure and stop by tomorrow to see where this is and who sent the photo in for Teaser Tuesday. You may be right too so you can pick up a badge then if you were!! As for Christmas – well – we haven’t STARTED ecorating yet but lots of people have……my Mom says “this weekend”. We didn’t get any snow thank heavens but we’re sure we will be getting some….!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Thanks for the taco salad Mrs. D. Nom Nom. I think this is in Savannah, Georgia. This castle is along River Rd. Mom says she saw those plants stuck in the walls down on River Rd. I’m stickin with this guess. I wonder if I could climb the plants?



  4. Can you believe that Mom just realized it is Tuesday. Guess it is okay to say now, that our dad took this photo, and that our Giulietta was named as a result of it. Dad returned home from Italy to discover that Mom had adopted two kittens. He named Giulietta, and Mom named Fiona. We see it only took seven minutes for some smarty pants to get this. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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