Pre-Tease Monday Class


Fall is falling at Ding Dong School!  

Hello students!    As you can see from the latest photo from out front of Sheep School Central, we are falling here – officially.    Gearing up for one of our favorite celebrations too – HALLOWEEN!!!   But the most important thing for today will be getting you prepared for tomorrow’s Teaser class.

Our Teaser this week is a GUEST TEASER.    So get your eye exams done before tomorrow…….you want good vision so you can SEE clearly!

We want you to be ALERT and ready to rock the Teaser!

Thanks to coffee I’ll be ALERT!~

Well, I can TRY!

I expect most of you will be in one of the above categories!    Anyway, we’ll see who’s REALLY awake because tomorrow if you are the first to get here and the first to make a COMMENT, then you will get this:

Then if you are really on the ball and can figure out the Teaser photo first you will get the RIGHT GUESSER, or if you aren’t first but are right you’ll get a RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST badge:

If you make a guess and are wrong you get this:

And of course, you must remember the RULES we play Teaser by – because it’s very important that everyone have the same chance to win win win win win!!!

Now you all understand that your job tomorrow is to figure out where the photo we’ll show you was taken.   Yep – WHERE?!   That’s all there is to it – then on Wednesday we have TEASER TELL ALL class and you get to find out who wins WHAT!

I have a VERY IMPAWTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – turn up your listening ears everyone:


Next week we are NOT going to have Pre-Teaser Monday, Teaser Tuesday OR Teaser Tell All because my Graphics Department (Mom) and her Support Staff (Dad) are going away for a few days.   Professor Teddy will be basking in the wonderful world of a local spa (no – not a fat farm!) where he will be spoiled even more “rottener” (yeah we know that’s not a word) than he already is.   I, Professor Sammy, will be flying up to the Bridge where I reside the REST of the week and doing my “thing” up there.    SO, what will you all do for that whole time??????   We will be reminding you with some regular blog posts those days about the FUN we will be having after we return………FUN????   Did I say FUN???????   Yes I did – want to know why???

We’re going to celebrate TEASERWEEN on Oct. 29, 31, and 31!!

Remember this hideous picture of the Professors from LAST year???????  

So the deal is that we will have the first of TWO DAYS of voting on the BESTEST Halloween Costume by one of our Ding Dong School Students on Monday and Tuesday, October 29 and 30.   We will also have our usual Pre-Teaser and Teaser Tuesday with a photo to figure out.    Then on Wednesday, the 31st – we will have our usual TELL ALL class and also give you the results of the POLL from YOUR votes for the BESTEST costume!     So, in order to be in the Teaserween Costume Contest, you will have from Monday, October 15th until Friday, October 26th to get your photos in to us.    Got it?     Lots of time for you to find the RIGHT costume.   SPECIAL NOTE:  Any of you who don’t have an ANIMAL attending Ding Dong School may submit a photo of ANY animal in costume for the contest!!!     Mark the day on your calendar – send your photos in to us from October 15-26 to be in the contest.    We will be reminding you of this but this is your EARLY WARNING.     We have always had fun with Halloween costumes so find something totally cool.   We Professors will be finding some NEW costumes to wear – NOT the above ones trust me.

This was Professor Teddy last year……..scary but we can do better I’m sure!

This was Professor Sammy last year – equally scary but not nearly freaky enough!

So just remember, don’t send your photos in JUST YET – take your time then send in from October 15-26!!    Our Graphics Department has enough to do without EARLY photos coming in!   Got it?  OK!


Yeah we hear ya – we’re excited too!

Now remember tomorrow when you get to class – COMMENT FIRST……………but also remember that the blog post will be popping up at a DIFFERENT TIME than usual!    SURPRISE!!!!!!

I love surprises!

How about a Pre-Tease, Pre-Halloween Cheer from our Cheer Team?????


So tomorrow the Teaser’s here
Let’s celebrate with a beer!
OOPS sorry we are just kidding
On thin ice we are now skidding
We don’t want to get in trouble
The Profs will burst our bubble!
Tomorrow be ready for the TEASE
It’s so tough you might just wheeze!
We’re excited about TEASERWEEN
Our costumes we’ll send out to clean!

OK Team…..thanks for that……we’ll look forward to another cheer from you tomorrow – meanwhile, how about we take a lunch break?    Your Professors got up late and missed breakfast so we’re ready to have lunch in the cafeteria…………..”OH MISS DINGLEBERRY – HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!”

Happy Monday Professors – I hear you’re on your way.   Your special table in the Executive Dining Room is ready.   You students form your neat little line and try not to cough on the food on the cafeteria line…..don’t stick your finger in the pudding…..don’t poke or prod or jiggle any of the food before taking it from the line!    I want to see neat, orderly sheep having their lunch today – GOT IT?   GOOD!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ta Ta For Now!   Your Profs

34 responses »

  1. I will try to be on time tomorrow, but that last graphic describes me perfectly first thing in the morning. The Halloween party sounds like fun.


  2. We just know your pawrents are gonna have a wonderful vacation!!! And you, sweet Teddy, will be spoiled even more than you are now! And I’m sure Angel Sammy will have lots to do at the Bridge.
    Exciting to think about the upcoming contest, too, for Halloween!
    Love, Sundae


  3. Gosh! I don’t think the Professors can possibly be more scary than the were last Teaserween! Now THOSE were some scary dudes! I have the shivers under my furs now just looking at them. Our cheer team looked sweet though. XXXX


    • Let’s hope maybe the students don’t all get scared away this year! We did kinda “do it up” last year didn’t we. It was my first Halloween and I MIGHT have been a little excited!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Fall is looking good at Ding Dong School. So happy your vacation is almost here… going to be nice! I will be here in the morning as long as that Michael storm doesn’t change directions or decide to change in any way. Prayers and positive thoughts for Tampa and on up to the Florida Panhandle.


    • Yes Miss Pix we have an eye on that storm – as with all storms they kind of do whatever they feel like doing but we hope you are NOT involved with it! Hopefully it will run out of steam like some of them do!!!! See you tomorrow!

      Hugs, Teddy


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