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Monday again?  Yep – seems impossible that a week has gone by but it has.   In MY case, two weeks has gone by as I didn’t post a SPARK last Monday.    I think you all know by now that the creator of SPARKS, Annie of McGuffy’s Reader, is no longer blogging – we hope she will return one day when she’s ready.   Meanwhile we’re carrying on sharing inspiration every Monday – something that inspires us and hopefully inspires YOU.

I love looking for the “perfect” quote to share on Mondays……………..I’ll show you my SPARK for today then explain it just a bit!


This is one of those “easy to say but not so easy to do” kinds of thoughts maybe but if you really TRULY think about it, isn’t this the “embodiment” of being positive?   Being grateful for our blessings allows us to be positive and keep open to MORE positivity in our lives.    I have so much to be grateful for.    I’ve had a rather spotty health history as many of us have.   Cancer is no stranger to me.    Dating back to the mid 80s…… various forms but most recently those days of sun worshipping BEFORE sunscreen are taking a toll.    From melanoma AND recurrent melanoma,  to basal cell and squamous cell…….and I really am staying on top of things with regular checks.   Still I’m about to have my second surgery in the short space of two weeks and I find my “well of positivity” sometimes  to be a little low.    When I feel that sneaking up on me I remember how GRATEFUL I am to be here.    To have been SUCCESSFUL in beating this so far through so many years and to have friends and family who have listened to my occasional whining, AND I’ve also been honored to hopefully have supported some dear friends of mine who are fighting their OWN battle with cancer now.    It’s a MEAN disease but it can’t take away our ability to stay positive.   AND grateful!

Hope you have a GRATEFUL Monday.    The blessings we all have are out there – recognize them when you see them, enjoy the feeling of having them………and hold them close to your heart.

Love, Pam

P.S.   While my health journey has been for the most part about cancer, YOURS may be something else and I don’t mean to diminish your situation by only talking about cancer.   There are so many things that can go wrong with our super complicated bodies – some we inherit and some we earn all on our own!   But whatever YOUR battle may be, may you face it with faith, hope and SUCCESS…………..

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    • Yes it’s kind of amazing really just how many people DO have cancer in their lives or someone close to them, etc. One day hopefully it will be GONE from our vocabulary. They make progress every day so there’s always hope!!

      Love, Pam

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  1. I will have your back dear friend. Each day. And gratitude? I take that beyond seriously as I am so unspeakably grateful for each day no matter what it’s like. I will pay with you, along with others. XXXX


  2. Grateful is a WONDERFUL way to start the day. When Mom and I say our prayers they usually start with, “Thank You for…..” We have said a prayer for your surgery, so we know you’ll do great. And for that, we’re grateful. xoxo

    Love and licks,


  3. Excellent post and spark. I am grateful to have you in my life. I am glad you keep a close watch to tend to any health issues right away. Cancer is a scary thing. XO

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  4. Dear Pam…what a wonderful post and also a reminder to all to stay on top of our health inside and out. Madi and I will send you some positive thoughts and purrs to add to your well.
    Hugs and kitty kisses
    Cecilia and Madi

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  5. Teddy, I’m sending lots of purrs to your human for her upcoming surgery. My human’s mom had some skin cancer issues… my human was a sun avoider (she was a creature of the night, MOL!), and has light olive skin (thanks to her dad), so she was very lucky to avoid this.

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    • SO happy that your human has no skin issues – my Mom is light skinned and when growing up got bad sunburns – nobody talked skin protection back in those early days……but we’re hopeful maybe tomorrow’s surgery will be the last of the “damage come back to haunt” !!! Thank you Summer for the purrs…….I’ll pass them on to her!

      Love, Teddy


  6. Even if one doesn’t have health issues, that is a great way for anyone to start the day – life is so full of reasons to be grateful. We are grateful that our human sister’s six month check after her cancer last winter was ALL good!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  7. Your always in our thoughts and prayers. Best of luck if that helps too. I love the sun, ☀️ so I’ve been lucky. Your sparks was perfect for me today. I fell down a step yesterday afternoon so we spent our afternoon in emergency. It looks as bad as it feels. It’s a sprain unless the CT scan I have Wednesday shows differently. My left knee gave out, so as soon as the ankle heels, I’ll have knee replacement surgery. So POTP from my house to yours. Teddy, are you a good nurse? My Hubby and Bear are really good.


  8. Great spark awnty Pam. Mommy says we should greet each day by sayin’ somethin’ that we’re blest fur. And even ifin you’re groggy and still half asleep you can be fankful that you woke up to start a mew day. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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