Teaser Tell All Class Is NOW!


Good Morning Students!

First of all we must congratulate many of you because many of you got yesterday’s Teaser right!   HOWEVER, only one of you got it FIRST and we’ll tell you who that was in a bit.


Yesterday Teaser went live slightly LATER than usual and we caught some of you with your pants down (not literally of course – just figuratively speaking) because it was a little later than usual!


However within a minute of going live we had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS!!!!    Who were the lucky duckies???????


No afraid not…………………..!!!

Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER and Bacon of PIGLOVE!!!!!


Yes and each of you FIRSTIES get one of these of your VERY OWN:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! I ROCK!!!!

The photograph we had for our Teaser yesterday was one our Graphics Department (aka Mom) found for us and she thought it was perhaps tough to tell FOR SURE where the photo had been taken…………..well, she sort of was but we had an EXPERT SLEUTH figuring it out this week and we’ll tell you who that EXPERT is in just a minute.    First though, here’s the photo one more time:

This street scene could have been in a NUMBER of places throughout the world but it actually was taken in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.    Who figured it out first???????


Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS!


Ahhh….here’s our REGULAR crowd to cheer!!

Here’s your badge Miss Jackie:

I guessed the Teaser FIRST on October 2, 2018! Yay for me!!

And as I said, SEVERAL MORE of you guessed correctly so if you also guessed Brooklyn, New York, here’s your reward for doing so!

I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT but I did guess RIGHT on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! BRAVO FOR ME!


If you guessed but you were WRONG…………….well don’t cry – you get a badge ANYWAY…………..one of these:

Whaaaa…..I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! Pooey!

Cheer Team?   You won’t get too worn out cheering for our winners this week so BRING IT ON!!!!

Our Sheep hats are in the laundry
It left us with quite a quandry
So we opted for no hats at all
We look shorter and not so tall!
First Commenters we had TWO
If you’re not Sharon or Bacon it wasn’t YOU!
Our First Right Guesser was a good detective
She narrowed things down and was selective
She selected Brooklyn and was right!
It was familiar from a trip seeing the sights!
Next week maybe our winner will be YOU
You just have to look for the CLUES!

Thanks Team………………well done……………..I hope your Sheep Hats don’t shrink in the laundry – you’ll get a headache with a TIGHT SHEEP HEAD!

Yeah my sheep costume hat is small and it’s squeezing my bwain!


Now it’s time for lunch.   Miss Dingleberry says “COME AND GET IT!!!!!!”

You know the deal students……behave in line or go to the Principal’s Office!

Trust me you don’t wanna go there……..

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a good week students – see you Monday for PRE-TEASE PREP Class!!

Your Favorite Professors (we hope) 


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  1. Ah. I said US and was thinking New York, but I don’t know enough about NY to know the places within it! Haha. I feel proud for at least having thought that and been heading in the right direction!


  2. Congrats to Miss Sharon and Bacon!
    We were on a long cruise and had done the repositioning TransAtlantic and were in New York until 10pm when we were due to sail on to the Caribbean. We had stayed in New York the year before for a week so as the cruise terminal was in Red Hook, Brooklyn we decided to explore there instead. We decided to go to some gardens I had seen on the internet. We had actually taken a wrong turning somewhere and ended up walking along streets with very similar houses. It could even have been that same street! We never did find the park/botanical gardens we were looking for but found another nice quiet one to rest our tired legs in. I don’t know how far we walked that day but it was way further than we intended. All I know is that it was a good job it wasn’t an early sailing or we would have missed the ship!!!


  3. Concats to the quick and smart folks: Miss Sharon, Bacon Thompson and Miss Jackie!!! I should have risked my first thought – and not be tempted by the fresh flowers in front of the school! MOL!


  4. Great cheer ladies. I am glad your outfits were not in the wash too 🙂 Congrats to Bacon and Miss Sharon for being so fast! And Congrats to Miss Jackie!She sure knows her geography. XO


  5. A huge concats to Sharon and Bacon. Well done!

    I am going to say I won. I said New York, New York. Maybe I didn’t say Brooklyn but so what. Mrs,. Dingleberry I deserve 3 hot dogs and make one with sauerkraut, please.



    • Alright Shoko – three hot dogs it is and only one with sauerkraut! You were very close – most people just say NEW YORK CITY and they’re including every city within the two hundred mile radius of city center (or maybe further!). So you can have a badge and your three hot dogs – how about that?!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. I am glad that I finally got one right! Yippie! Thanks Sammy!
    And we are having pork chops tonight, I shall have to pass on M Digleberry’s wonderful fare!


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