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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!


Happy Friday!   Today is Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.   What fun this is every week – you should join us – just click the badge above and go to 15andMeowing and fill out the LINKY FORM -that’s all that is to it.    Well of course you have to fill in the blanks in the sentences but YOU can do THAT!

This week I let Mom fill-in the blanks because the sentences seemed more “MOM THE HUMAN” than “TEDDY THE CAT”  type sentences.    Mom’s words are in DARK BLUE.

1. The best teacher I ever had was Miss Lamb – she was my first grade teacher and she gave all of us in her class a wonderful “start” with school.  She was pretty, soft spoken, talented, and fun.   I’ve NEVER forgotten her.  
2. The worst teacher I ever had was my French Teacher when I was a Freshman in High School – he was very impatient, insulting, and gave us ridiculous homework assignments.
3. I recently learned how to ride a recumbent bike – it’s so much easier on my back and legs and all my other PARTS than riding an actual bike.
4. I think everyone should know how to cook – I personally love to cook but I know people who hate to and I wonder what will happen to them if their significant others decide to stop cooking for them OR if all fast food restaurants suddenly CLOSE UP FOR GOOD!!!
OK Mom – good job!    I will say that I’m sure you’ve been glad in later years that you didn’t give up on learning French because when you and Dad were in Paris on your honeymoon as well as the second time you went there in later years, you REMEMBERED enough French to get you where you wanted to go and do the things you wanted to do!    YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN SOMETHING YOU LEARNED WILL COME IN HANDY!
Now if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go stand by the front door until either YOU or Dad puts my harness on and takes me out for a walk.   Pretty please??????

I’m a READY Teddy!

Happy Friday……..



Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



First up for us today is being THANKFUL with our friend Brian – we all post what we’re thankful for lately and share our posts by joining the Hop -you can do that too if you click Brian’s badge above and fill out the LINKY form.   Why not – I’m sure you have something you can be thankful “out loud” for!

What am I thankful for today?   One thing is that in spite of the ridiculously hot and humid weather, my Mom and Dad continue to indulge me by taking me out on my harness for walks – actually we don’t do a whole lot of walking………I just take them down into the edge of the woods where I get underneath a forsythia shrub and lie down to watch through the foliage as birds and squirrels run by or fly overhead.   It’s like watching TV.   Very entertaining.   Mom and Dad can sit on the swing/bench there and hopefully NOT get bit by mosquitoes (sometimes those sprays just don’t QUITE keep up with the bugs!).    I’m also thankful that Mom got my reservation at Paws A While Pet Hotel CONFIRMED for when they desert me go away for a few days in October.   I love the place – I was there LAST year when they went away and those Sisters sure know how to spoil me!

I’m also thankful of course that we got an email from Angel Sammy which contains his poem for this week AND a photo for next week.    He said in a “P.S.” to me accompanying the poem that he hopes more of you decide to give writing a poem a try.   I hope you take him up on that challenge!!

Here’s his email to us……………..


Hello Poetic Friends!!  

You know that August 28th was Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and I just want to say one thing……… all spent the day recalling your pets of the past who were no longer with you and who were residing where I am here at the Bridge…….well, just so you know, up at the Bridge, all of US spent the day remembering all of YOU and wishing we could be with you again.   Love goes both ways you know.   One day we’ll all be together.   Believe it.

Now on to happier things – POETRY!    Did you write one this week to go with the photo I gave you to use as inspiration?    I did!    Here’s the photo you were to use to write your poem and following that is MY poem.   If you wrote one yourself – BRAVO!    Please give us a link to your poem OR write your poem in our comments.   

“The Long Rest”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell     July 29, 2018

When at last our long rest arrives

We don’t want tears in our loved ones eyes

We hope they know we are in a beautiful place

Our youth returned, smiles on our face

Our pain is gone, our infirmities have left

The only difficulty we have is to have you bereft

Don’t be sad because we are physically gone

We’re always there – from dusk to dawn

We’re by your side – we’ll kiss your cheek

We’re on the wind – no need to speak

In dreams at night we’re busy too

You’re NOT alone – we’re there with you

Our time had come when we had to leave

It broke our hearts to see you grieve

Remember one day we will welcome you here

It will be a joyous reunion – so have no fear………………



I hope this won’t make any of you SAD who have recently lost someone in your family be they human or animal because the leaving is painful but where we are, we are happy and waiting for the day we’ll be together again.   The statue in the photo above is so beautiful – and she looks like she’s merely asleep……..resting peacefully.    Someone put flowers in her outstretched hand – but believe me – SOMEONE was there waiting to take hold of her hand and welcome her “home”.

Now how about a photo for next week?    See what you can do with this one for inspiration!!

Can you say HAPPY????   Oh yeah…………………I’ll look forward to meeting you here NEXT WEEK and we’ll share some poetry OK?    Join in the fun – everyone can write a poem – doesn’t even have to rhyme… can be in ANY form too.

I hope all of you have a terrific week ahead.    My little brother Teddy talked about his “Thankfuls” for the Blog Hop with Brian and I have a thankful to add of my own.   I’m THANKFUL that all of you are continuing to stop by Teddy’s blog and join in the fun around here…….with Tuesday Teasers, Poetic Thursdays, Bacon on Saturdays – lots of fun to be had around here I’d say.

See you next Thursday everybody…………………….hug someone you love today.   You’ll be happy that you did and so will they!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Gosh Angel Sammy – I liked your poem this week but then I like your poems EVERY week.   Thanks for taking time out of your busy duties at the Bridge to bring us a poem every week.   Gives everyone ELSE a chance to be creative too!




Tell All Class Is In Session!


Time To Tell All…………..

Hello students!   Today we will spill the beans about the Teaser photo from yesterday.    We’ll also let you all know more about the new school!

First up though is Teaser details…………………….



Nope – sorry about that – it was not you……………it was our good friend and frequent supplier of wonderful Teaser photos…………..

Jackie of TwoDevonCats !


I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of August 28, 2018 !!! YAY FOR ME!

Now just to refresh your memory let’s show you the Teaser photo from yesterday before we tell you who was our First Right Guesser AND who sent the photo in to us for TEASER TUESDAY!

Isn’t this a fabulous photo?    It was sent to us by our wonderful world traveler and student at Ding Dong School, Miss Jackie who ALSO was our FIRST COMMENTER today.   She just happened to be by her computer when the notice of the Teaser post came through so not only did she sent in this great photo but she was FIRST COMMENTER.

This photo is of a spot she and her husband recently visited while on a little trip………it’s the Vicars Close located in Wells, Somerset, England – it’s the oldest (yes OLDEST) complete medieval street in England and MAY be the oldest in Europe.   Isn’t it GREAT?   They were former almshouses.    Here’s some info in a link provided by Jackie if you’d like to find out more details:


Thank you Miss Jackie for the terrific photo!!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of August 28, 2018!

Then we waited – and waited – until we finally got our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………….know who that was?    It was someone who is VERY GOOD at figuring out what to google to find some ideas as to where the photo was taken – and she loves solving those mysteries!    The FIRST RIGHT GUESSER WAS:

Miss Csilla of kolytyi


Congratulations Miss Csilla!!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 28, 2018! Hip Hip HOORAY!

If you also guessed correctly – then you are entitled to have a copy of this badge to show off:

Darn! I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of August 28, 2018….but I still get this badge so it wasn’t a total loss!

If you tried – guessed – but were WRONG, you are still going to take home a badge today from class!   This one:

Well I guessed but wasn’t right on the Teaser of August 28, 2018. I still get a nice GREEN badge though!



Now for the news about the new school.    The School Board hired a landscaping company to jazz up the greenery around the school for us and I think it looks GREAT!    They are getting the interior set for us and we should be able to occupy our new classrooms by next Monday’s PRE-TEASER class so make sure you’re here for that.    Here’s a peek at how things look so far:

I think we’re going to feel right at home don’t you?    Now it’s time for us to bring in our Cheer Team to acknowledge our winners this week………………..Team?   You’re ON!

Here we are cute as can be
All this adorableness and it’s all FREE!
We have some winners to tell you about
You losers get a badge too so don’t you pout!
First Commenter was Jackie who was also our GUEST
Her photos are super and make a good TEST!
First Right Guesser was someone you know
Miss Csilla is smart and often steals the show!
Next week we’ll move to our brand new school
We’ll all be SHEEP so remember this rule….
Sheep should be SEEN and NOT heard….
Don’t get caught saying a Baaaaaaad word!

The Cheer Team petitioned the building and grounds committee asking for their OWN Hot Tub this time – one that they don’t have to BEG to use like they do with Sarge.   Sarge and the Team will have SEPARATE quarters in the new facility.   If you think there’s something ELSE we should add to the school – just let us know.   We’ll put it before the committee and see what shakes out.   NO WE WON’T GET A NEW CAFETERIA SUPERVISOR.   Sorry Kismet and Evil Squirrel!

Speaking of the cafeteria – Miss Dingleberry?   Are you ready to feed a hungry classroom?

Yes indeed and I hereby promise LAMB will never be on the menu!! 

Guaranteed to be lamb-free!! 

Crispy onion rings

Bacon German Potato Salad


See you next week in the new school students!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy, your favorite sheepherders!

Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


Before we start class today, let us all pause for a moment to remember all of our friends and fur-family members who have left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge……..our hearts will forever be full of love for them and while we miss them every moment, we know one day we will all be united forever – together again.   We miss ALL who have gone but most especially, our Angel Sammy.   He lives on in our blog – and always will.    We hope all of you who have lost a pet FEEL THE LOVE from those at the Bridge because they are watching out for us with the same love they had for us in life………

Angel Sammy – King of our Hearts



Good Morning Students!    Will you miss our old school building or are you looking forward to new pastures – I mean playgrounds in the SHEEP SCHOOL?????   We’ll let you know when it’s ready to move into but it won’t be long.  Could be next week.   In the meantime………..let’s get started on the Teaser shall we?

Teaser this week is a GUEST TEASER.    We reminded you all yesterday what the rules for the game of guessing are but it never hurts to mention, and re-mention them because we need you to follow the rules when you make your guesses:

Only two rules to follow but remember to tell us town/city/villege AND country or State because if your guess isn’t complete – NO BADGE FOR YOU!    Speaking of badges, here’s what we’ll award tomorrow during Teaser Tell All class:

Would you like to hear from the Sheepheaded Cheer Team?    I’m SURE you would.   They love their new headgear……..

How was your night? Did you get some sleep?
Or did you have problems resting and counted SHEEP?
HAHAHA please pardon our joke
Perhaps we need a hot tub for a good long soak?
Today’s Teaser is a cool photo but WHERE was it taken?
Hope you’re RIGHT with your guess and that you’re not mistaken!
Take your time and look long and deep
But one thing is certain, you won’t see a sheep!

OK – I think that’s a good cue to bring in our Security Guard with the photo of the week……………….I guess we need to get him a new hat too????

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today! By the way – I prefer to be in FULL UNIFORM without a sheep hat if that’s OK???

Where is this???

Tomorrow we will tell you the answer to that burning question AND hand out badges to everyone who wins one…………who will be FIRST COMMENTER??  FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?????   Nobody knows so it certainly COULD be you.


I think I need a little lunch before I guess….of course if I EAT I’ll probably need a NAP…….

Did someone say NAP????

Alright – let’s get through the lunch line before anybody passes out from hunger OR before anybody falls asleep at their desk BEFORE eating…………………Miss Dingleberry?  You’re ON!

Miss D – could you please fix us a “to go” with some BBQ shrimp AND ribs????   

Good luck students – see you in class tomorrow for the SCOOP on who guessed right and who didn’t……

The Profs………….

SPARKS on Monday


Monday again and time to share a little bit of inspiration for the week.    We all find it somewhere don’t we…..within our hearts, on our computer screens, in a book we’ve read or a movie we’ve seen…..something hits is “just right” and becomes our weekly mantra.    This whole idea of sharing something on Mondays to fire the spirit was the idea of Annie of McGuffy’s Reader who is no longer blogging – and while we hope she comes back one day we are keeping the idea of SPARKS going.   It’s important after all!

I was thinking this morning about bravery – maybe it was watching the news coverage of Senator McCain and his brave battle with cancer which he lost on Saturday – maybe it was seeing the bravery of those helping with victims of the hurricane in Hawaii……or the seemingly never-ending battle out West and in Canada with forest fires – but bravery is all around us.   Sometimes it’s “disguised” or at least QUIET enough that we don’t immediately notice it – but it’s there.

I like this quote……………’s all about moving along.   Some days are better than the next but we’re MOVING…….!   Some days we yell out loud and other days we barely roar but still it’s OUR DAY and we face it as we can.    Some days I’m a lion and other days I’m a mouse……but I will move forward.

Have a super week everyone!

Love, Pam (and Teddy too)