Teaser Tell All Time


Good Morning Students!   Is everybody ready for the Tell All?????

Good…..we’re ready too.   It was wild and wooly in class yesterday as we began getting your guesses in the class inbox to review.    We had some great guesses too.    But the FIRST THING we got was TWO FIRST COMMENTERS!     Wanna know who?

Alright we’ll put you out of your misery and tell you that our FIRST COMMENTERS were:

Timmy Tomcat and Phenny !

YAY!   Two Firsties!

Congratulations to both of you – you each get one of these:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 9, 2018! WHOOPIE FOR ME!

As you remember, we had a GUEST TEASER yesterday and our GUEST was Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS – the world traveler who has such fab photos.    Thank you so much Miss Jackie for the photo for yesterday because it was a GOODIE and fooled a lot of people which is what we like a Teaser to do!   This badge is just for you Miss Jackie…….

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of October 9, 2018!

Here’s the photo she sent to us:

Where did she take this photo?    On a trip through Cornwall – this is the Houseman’s Mine Shaft/Souith Phoenix Mine Engine House, Minions, Cornwall, UK.    That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it!   A very interesting building and what a nice wall too!    If you’d like more info about this pretty location – Miss Jackie sent two links so you can read up a bit about this place which is now a Heritage Center.



Thanks for the links Miss Jackie – lots of people really enjoy knowing something about the Teaser photos…………who knows – maybe others will visit the spot too????!!

So WHO was the first student to figure this wonderful Teaser out?    HMMM????   Let’s have a drumroll and find out!!



YAY Phenny!!!!!!

Because you were a FIRST COMMENTER and you also were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, you get one of the new DOUBLE WINNER badges Phenny!

I was a FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 9, 2018! A DOUBLE WHAMMY WINNER!!!

YAY FOR ALL OUR WINNERS!     We also had several others who guessed the Teaser right this week – each of you who did, gets this:

I wasn’t the first to be right but I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of October 9, 2018!

And of course if you guessed but were wrong, it’s the Greenie for you!

I guessed the Teaser but was WRONG on October 9,2018 – I still got a badge!

Good sleuthing fellow students!!!!!

The Cheer Team wants to recognize our winners today with a cheer so let’s bring them out then break for lunch!

Another week of Teaser fun
Now you can celebrate if you won
If you didn’t win you still should be proud
You’re part of the Ding Dong School awesome crowd
Our FIRST COMMENTERS this week were fast as can be
The honor goes to Timmy Tomcat and Phenny
Then our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER came waltzing on in
It turned out to be PHENNY – YES – AGAIN !!!
A double whammy winner for our favorite weim
He wins a lot – that’s not a crime!

Phenny is a smarty pants….oh wait….he doesn’t wear pants does he??!!

Maybe it’s a good idea if we take our lunch break now?????   Who’s up for FOOD?    I see a lot of hands – let’s go!

OK Students!  Lunch is ready…..proceed in orderly fashion and make ME happy!


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Remember everyone – no TEASER next week but we will have posts……and reminders about TEASERWEEN too!

Your Ding Dong Professors, Angel Sam and Ted



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  1. Congrats to Timmy Tomcat, and double congrats to Da Phenny. The photo was taken much closer to home this time, just a short trip over the river into Cornwall andthen to Bodmin Moor.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats winners! I did actually think to myself that I bet it’s somewhere in the direction of Devon and from Two Devon Cats, but it also reminded me of castles and things around where I lived Haha. 🙂


  3. Congratulations to Timmy Tomcat and double congratulations to Phenny!

    It’s a beautiful day here and I’m off out to enjoy it – we don’t know how much nice weather is left before winter.


    • Hello Miss Pix! Hope you’re all tucked in down there in Floridaaaadeeeeeedaaaa and that Michael will mind his own business and leave you alone! Other than that, we agree that the stonework on that old mine shaft is AMAZING. The whole place is…….love old structures like that!!

      Hugs to you!
      Love, Teddy and Mom too


  4. It’s time for the Graphic Department to create a TRIPLE WINNER badge. Phenny one not only one of the quickest and the smartest but he also solved a teaser named after him! MOL!!!


    • That’s right! LOL Our Graphics Department needs some assistance – The Graphics Department has an elderly lady running things and she’s not as on the ball as she once was. She’s NICE though! 🙂

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Know what guys? It’s a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT to get the country right for some of these Teasers….there was no “hint” in the photo so you definitely ROCKED to figure out the country!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. We give that cheer an A+, and Phenny sure deserves the same for being a double winner. Tanks Miss D for the great noms. You never disappoint. Love to all. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Phenny is a smarty pants – oh wait – he doesn’t wear pants…..he rips them to shreds but doesn’t wear them! Anyway, he does know a lot of Teasers – I think maybe his Mom helps him!

      Hugs, Teddy


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