Tuesday Teaser


Greetings Class – Time to COMMENT!!!  

Just remember to do that comment thing before you take your seat…………oh, and if you need to visit the rest room you might want to do that too so you won’t be squirming in your seat.   It can be very disconcerting to a teacher to look out over the sea of students and see some wiggling uncontrollably waiting for a chance to raise your hand and ask permission to leave with Sarge for a trip to the facilities!

Yeah I used to have to take a break during class for litterbox visits but I’ve grown up a lot since then.

Yes Bobby we remember……!

I remember that too Bobby because you didn’t always MAKE it here in time!

Alright, let’s settle down.   Time to get down to Teaser business………….first up is a brief review of our rules for class today.   Please remember, if you follow the rules then everyone has an equal chance to be a WINNER!

Our Teaser photo today is a Guest Teaser and it’s a beauty.    Interesting photo too.    I would suggest before we display the photo, you clean your glasses so you can see well !


Now that your glasses are clean – let’s take this opportunity to show you what you might win today shall we????

Cheer Team – you’re up next – get this crowd READY for teasing will you??

We’re cheering from the tub!
Sarge is away
So the Cheer Team is at play.
But while we sit and soak
YOUR Teaser is no joke!
It’s tough and we had a peek
It might make you hiss, growl, meow or just squeak…..
So take a big breath and let’s GO
C’mon Security Guy start the show!

OK Team – good idea – let’s bring in our wonderful Ding Dong School Security Guard who has had custody of the TOUGHIE TEASER this week and he’ll put it up on the bulletin board for you!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Cool photo yes?   We think so too!    Good luck – your mission is to figure out WHERE THIS WAS TAKEN (and if you know what it is you might get an extra hug from Miss Dingleberry)…………..

Wow…..I’m gonna have to study this a while……..

Tomorrow in class we will have our TELL ALL and you will get to find out who wins badges AND who was our Guest Teaser today.    Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Miss Dingleberry whipped up some BBQ for today (or as we call it at our house, BUBBA-Q).     Remember to take lots of extra napkins…..you know what a mess BBQ stuff can be!

Alright class – remember now, no shoving – I know you get excited about BBQ but be nice.   We have desserts today too and if you’re too naughty in line I just might have to deny you dessert privileges !!!

Strawberry shortcakes

Pumpkin pie

Fresh Fruit Cream pie

Enjoy your BUBBA-Q and we’ll see you in class tomorrow – GOOD LUCK!  

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

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    • Good Morning Overlook Twins and Mom! Happy Tuesday…….were you too busy destroying the living room to notice when we popped in your inbox???? Actually you are only seven minutes behind – that’s pretty darn good! 🙂

      Love, Teddy

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  1. Cheer team you really do a fine Rub a Dub Tub. Better hop our befur Sarge comes back. Miss D you nailed the BBQ and those deserts are delightful.
    Now that Spire makes us all feel the Dire Knowledge that we do not have any idea where it is. We think it is an art museum somewhere we know not
    Purrs friends
    Timmy and Family

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    • Well Timmy we think this may be an all time TOUGH TEASER from our Guest this week – it does look like an art museum-ish kind of structure but it also looks like a rocket ship to Mars so who the heck knows!! LOL Enjoy that BBQ and please give Rumpy a special HUG from us………. 🙂

      Love, Teddy


    • Hey that’s an interesting guess – is that the gas company in Russia??? We will find out tomorrow if you’re right – Error 404 comes up when you try to comment or when you try to see the blog or what??? Haven’t heard that from anyone else this morning…..hope it doesn’t keep happening to you!!


  2. Nice cheer from the hot tub ladies. I don’t know where the photo was taken, but that is quite unique for a building. XO


  3. I’d have been here sooner, but for some reason this post did not land in my Reader! The newspaper delivery person needs to be severely reprimanded for that…. maybe forced to eat the leftovers from Miss Dingleberry’s last bake sale…

    As for the photo…. it can be nothing else but the first group of astronauts ready to take off for the new International Space Prison. And no, the astronauts aren’t going voluntarily. We’ll finally get to see what it’s like for someone wearing a ball and chain to walk in zero gravity…

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    • It’s about time we went our prisoners into space. Actually I think that’s a super solution to prison overcrowding – just sent them all into orbit!!!! The idea of someone with a ball and chain in zero gravity is totally frightening…..imagine the impact (literally) it would have if out of nowhere all of a sudden gravity came BACK even for a second and WHAM all those balls fell on all those helpless prisoners. Now THAT’s REAL punishment for crime!

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  4. I’m guessing the Gobi Desert. I’m afraid to get this right because of Miss D’s hugs.
    I just reread the conditions of contest and it says if you get it right you get an EXTRA hug from Miss D-that means that there’s no way to avoid the first one so I’m going to throw myself on the floor and beg the squirrel to lock me up so I don’t get Miss D hugged. Better yet is to have the squirrel incarcerate Miss D (don’t forget the hairnet) so nobody gets “hugged” (which is more like mugged in her case). I’d definitely understand if the squirrel said that he wasn’t going to let Miss D in but rather was trying his hardest to keep her out.

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    • How would you like it if it WAS the Gobi Desert? I think you are askin’ for trouble in the form of a hug from the mustache-laden Miss D if you HAPPEN to be right about the Gobi! For your sake, I hope you’re wrong. Truly I do.

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. A building ready to blast off! MOL!
    Being late and other have already guessed, well…oh well…

    I too think its Lakhta – Center in St Petersburg, Russia.

    A furry unique building fur sure! OMC!
    How would it feel to be in there when the winds are ferocious? I feel that I would have to use one of those little bags…

    Now blub,blub,blub…I think I might join those tub critters and do some snorkeling!

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  6. We were too late to be first when we came by this morning, and we had no idea where this was. We did check-out a guess and saw it was correct, which surprised us, as Mom and Dad had been to that place and didn’t see it. Found out construction wasn’t begun until a year later. Anyhoo, we will be happy to have our Greenie. With a new design, we need to add to our collection. Hope y’all aren’t getting too waterlogged. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Hi KB Crew! You are right about that building – I guess it was recently completed. Miss Jackie said when they were in St. Petersburg four years ago it wasn’t there AT ALL. Doesn’t take long to build a rocket-ship shaped building apparently. HAHAHA Enjoy your new-fangled Greenie!

      Love, Teddy


  7. That building was on TV not to long ago! No it was NOT my burd TD…I believe it was in St Petersburg in Russia! I am not sure if I should be looking at the cheerleaders in the tub…Ninja says I am too young, and He would like me to pick him up a cheeseburger from Ms Dingleberry. Good to see you Sammy and Teddy, having Ninja here is like having a brother…Mom says we are getting into as much mischief as Da Penny and Nellie!


    • Marv first of all I am so happy that your brother Ninja and you are having fun together – it’s nice to have a pal I bet. I’m sure the two of you will keep your Mom ON HER TOES!!! You are RIGHT about the Teaser being in St. Petersburg, Russia. Weird building isn’t it? BRAVO FOR YOU! Also, Miss Dingleberry says any time you boys want a cheeseburger just come on into the Ding Dong Cafeteria and she will give you one (or two).

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. Egads! Talk about your phallic symbols! These peeps have very low self-esteem. Would you believe that inside this symbol is a fountain which is set to go off at strategic times throughout the day? Giving the illusion of a very happy phallic symbol.



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