Tuesday Teaser Time!


Hello Ding Dong Students!  It’s another sunny day in the neighborhood!  

Happy Tuesday…………and HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????  Better do that first!


It’s important to make a little comment before you take your seat on Tuesdays you know.   You would like to get a badge wouldn’t you?   Sure you would.   Now sit down and get yourself ready for Teaser Time!


Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER but it’s not the GUEST TEASER we were going to have – Mom wasn’t able to contact our TEASER PERSON about their photo so we’re using another one from our “TEASER STASH” instead!    Thank heavens some of you send photos in to us from time to time and we save them to use for TESTING on Tuesdays.

I’ll tell my Mom to send you some photos for your STASH!

Just as a reminder, here are the RULES for making a guess today:

It’s very important to follow the rules so everyone has an equal chance to figure out WHERE the Teaser photo was taken.    If you are a winner today you will get a badge – and we have several that are available – FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, and WRONG GUESSER.

Do you have a badge for the GROOVIEST student in class???


Several of you wanted to know if Sarge got a nice Hot Tub room of his VERY OWN in the new school.     You felt he deserved his own space – it might make him more CALM, more ZEN, less likely to scream at you.     Well we snapped this photo earlier of Sarge enjoying his tub relaxing before class started today.    As you can see, he is as content as Sarge will ever be!

He didn’t realize we were taking this photo……don’t tell him!   We also got a little audio – can you believe Sarge was singing???




Anyway, let’s get down to business………..we’ve got a Teaser to do today!     Shall we bring out the freshly hot tubbed cheer team to get you pumped up for guessing today?

Fresh as daisies out of the tub
Ready to cheer – RUB A DUB DUB
Our first Teaser in Sheep School isn’t that super?
We hope you’re ready and not a party pooper!
You might win a badge or you might just flunk
Then it’s off to the hot tub for a bit of a dunk!
Good luck though to all of you sheep
Pay attention in class and don’t fall asleep!

Thank you Cheer Team!    I think that new hot tub of yours is keeping you all extra perky.     Now let’s bring in our Security Guard……..he’s got today’s photo so you can start guessing!

Will the School Teaser Security Guard PLEASE Report to the Classroom!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today! By the way – I prefer to be in FULL UNIFORM without a sheep hat if that’s OK???

Where Was This Photo Taken???

Uhh……lemme think about it……


Alright kids – good luck to all of you and remember, tomorrow we’ll hand out prizes to all of you who win something!    Now, please take a break and go have a good luck in the school cafeteria.   Miss Dingleberry is ready for business.

Alright Sheep!   Single file – don’t dilly dally and hold up the line – ORDER, SIT, EAT, RECESS……got it?

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See you sheep tomorrow!    The Profs


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  1. Purrs Oliver. My goodness that kitten really can hide in plain sight.
    The new school is wonderful! Sarge looks, and sounds, so relaxed and the cheer team is right on key, We have no idea where this Teaser is but will have some of Mss Dingleberry’s goodies
    We need to get back in the swing, Dad!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe the school could spring for some meditation classes for Sarge. Great cheer ladies,but I still don’t know where it is. It looks like a blend of old buildings and new, but that could be anywhere. XO


  3. This photo was taken in the middle of a tourist trap. No, I literal tourist trap. These vacationers were lured into this narrow alleyway by the temptation of crappy souvenir T-shirts and “Wish you were here!” postcards… and once they all filed in… wham! The trap door closed and now they have to wander this corridor for the rest of their lives without anything cool to selfie with. Bummer, man. You have to be careful when they say some place is a tourist trap…. because tourists will check in, but they won’t check out.

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  4. That song always did make me laugh. I think i shall laugh harder when I hear it now!

    I’m guessing the photo was taken in Austria or Germany, but I don’t really have a clue!


  5. This does remind mom of the Montmartre area in Paris. Mom says the steeple in the background is different and she doesn’t think the walls in this narrow alleyway were stone. It’s easier to guess who sent this picture….Csilla. I would gander a guess of Poland…Warsaw. I am guessing…mol



    • Hi Shoko! The type of streets does remind my Mom of Montmartre too but it’s not…..it’s actually a place we’ve had other Teasers from – Tallinn, Estonia which is a spot my Mom and Dad have never been. It’s a pretty place from all the photos we’ve seen. Csilla didn’t send it though – Miss Annie of Animal Couriers did!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Gah…we got caught up doing laps in the pool and totally spaced coming in to he classroom. That said, Imma gonna go with St. Olaf’s church in Tallinn, Estonia too. And as far as the song…I just snorted all over my screen. Well done.


  7. I wonder what it would be like to herd sheep down that lane…at least they could hardly miss the way they were supposed to go! Ba-ba-baaaaaa! Little woolly lamb! Remember that story? We read that a lot to our sons, it was the first book given to one of them as a baby shower gift…by a lady who collects…sheep!!

    When I saw that steeple with all the repair work on it I looked for old world steeples with copper roofing and damage with the stone walls and cobbled pavements and I discovered that this place is none other than Saint Olaf’s Church in Tallinn, Estonia. And I think the street is called Long Boot or Pikk Jalg. Turns out that that steeple has been damaged by lightning numerous times…Yikes!
    Lots of history there for sure!

    We had a historic church here in town that lost its steeple due to fire damage caused by a lightening strike. It was quite a sad thing, but wonderful when they finally got to put on a new one which was true to the style/era of the old one. Now the copper is shiny…wonder when it will turn color?


    • LOVE LOVE LOVE copper roofs…..there are several people in the neighborhood who have copper fittings on their homes and while I love the “original” color, I also think that greenish or brownish tinge is attractive too. Anyway, you are RIGHT on your guess of the Teaser photo being taken in Tallinn and we have featured Tallinn in previous Teasers because it’s such a “photogenic” town. It sure didn’t fool anyone though!

      Love, Pam and Teddy too


  8. Beautiful spot and beautiful new school. Sarge’s singing was a little disturbing. Makes us happy he has his very own hot tub. We know the Teaser was identified correctly more than 12 hours ago. But we’re going to stop by the cafeteria and grab some dessert. We love flan! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Enjoy the flan. The cafeteria staff knows their stuff when it comes to food prep and dessert seems to be a specialty. Glad you like the new school…….yep – Sarge definitely should keep his day job and not get into the cocktail circuit.

      Hugs, Teddy


  9. Some day, I marvelous, will be in the top 10 firsties…when we got here when our alarm went off this morning, there were already 53 cimments! We are trying for the top 10 because we don’t ever think we will guess right!


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