Teaser Tuesday Class In Session!


Good Morning Students!   Don’t forget to COMMENT before you sit at your desk this morning!!!

Gosh I forgot to comment when I came in the door – I bet I’m already TOO LATE to be FIRST!

Well just remember next week !    Now are all students ready to proceed with class?????

Hurry Dougie – I hear the Professors – they’re starting class now!!!!!

Alright you two!   Off to the principal’s office with me…..shame on you!

Uhoh…….I hear a commotion out in the hallway.   Well, sounds like Sarge has things under control so let’s move on shall we?????

Today we have what I think is another super difficult Teaser photo for you to examine and make a stab at guessing where it was taken.    It’s a GUEST TEASER photo.   One of our students sent it in to us and we thought it was a doozy.   Before we show it to you, let’s remind you of the rules shall we????

Just remember we need all that information – and we don’t need to know what building we’re seeing but what city/town/village and in what country or state the photo was taken – Okee Dokee??

We haven’t shown the photo yet you two…..just be patient!

Here are the special Thanksgiving Week badges we have on offer to those of you who earn one today…………………we will let you know TOMORROW who wins what!


Talking about Teaser photos – that reminds me that we want to remind YOU all that if you would like us to feature one of YOUR photos on a Tuesday Teaser, just email it to us and we’ll let you know when to look for it in class here – it’s always tons of fun when it’s YOUR photo that’s the Teaser – – – watching the guesses is very cool AND you get a special badge for letting us use your photo too!

Hey – maybe I’ll submit one of my photos!

Certainly!   I bet you take some good ones!

Let’s bring in our Cheer Team – they know how to fire up a classroom full of sleepy students who are trying to stay awake long enough to at least SEE the photo for today!

WE are here to give you a cheer
Our Tuesday “job” is to be right HERE
Firing you up for tons of Teaser fun
Then tomorrow we cheer for all who won!
We hope today that you are lucky
Maybe you’ll win a badge wouldn’t that be just ducky?
We think the Security Guard is coming down the hall – – – – –
So you better get ready and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

Yes indeed – our Security Guard just arrived with today’s challenge so let’s bring him in shall we?

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN?????????????   We’ll tell you who sent it in and where they took it tomorrow!

Gosh – that IS a toughie!!

Hmm……..no clues that I can see………

While you all agonize over the photo – SOME of us are going to take a lunch break then come BACK to class to keep studying the photo.    Whenever you’re ready to EAT, just pop by the cafeteria!

My tummy is rumbling – I think I’ll take a break and eat.

Time for lunch students!   A full tummy is the key to guessing the Teaser so eat up!   Tomorrow we will have a complete Thanksgiving meal with Turkey and trimmings………..oh and by the way, several of you are concerned that my turkey tray hat contains turkey and trimmings that might have “gone off” since I’ve been wearing it every day.   Well, you need to know that this hat was made for me by the Home Economics class – it’s made of material so can’t “go bad”.   Feel better?   Good – now let’s eat!

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   You have until midnight to guess!

Your Professors………….Angel Sammy and Teddy too!

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  1. Miss D we surely never meowed about your hat getting ripe. Wait! Einie why are you hiding all of a sudden? No matter. I will have the beefy stew and the rest can pick and chose their own, Now to that Teaser Teddy… It is along the beautiful Riviera Maya along the Caribbean Coastline in Quintana Roo Mexico,
    Even if we are wrong we bet our guess has the coolest name
    Timmy and Family

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh I think that name is wonderful – Quintana Roo sounds like some kind of kangaroo haven or sanctuary. HAHAHAHAHA We’ll find out tomorrow if you are RIGHT or WRONG with your guess Timmy – meanwhile enjoy that beef stew – I had some – it’s FAB!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Urgh. I’ve been all over the world with this one and failing miserably. I’ve been to russia, the us, canada, japan and i’ve come back to russia again. Having searched Russian rivers, i found a couple I thought… maybe.

    Anyway, the one I think fit best turned out it be in Latvia. So my guess is Riga, Latvia and that it’s possibly the Daugava River?

    This has taken me a good hour and is still almost certainly wrong. Haha.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Isn’t it TOTALLY FUN though? Google searching is an adventure every time…..and you find places you never saw before and learn all kinds of interesting stuff. You certainly HAVE been around the world looking and we’ll find out tomorrow if indeed this is the Daugava River and view across it in Riga, Larvia ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR not. At any rate, you have officially GUESSED which, if you are wrong means you get a “I GUESSED BUT WAS WRONG” badge but if you’re RIGHT could mean one of the other badges! YAY FOR YOU no matter what.

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

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  3. The pretty red trees and the fancy buildings are only there to distract people from identifying this Teaser. This is the reservoir where the federal supermax penitentiary’s sewage drains into. See those holes? Once per hour, just like Old Faithful, those pipes spew magnificent raw sewage from the prison’s septic tank into this scenic watering hole before going into the city water supply. It was also the sight of the famous 1969 escape attempt by Darryl “Butch” Dingleberry (No relation, we hope) who braved the 3,000 foot long line of unfiltered waste product to make it to freedom. However, he passed out about halfway along the journey and was discovered several weeks later floating in the water tower. Such a sad story… much like Miss D’s Thanksgiving dinner will likely be tomorrow…

    Liked by 3 people

    • Gosh, Butch was surely desperate to escape since he “went for it” through the sewer system – now THAT’s what I call BRAVE. Are you SURE Butch isn’t related to Miss Dingleberry? There’s a guy who works in the kitchen who looks a lot like Miss D…….in fact, one of his side duties other than prepping food is cleaning the kitchen toilets. MAkes you wonder doesn’t it………

      Liked by 1 person

    • WELLLLLL…….everyone will find out where this is tomorrow and it could be LOTS of places as those beautiful red maples are a very popular tree! WHEREVER it is, it’s a pretty spot isn’t it?!?! Tune in tomorrow and find out where it is………… 🙂

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  4. Where ever it is, it sure is pretty!

    I need to make my human stop looking at the Tuesday teasers – it is making her want to travel places where I probably can’t go with her. MOL!


    • Oh Summer I know what you mean……fortunately my Mom and Dad haven’t done an EPIC trip since Sammy went to the Bridge…..they talk about it but haven’t done it. I can handle their quick trips to Maine but a bigger trip? I think that would make me grumpy.

      Love, Teddy


  5. What a pretty place! It must be fall because the leaves are a vibrant red. It’s probably some place in Europe, but we don’t know where.


  6. I do believe whomever sent in *this* teaser has all of us stumped to the max! When I look at that image I see old and new…lots of red roofs, which gives the thought of Europe…but where! I have been all over the globe, even China, OMC! Nope, not there for sure…

    When I see all the trees there that are still green, I begin to think the trees in the foreground are in blossom. So not fall, but a spring image! But after hunting and snooping for almost 90 minutes, I have to go and do other things else I shall go nuts, MOL!
    Greenie please!!


    • One Greenie coming up (actually we’ve got a big box full of them this week to give away!). Miss Jackie has so many GREAT photos and we are ever so lucky that she shares them with us. They sure make TEASING extra fun!

      Hugs, Teddy


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