Thankful and Poetic Thursday!


Happy Thursday to one and all!    Double day here for me with Thankful Thursday Hop and Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge.   First up is always being THANKFUL because it is VERY important to recognize all the things we are thankful for.    This past week I was thankful for having such a wonderful place to stay when Mom and Dad are away for a bit – “Paws A While Pet Hotel” is the BEST.   The Sisters who own and operate it are so sweet and they spoil me rotten just as they spoiled Angel Sammy before me.   I’m grateful to be with them.

Wouldn’t you like to join in being Thankful and visiting to see what everyone ELSE is thankful for?   If you would, just click Brian’s badge above and fill out the form with your link.   Easy!

Next up today will be Angel Sammy’s weekly email to me which is transmits from the Rainbow Bridge – it’s all about POETRY!


GREETINGS FRIENDS!!!!    It’s me – Angel Sammy, your old pal now residing at the Rainbow Bridge.    Just because I’m HERE and not THERE doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a poem from time to time.   This little exercise is for all of us to share some poetry once a week.   If you’re not participating, I hope you’ll change your mind and be part of the fun.    If you have written a poem just let us know in comments with your link………..OR you can write your poem IN comments so we can all read it!    FUN huh?   Well it is!   Trust me!

Last week I gave you the photo below to use as your “inspiration” for this week’s poem.    I thought it was a super interesting photo with the buffalo – such an ancient and majestic beast – in the foreground while in the background an ancient geyser – Old Faithful – did its’ thing in a plume of steam from deep within the earth.   Kind of a primitive feel.   Anyway, here’s the photo I gave you, followed by the poem I wrote based on the inspiration I got from the photo:


By Angel Sammy Kimmell      October 17, 2018

In ancient times many beasts did roam

The bison was one and this was his home

Since prehistoric times this land was theirs

They adapted to change with very few cares

The landscape of Yellowstone may have changed

But the bison still belong there – this is their range.

Majestic formations dot their land

Geysers, hot springs, proof of nature’s hand.

They’ve survived through so much – in good times and bleak

Imagine what they could tell us if they could but speak…………..



There’s something so “ancient” about the look of bison………….they have their issues and always have.   They’ve been hunted, their herds culled for various reasons, diseases have plagued them, and yet they go on and on and on as they have since prehistoric times.   There’s something rather MAGICAL about that don’t you think?   

Here’s your photo for next week – I hope you like it and find some inspiration for a poem to share with us next Thursday……………

My Mom said this brings back some memories for her……………..I wonder why there’s no “TREAT TRUCK” in neighborhoods for we dogs and cats?    I think it would be popular, don’t you?????  

I hope you’ll write a poem with us next week………………I’ll be working on mine to share with you.    Meanwhile, everyone take care of yourselves and know that we Angels are working behind the scenes to try and help as much as we can with everything going on “back home” where you all are.    Love is forever…………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



Cool poem Angel Sammy!    Those beasts are very strange looking if you ask me, but I say all things from prehistoric periods look just a bit strange – maybe just knowing how long they have SURVIVED in some form or another……..bison are very cool.

See you next Thursday for Poetry!

Hugs, Teddy



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  1. we hope it will be always the place of majestic animals and we will not destroy it once…. we love the next photo… it’s time for another bursting bink bants boem, right? have you seen our photo in your mailbox or was the aol gremlin active again?


  2. I’ve never stayed in a cat hotel, just human hotels! Binga and Boodie (and Sparkle) had to stay in a cat hotel once when the old house was tented for termites. The only one who didn’t like it was… Binga!


  3. Great poem once again, Angel Sammy! And “cool” pic for next week’s inspiration. Teddy, I know you’ll be super-duper happy to have your pawrents back home TODAY!
    Love, Sundae


  4. I am glad you were well cared for while your folks were away. Beautiful poem from Angel Sammy. I have a feeling you will have a beret soon just like he had. XO


  5. I am glad you had a good time in your cat hotel, and I hope your mum and dad had a lovely time too. That is another great poem from Angel Sammy.


  6. Sammy’s poem was another exceptional one. We can always depend on him to write terrific poetry. Mom is excited about next week’s photo. She thinks it will be lots of fun to write about. We are also thankful that you have a wonderful place to stay while Dad David and Mom Pam are away. Mom wrote a short poem today:
    XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  7. bacon nator… lee kewl poem this week, for sure de bison iz amazin….we think…but iz knot sure…at one point they waz all most….gone…. ??? hope yur mom N dad haza safe trip home N hope they had a grate time ♥

    ted o nator….next time stay in TT….we all wayz haz foodz on de grill 25/8/366 !!!

    in harnezz on grazz
    wavez two ewe ted o nator
    hope yur day iz good

    fresh air N sum smellz
    we hope ewe did knot see BURD
    ta roo en yur day


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Gang!! LOVE YOUR POEM…………imagine what it would be like to BE there? I think I’d be OK until that big geyser spit out all that water…..I might run. I bet it makes a lot of noise too! Mom and Dad went to York, Maine for their VACAY. Loved it – and I stayed at the kennel and was spoiled even more rotten than I thought possible. Mom’s got her work cut out for her to OUTSPOIL the nuns at the kennel!

      Love and Hugs and NO BURDS and LOTSA TUNA to you!


  8. What a great poe-em angel Sammy!!
    Mee has not found mee pawss yet to rite a poe-em usin a photo. It iss furry hard fore mee. Here iss mee attempt at a poe-em:

    THE Bison
    “THE Bison iss majestic an mightee!
    Hee iss reelly quite thee sightee.
    Mee wuud stand inn awe
    on just one paw
    an then mee wuud take flightee!!!!”

    by BellaDharma =^..^=

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  9. We can just imagine the tales those bison could share!!! They are majestic creatures.

    We are very thankful today because we just heard that our human sister’s surgery went very well!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  10. Angel Sammy, we loved the beautiful poem that you shared with us. A cat hotel sounds like a wonderful time. We hope your mom and dad had a great time while they were away. Thanks for sharing such a great post for Thankful Thursday. Have a wonderful rest of your day.


  11. Teddy, we are so glad you have such a fun and fantastic hotel at which to stay. We also hope that your mom and dad enjoyed themselves while they were away. Angel Sammy, your poem is so wonderful and true. What a beautiful image you gave us to work with this week. Next week’s photo is such a nostalgic and fun one, and this here human already knows what direction she wants to go with it. We sure do look forward to your poetry challenge every single week!


    • Just so you guys know, Angel Sammy LOVES LOVES LOVES your story-poems every week……..and so do Mom and I!! I did have a great spot to stay while Mom and Dad were frolicking in Maine (well – old peeps don’t frolic that much but they had fun). The Orthodox Christian Nuns who live in and operate my kennel are SWEET AS CAN BE and love all the animals they care for. We hope to see you NEXT week and in between too!!

      Love, Teddy


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