Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

I’m thankful that it’s Thursday so I can not just talk about my Thankfuls this past week but because it’s also the day I share what Angel Sammy has sent to me from the Rainbow Bridge for his Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post.    That’s something to be thankful on its’ own!    If you want to join in the thankful Hop – click Brian’s badge above and you’ll be IN!    Share what you’re thankful for – you’ll be glad you did.

Today I am thankful that the sun has returned.   Florence’s aftermath which was by the time she got here merely a lot of rain and not so much wind was just two days of ICKY and WET and we certainly can handle that compared to all those who had to endure and still ARE enduring what Florence did to them.   We pray for them every day.   We hope the water recedes and that rebuilding will begin……….ONWARD.

This past week we learned that we lost a good friend – sweet Madi the Diva……she was needed at the Bridge and we are all sad about her parting but know she’s in good hands with all the Angels taking care of her there.    We have been praying that her Mom and Dad will think of her being well looked after just as they did for 16 years.   At the end of this blog post we will have information on the Blog Hop that our friend and Madi’s long-time boyfriend Raz from Friends Furever is hosting on September 26th.    It will be fun – it’s what Madi wanted!

Now let me share what I got from Angel Sammy!


Hello Poetry Fans!

Another week has passed since we last met to exchange poetry fun – a sad week because Madi made her journey up to the Rainbow Bridge where she was hugged and hugged and hugged by me and SOOOOO many other Angels too numerous to list here.   Let’s just say she is missing her home but knows this is where life DOES go on for all of us.    She makes a beautiful Angel as you can imagine.  

I understand that Madi and her Mom are going to continue writing poetry together and pawticipate in our weekly gatherings still which is WONDERFUL because we always have looked forward to her poems.  They are fabulous.   Now here is the photo that I gave you all last week for inspiration for this week’s poem – I REALLY love the mood of this painting don’t you?    I hope you wrote a poem to share with us?   If so, please tell us you did and leave us your blog link OR write your poem in our comments – either way we would love to see what you wrote……………

“Once Upon A Time…..”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell      September 20, 2018

By candlelight we would gather ’round

In cozy room’s glow there’d be no sound

Until Mother would open the magical book

To pick out a story then she’d give us a look

The look said “settle in, and I’ll take you away!”

We’d eagerly wait to hear what she’d say

“Now we’ll begin” then the words would take flight

As the story she told brought magic to the night…..

The time we would spend there in our own little space

Mother weaving a tale bringing a smile to each face

When at last she would say “and now that is the end”

We knew next off to bed each of us she would send

What dreams we would have from the stories she told…..

Childhood memories are FRESH, although now I am old………..


I have to admit, when I was a kitty living with Mom and Dad, sometimes my Mom would weave a little tale about how much she loved me and how happy she was she found me and I really did love “story time”.    I know some of you still do have story night with your Mom and I think that’s wonderful.    Teddy rarely sits still long enough for Mom to make up a story for him but they are close in other ways.     I hope the flavor of the joy of storytelling came through in my poem!!    

Now – here’s your photo inspiration for NEXT week – I hope it brings some ideas to mind.

This one should be a great one to write a poem about………………so I will look forward to seeing YOURS next week!   I hope it’s a date?    Poetry is a lot of fun to write…….give it a try.

Love to you all, Angel Sammy

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!



Thank you Angel Sammy!    I like your poem this week.    I think I’ll give story-telling a try.    Mom is always trying to get me to listen to her and if you liked it – I bet I will too!

Now I want to share some information with all of you about the special Blog Hop for Madi………………….it’s going to be hosted by Raz of Friends Furever but here are the details on how to join in the fun (yes I said fun – Madi wanted a FUN event for her farewell)…………

This is information from Friends Furever about the Hop:

Please join us on Wednesday, September 26 when we host a special Blog Hop for Madi Come Laugh With Us.  Post anything you want to do with a Box…such as stand up comedy, a joke or pun,

Recite a poem…karaoke, just a picture with a box, etc…anything goes no rules except RED!    RED was Madi’s favorite color!!!  


There is a link set up at Living Laughing and Barking in our Backyard so Madi’s Mom and Dad can see all your wonderful posts.

Hugs, Teddy




  1. 1

    Oh Angel Sammy inspires eternally as poets do. They smooth the jagged edges of hearts xoxo

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  2. 3

    we like the idea so much that Madi will make heavenly poems now for thursday ;o)
    storytime is a wonderful time… the mama of the mama always started a story and then she turned to the last page with skipping the main part of the story ;o))) no wonder that the mama loved the crime stories of her grampy more than the fairtales LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • 4

      Oh that’s funny about your Mom’s Mom starting a story then skipping to the end – it sure makes for a FAST story about NOTHING! HAHAHAHA Thanks for the poem today for Sammy’s Challenge – it was absolutely wonderful!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  3. 5

    Angel Sammy
    Thank you for this beautiful words in on each line it brought back fun memories. When my sissy was a wee girl, about 3, she had a series of cassette tapes w matching books. Such lovely stories. Every time The was a soft bell you turned the page on the book. Mom told me si followed each line w her fingers and mom is 100% certain sis learn words very early for this reason. Sis is still an avid reader,
    My poem is here

    I am so very excited about the come laugh w us post next week..
    Wheeee gotta fly on by Angels are having tea party
    Hugs Angel diva Madi

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    • 6

      What a sweet story about your Sissy…..reading is such a wonderful way to jumpstart imaginations and sets kids up for (hopefully) a lifetime of reading and fun. My Mom says she can remember the books with a bell!! We also just love your poem today about the “Nite Light”. That was a brilliant idea really. Have fun at your Angels tea party and say hi to Angel Sammy for us will you? We will be hopping with the whole world for your SPECIAL day next week.

      Hugs, Teddy

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  4. 7
    Dianna Says:

    Goodness, Teddy, you packed a lot in your post today! Love Angel Sammy’s poem, as always, glad Florence is a thing of the past, wonderful photo for next week and I can imagine there will be lots of pawticipation for Madi’s event next week!
    Love, Sundae


  5. 9
    Carole Schulman Says:

    I enjoyed your poem so much Angel Sammy. My mom sings to me sometimes but she hasn’t;t tried reading to me. She will I think after I mention it to her. Your poem reminded mom again how much she loves reading and how she immerses herself in the story while she is reading. It is a way of traveling while still in your home. XXOO
    Katie Isabella


    • 10

      My Mom is a BIG READER – she loves being taken away by a good story – especially a good mystery. Mom has often said if she hadn’t loved reading so much she probably NEVER would have written a mystery novel. Glad you liked the poem!! I think Angel Sammy remembers when Mom read stories to him!

      Love, Teddy


  6. 11
    Brian Says:

    We are thankful for the return of sunshine too Teddy and the wonderful Angel Sammy poems! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  7. 13
    15andmeowing Says:

    Excellent poem, as always. Reading as a family is such a sweet idea, more should do that now. We will be joining Madi’s hop, she was a wonderful kitty and friend to all. XO


    • 14

      I’m thinking reading to your kids (or kitties) is a wonderful bonding thing…..everyone together in one place at one time which is VERY hard to do these days I think! Glad you will be doing Madi’s Hop – I think it will be EPIC (to use Angel Basil’s word!).

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. A wonderful poem and very fine sentiments for a lost friend, who really isn’t lost if they live in our hearts and join in with our actions and the poetry of life.
    Toodle pips


  9. 17
    Kismet Says:

    Having a lit candle in bed isn’t good.


  10. Great poem! We are headed over to read Angel Madi’s now.
    The Florida Furkids


  11. 21

    We loved your poem today. We loved story time. 📚


  12. 25
    The OP Pack Says:

    We had no doubt that there would be a huge welcome for Angel Madi, and yes, she sure does make a beautiful Angel. We miss her so much but are happy that her Mom is going to keep the blog going with Angel Madi’s assistance.

    Your poem is so lovely and brings back fond memories to Mom of many storytimes with her Mom and Dad when she was little. Beautifully done.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • 26

      So many peeps have said they were reminded of story time with THEIR peeps when they were little – all because of that photo Angel Sammy used for this week’s poem. Isn’t that cool? It brought back memories here too and I think I’m going to give that story time with my Mom a try myself…..especially if story time is about FOOD (hahaha).

      Love, Teddy


  13. baconater; we haz had dull brain late lee N canna seem ta come up with any kinda poemz ore hi cooz …. but wanted ta say YUR poem thiz week rocked……de…..houz… nayborhood in fax….werd on de streetz iz when food servizz gurl waz young { bak in 2 BC } her dad reeded her de chicken little storee …..FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….N if him getted it wrong….de FSG toll her dad sew ??? !!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

    waves two ewe ted on nator, we hope ta haz poem brain again soon !!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥


    • 28

      Hi GANG! So nice to see you…..and my Mom and I a-polly-jize for not visiting you all more often. That dingy-danged email notification is BROKE and we never know when you have posted but we oughtta know by now to CHECK ANYWAY! There’s always some good fresh fish cookin’ up there and tales to be told. My Mom says she remembers worrying about the sky falling when she first heard that chicken little story a bazillion years ago – she’s just wacky enough to think it MIGHT be true! Hope you get to writing some magical Thursday poems again – we miss you!

      Love and Lotsa Hugs, Ted-on-nator


  14. I didn’t know Madi, but it sounds like she was loved by many. I’m glad you were there to hug her, Sammy.


  15. 31
    L.M.G. Miller Says:

    Teddy, we are so glad that that the sun has finally returned for you. We continue to purr and pray for all those affected by Hurricane Florence. We are also purring and praying for Madi’s family, and we hope they know that she was most certainly warmly welcomed by all the angels at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Angel Sammy, your poem is purrfect! When this human was a child, her dad read bedtime stories to her every night. He always picked such magical tales, which is probably why this human still loves to read fantasy stories to this day. This image for next week is so sweet, and we can’t wait to get started on our poem for it! Purrs, and thank you for hosting this always fun challenge!


    • 32

      Your poem-stories every week are BEYOND wonderful and we look forward to seeing them every Thursday…..they take us to fun places in our imagination and reminds my Mom of when she was little and everything was so magical. Imagination is a beautiful thing to be encouraged early on for a lifetime of MAGIC. Thank you for always playing along with us on Thursdays!!

      Love, Teddy


  16. 33
    The Island Cats Says:

    We’re glad the sun is shining again for you, Teddy….and we hope Florence is soon just a bad memory. We’re sad about Madi leaving us, but we’re glad her mom is going to continue blogging. We’re sure Madi will give her some inspiration to help. 🙂


  17. 35
    Memories of Eric and Flynn Says:

    I am glad your sun has returned, Teddy. There is a gale going on here and everything is rattling and shaking, but they say the sun will return on Monday. The forecasters have been saying that for nearly 2 weeks though. Maybe they will be right this time.
    Angel Sammy always delivers with his lovely poems.


  18. 37
    Cupcake Says:

    Sweet poem, Angel S. Story time was the best fun for Mom when she was little. And now it’s the best time for me. Mom tells me a story every morning about what will happen during the day. I listen very hard when she’s telling it, in case I hear the word car, Petco, bath, vet, friends, or cookies.

    Love and licks,


    • 38

      Oh Cupcake those are great words and the daily story is handy for helping you recognize a special day over a “normal” day. I hope you hear those words a LOT! Story time for you is special I know – not only your Mom’s morning story but also when you go the library where the kids are to hear stories! Happy Friday!

      Love, Teddy


  19. Cool poem Angel Sammy. Reading is such a joy. Who doesn’t like to sleep with visions of fun characters dancing through their heads.



  20. 41
    chrisscatmeow Says:

    Really a lovely poem my mom tells me stories every night makes me feel closer to her. So sad about Madi one day I will go to rainbow bridge and mom will be left on her own. I know without me it will be so difficult for mom. We love each other so much and have learned a lot from each other and about each other. Bless you all who go to Rainbow Bridge. May all your spirits be happy for ever. Hugs and Purrs. x😻🐾🐾🐾


    • 42

      We will all wind up at the Rainbow Bridge and be reunited again which makes it something not to be afraid of. Humans have a hard time when we leave but thinking of us young again, or not having pain from illness, makes it easier to bear. Angel Sammy says humans and pets will be reunited in the happy place and that’s a big comfort too!! 🙂 ❤ ❤

      Love, Teddy


  21. 43
    Marv Says:

    What a great poem! We were so sad to read about Madi. I am so glad that her human is going to keep blogging.
    Sammy, please give Nellie a Kiss for Me!


    • 44

      Hi Marv………Angel Sammy said he will be more than happy to deliver a kiss to Angel Nellie for you (along with one from me too!). Madi is probably hanging out with Nellie – and I bet they both wear red high heels!

      Hugs, Teddy


  22. 45

    Sammy, this is another masterpiece. It was beautifully written and it told a magical story. We are a little miffed at Mom for just writing another haiku. She claims that her imagination has felt stifled lately. Hope she gets it back. Love to you and your mom and dad. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer
    Here’s a link to or post and haiku:


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