Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Double Blog Day!

Gosh – last Thankful Thursday I was saying how thankful I was that my Mom’s cancer surgery on her face on August 15th was OVER and done – and today I’m thankful that her OTHER cancer surgery on her arm (which was done yesterday)  is over and done…..they are confident that things are FIXED.   Now I’ll be super thankful if that’s the END of Mom’s problems.   We’ve had enough of THE BIG C.    Mom’s been dealing with the greedy stuff since the mid 1980s in one form or another and is BEATING IT whatever it throws at her so we will keep praying and hoping maybe the journey is OVER.

We all have things we ARE thankful for or SHOULD BE thankful for……….and Brian hosts this wonderful Blog Hop on Thursdays so we can all share those thankfuls with each other – if you’d like to join us, just click on the badge above and fill out the LINKY form and you’re going to be thankful right along with the rest of us!

I got the usual email from the Rainbow Bridge last night with a message from Angel Sammy.    He said to tell Mom he’d be watching over her today AND to send his poem for this week.   Ready to read his poem??????


Happy Thursday from the Bridge!

Whooopeeee!  It’s Thursday and I can spend a little time with all of you sharing some thoughts AND some poetry.    If you haven’t ever joined in our fun, all you have to do is take a peek at the new photo I give you every Thursday and let it inspire you to write a poem about what you see or feel in the photo – then share the link to your poem here in my comments on Thursday.   Easy right?   Then I will give you ANOTHER photo to use for ANOTHER poem to be shared NEXT Thursday.    So you have a whole week to write a poem.    I’m anxious to see what you wrote last week when I shared this photo with you for your inspiration:

Yep – this is a beauty alright.   When I chose this last week for you all to use for THIS week, my Mom got all dreamy-eyed and said it brought back a lot of very cool and fun memories from “back in the day”.    She had lots of friends who had vans like this…..and in the 60s/70s it was just so very “groovy” to be in one heading to a fun party or get-together with friends.   So here’s the poem I wrote using THIS photo as my inspiration – let us know you wrote one if you did so we can read it!

“Groovin’ Down The Highway”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell              August 23, 2018


The stories I’ve heard would curl your hair

Of magic travels in a colorful bus from HERE to THERE

Of friends and parties, and LOVE, and fun

Of enjoying each moment between dawn and setting sun

Mom painted pictures, read tarot, embroidered butterflies and flowers

It was in those days that young people talked of “flower power”

That was so long ago but the memories remain

The memories are there but my Mom is not the same!

On the outside she has aged but her heart remains young

There are more friends to make and more songs to be sung

She’ll be groovin’ down the highway of life until her journey ends

With help from above, and from her VERY groovy friends!


I can only imagine what things were like back then but I’m glad that Mom has happy memories because sometimes she gets this dreamy look in her eyes when she talks about “the good old days” but I also know that she loves her life NOW and wouldn’t trade it for those days – after all, my Dad and I weren’t around back then!!!   

Now, would you like to see the photo I picked out for you all (and me) to be our inspiration for NEXT Thursday when we get together to share our poems?    Here it is:

Kind of different subject matter but I think it’s going to be interesting to create a poem around it don’t you?    

To those of you who wrote a poem along with me last week – THANKS – I love reading your work……………….and to those of you who haven’t ever written a poem or shared a poem you have written – I hope you will open the door to your creative heart and JOIN US next week!

Remember – I’m always with you – you’re my FOREVER FRIENDS………………..the Rainbow Bridge is never too far away for a visit!   

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



Oh boy!   Another week of poetry…………and next week’s photo is so beautiful – sad, but beautiful.   Can’t wait to see what Angel Sammy write AND what you write.    Meanwhile, please have a super duper Thursday.   Tomorrow is the end of another week.   Can you believe it????

The last sniffs of Spring are coming soon – before you know it FALL will be falling.

Love, Teddy

P.S.   Did you all vote in yesterday’s poll to pick a new Ding Dong Schoolhouse?  Well you should.   Every vote counts and it will be the school where Professors Angel Sammy and ME will be teaching Teaser Class in the future………we have some wonderful choices for you!   Here’s the poll:



  1. 1

    oh to have a young heart is da best… furget da wrinkle creams we only need our imagination to be young again and to drive into da sunset with iggy pop as the passenger ;O)))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 3
    Summer Says:

    I’m purring that your human’s C woes are gone, over, done, period! She’s had enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 5
    Memories of Eric and Flynn Says:

    I am very happy your mum has such good news. I really hope this is the last time that the evil c raises it’s ugly head.
    Angel Sammy, your poem is lovely. I have fond memories of the 60s too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 6

      Thanks Miss Jackie! We will continue hoping everything is GOOD for you too……here’s to one day the “C” word is only said when talking about the past…..and never again the present. My Mom enjoyed helping Angel Sammy with his poem this week since SHE was knee deep in the 60s!!

      Love and Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 2 people

  4. 7
    Dianna Says:

    “Groovy” poem, Angel Sammy! Motor Mommy says she didn’t have any friends with vans like that, but it was certainly her era!
    Interesting photo for next week, too.
    YAY on your Mom’s surgery being over, Teddy. And we add our prayers that she’ll be problem free from now on!
    Love, Sundae


    • 8

      Mom says those were fun days and wonderful memories…….but that “here and now” is pretty darn good too! Thanks for the prayers for Mom – she feels great today just one day after surgery!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. 9

    Angel Sammy and Mom…we have our hands in the air humming and sway w the turn in our head.
    What memories your poem gave us too of what might have always says things happen as they are meant to…but we always think what iffffffffffff.
    Thank you so very much for the update on your surgery yesterday…we were purring big time
    Hugs and 😻😘Madi and mom


    • 10

      Mom says all the purrs and prayers must have worked because her arm required less procedures than originally thought. Now she’ll heal – her face looks pretty darn swell already and as soon as her arm heals she’ll be good as new (or maybe good as old???).

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. 11

    That was a wonderful poem Angel Sammy, the Dad almost remembers those days. We are sure thankful all is okay for your Mom now Teddy. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


    • 12

      Thank you for giving us a place to voice our THANKSFULS every week Brian. We all are thankful all the time of course but it’s great to say them OUT LOUD AND PROUD right?

      Love, Teddy


  7. So HAPPY on the surgery news! No more bad skin stuff for your Mom, just NO. Hoping this second surgery heals as fast and as well as the first… prayers for that. Love the poem and the fact that your Mom was a Flower Child. Like I mentioned over at Madi’s, I was a flower child… in my heart anyway!


    • 14

      Mom keeps thinking about having turned down that ride to Woodstock…….but then again no showers, no real bathrooms, no changes of clothes or decent food – that doesn’t sound like my Mom’s kind of thing but back then maybe people just plain DIDN’T care?!?!?!?! My brother had fun and is probably in that Woodstock movie that was made but who knows – there were so many people there it was impossible to try and find ONE! As for surgery – Mom is great considering two surgeries in one week. She looks like she fell out of an airplane (tee hee) but she’s HERE and she’s healing and that’s all that matters!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. 15
    15andmeowing Says:

    I am thankful your Mom is done with surgery and on her way to being healed. She is always in my prayers. That was a fun poem, I bet all those vans have stories they could tell 🙂 Next week’s is going to be a tough one. XO


    • 16

      Oh there are still a whole lot of magic buses out there……when we googled hippie bus to find a photo for Angel Sammy there were a LOT of interesting photos!!!! THanks for the prayers for Mom – she thinks THAT’s why she had an easy two surgeries in a weeks’ time. She’ll have some scars when you see her but at least you WILL see her…tee hee

      Love, Teddy


  9. 17
    Clowie Says:

    Give your mom my best wishes, Teddy. And a big hug!


  10. 19

    Sammy, that was a great poem…er, we mean groovy. Mom totally forgot about that word. Mom slipped right into feeling like she was back in the 60s when she was writing her poem. It’s her favorite music as you can tell from her poem. Like Mom Pam, she’s super happy about where she is in life now, but it was a groovy time. That new photo is beautiful. Mom cannot wait to write about it. Here’s a link to this week’s poem on our blog:
    Love to all. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • 20

      BEAUTIFUL job on your poem this week! There’s a lot of groovy poetry out there flying around today thanks to the magic bus photo Angel Sammy gave us. Next week’s will be good to work with too……Thanks for being part of the Thursday fun around here!

      Love, Teddy


  11. 21
    Kismet Says:

    How much wood could a Woodstock stock
    If a Woodstock could stock wood?


  12. We think your poem was groovy too. Next week’s photo is “interesting” and we look forward to seeing what everybody comes up with!

    We are super happy your Mom’s surgeries are over and that she’s on the road to recovery!!


  13. 26
    L.M.G. Miller Says:

    Oh, we are purring and praying so hard that your mom is free of the C word for good now, Teddy. We know you’re being a purrfect nurse for her after her procedures, but we hope it’s the last time. Angel Sammy, your poem is just as wonderfully nostalgic and fun as the image! This was such a fun one, and we sure had a great time with it. Next week’s photo is beautiful in such a somber way, but we think we have an idea for it. We always look forward to Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


    • 27

      We always look forward to your poetry on Thursdays too! It’s so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with based on the photos Angel Sammy finds for us isn’t it? Glad you liked his – I did too – but MOM did most of all since that was “her” era. The photo for next week is so peaceful………I love that someone put flowers in the hand of the statue………Have a SUPER DUPER Thursday! Mom is feeling great and we’re ALL sure that she’s ahead of the game.

      Love, Teddy


  14. 28

    EEEKKKK!! Teddy wee missed thee bloggie about Lady Pam an thee Skin Cancer scaress. Mee iss sendin lotss of POTP an ***purrsss*** to yur Mumma to get better ASAP!! An may this stew-pid disease nevurr come back to bother her again!
    An Angel Unccle Sammy yur poe-em iss pawtastick!! Mee had a poe-em ritten out butt LadyMum dee-leted by accident. Shee iss not 100% purr cent…..*sighsss*
    Maybee next week mee rite a poe-em….
    ~~head rubsss~~Purrince Siddhartha~~


    • 29

      No worries about missing the poetry day – we just hope your Ladymum AND you are both feeling better and better every single day. My Mom has had four skin cancer surgeries other than the two melanomas she had so she’s certainly had a lot of EXPERIENCE! We would like to think that this is the LAST OF IT but you never know. She has felt very blessed so far……..I’m HER Purramedic just like you are your Ladymum’s Purramedic ! We’re good aren’t we!!!

      Love, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  15. 30

    Mee iss okay butt LadyMum did not sleep well last nite an dreemed of Lady Suzy our furend inn here who went to Pure Land a week ago Wednesday….LadyMum saw her taken out on a gurney butt at thee time did not ree-alize what had happened to Lady Suzy. Now shee knowss an shee sayss shee feelss haunted bye thee memoree inn her mind.
    An 4 Melly-nomass’ iss 4 too many!! Mee will add Lady Pam to mee purrayer list!
    Wee are furabuluss (an humbulll sorta) Purr-amedicss Teddy! 😉


    • 31

      Remind your Ladymum that Lady Suzy is in a beautiful place where there are no problems, sadness, or pain now……and that’s something to comfort everyone who knew her including Ladymum. Picture her free and happy and smiling…………because that’s how she is now………..

      Love, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

      • 32

        Deer teddy an Lady Pam wee have good newss! Lady Suzy iss NOT inn Pure Land!! Wee saw her at thee hamburger place across thee street an shee came back with food an shee iss alive!!! LadyMum cried tears of joy an ree-leaf. Mee did a *happy dance*…
        LadyMum sleeped well last nite 😉


  16. 34
    The OP Pack Says:

    Beautiful poem, Angel Sammy. Mom says that was an era of timeless songs – she loves so many of the songs from the 60s even to this day. She was a flower child too (but only in her dreams:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  17. 36

    That is such pawsum mews ’bout your mommy Teddy. Our mommy too is a survivor of the Big C. We call it the annoyin’ c here cuz it’s nuffin’ more than a pesky pest. We’ll be keepin’ awnty Pam in our purrayers that she doesn’t get bothered by that pest again. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  18. Yay for your mom being done with all forms of cancer from now on. And yes, we state it like a done deal, because that’s all we will accept. No more. Yay!

    Love and licks,


  19. 41
    catladymac Says:

    Purrayers & POTP for your Mom that she is DONE with the “C” word.


  20. 43

    Teddy, we’re so glad everything went well for your mom and we hope the doctors are right and she is fixed!


  21. We’re grateful your mom is beating that nasty ole stuff too. Have a super weekend.


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