Pre-Teaser Monday Time!


Time To Get Ready for Teasing Tomorrow!!

Hello Students – we hope you had a satisfactory weekend experience – we did – and we are READY for the teasing to begin tomorrow.   We’re here today to prepare you for that.   You DO want to win a badge don’t you?   Of COURSE you do!

First thing to remember about tomorrow is that the instant you get here, you need to:

Ohhh….Ohhhh….I know what we have to do FIRST – can I say????

Yes you can……………………….what do you all do the second you arrive at Ding Dong School on a Tuesday morning Tommy?????


That’s right.   You must comment because if you are the first (or one of the firsts) to do that you will win this:

Then we’ll remind you of the rules for the Teaser guessing game…….and we are very strict about following those rules too – we want everyone to have an equal chance to win a badge.   That can only happen when everyone uses the rules.    What’s up to win?

So you can study the photo and come up with a guess and if it’s right you get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, if you’re right but not first you get a badge anyway and if you’re wrong you can have a little GREENIE of your very own.

And if you act up in class or meow too loudly, you might get to wear this DUNCE CAP that I’ve had like FUREVER!

Our wonderful and oh so talented Cheer Team will give you a big cheer to get you in the mood for guessing tomorrow and in fact, they are here TODAY to get you in a “pre-mood” for guessing.

We’re here to have some fun
We spent the weekend enjoying the sun!
Remember to arrive in the morning quite early
If you’re late Sarge can be rather surly!
And Madge can get rather cranky
And make you cry and blow your nose on your hanky!
So study up and be here at the start
Show the others you’re QUICK and SMART!
See you in class in the morning…..
This is your Final Warning!!

Thanks team……………I believe you’ve got everyone stirred up to the point they will be ALERT and READY for Teaser class tomorrow – we can’t tell you what TIME we’ll start class though – that’s the tricky bit – we have our post coming up for class at a SURPRISE TIME every week.   NOT when we usually post……………so keep your eyes on the prize (or your computer screen).

That’s VERY sneaky not to tell us when to be here!

Yes we know it is but that’s PART OF THE FUN!!!!

Now – who wants lunch?    Miss Dingleberry left some sandwiches for us in the back of the room today……………….she’s getting a lot of catering done for tonight’s “PARENT-TEACHERS MEETING” here at Ding Dong School.    Lots to do for that but I told her to just bring the sandwiches and leave them and we’d help ourselves – her Asistant Chef was just a tad – well – intimidating last time he served us!!!   Remember him??

Yeah he’s not gonna be here……………..just don’t be a big pig and take more than you can eat OK?    And we’ll be back tomorrow at a SURPRISE time to see how well you can GUESS the Teaser photo tomorrow which is a GUEST TEASER by the way.

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Good Luck Students!   Professors Angel Sam and Teddy too

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    • HAHAHA….you never know – your Mama MIGHT know the Teaser tomorrow but getting her a globe for Christmas is a good idea – I hope it doesn’t SCARE her to see that the earth is round instead of a slice. You boys are so WISE!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  1. We’re back! Eleven wonderful days. So many photos to choose from. One coming to an email box for you Pam and Teddy.
    Thanks for the sandwiches 🥪 Miss Dingleberry. 😋 Great cheer this morning cheerleaders 📣
    Have a great day. ☀️😎


  2. Mom got all excited when she saw that avocado, havarti and apricot preserve sandwich. She still wants to make that for herself. We see Bobby is trying to trick us again by changing his name. That kitty is a character. We’ll see you tomorrow whenever Mom remembers it is Tuesday. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • If I could remember the names I use for these classroom characters there would be no tricks but as long as I’m losing my mind, they will be whatever I think of for a name I guess. HAHAHAHAHA Timmy, Tommy, Jimmy but that little guy won’t EVER be Marilyn. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Hugs, Pam


    • Ding Dong School seems to be not only full of contrary support staff and cheer team members but in spite of that, it’s really not a “final warning” kind of place – – – unless of course you are a troublemaker and deserve some time in the Principal’s office!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


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