Tuesday Teaser





The Profs had to go to a School Board meeting so they asked ME to be your sub today.  

That means you’ll all have to behave for a change…..or else I might have to serve you something

UNUSUAL for lunch today!

Just kidding – by now you must realize that my bark is worse than my bite.   The only thing I bite is FOOD so no worries.    Now let’s get down to business because we’re here to do the TEASER today.    First of all I have to remind you of one VERY important thing:


Speaking of badges – have you noticed that the Ding Dong School Art Department designed all new badges for us?    Very cool huh?     Here they are again – FYI

Those are SWELL badges – I hope I win one!

This is the point in class when the Professors usually give you the rules THEN we bring out our Security Guard and he shows you the photo – so let’s do it!

Please follow the rules……….or else Sarge or Marge might be very unhappy.   It’s important not to use any sort of sneaky way to find out where the photo was taken – because it gives EVERYONE a chance to win!!    You wouldn’t want to have this face in your dreams would you????


Alright everyone – settle down – you know we wouldn’t get Sarge after you if you cheated on the Teaser……………………..OR WOULD WE???????????????????????    HAHA

Shall we ask our Cheer Team to give you all a push so you’ll be ready for the Teaser today???    They are great motivators.  Sometimes I ask them to visit the Ding Dong School kitchen and cheer on my cooks – they work VERY hard to make sure you all get good meals for your lunch time treats.

Miss Dingleberry is here to run the show
We’re here to get you ready to GO GO GO!
Here comes the guard with the photo for the day
You might win a badge then we could say
You won’t have to wear the dreaded dunce hat!
Ready, set, go, we hope you’re prepared
Be brave now class, no need to be scared.

OK then.   Let’s get on with the show.    Mr. Security Guard would you please bring in our GUEST TEASER photo for today?

Hello Miss Dingleberry – nice of you to be a sub for the Professors – here’s the photo for today!

Where was this photo taken class?   Hmm?   Time to take your best guess!

Tomorrow we will announce WHO sent in the photo and WHO wins badges.   Your Professors will be back tomorrow.    But let me say that I’m happy that you all behaved so well since I was here as a surprise substitute.    I had a feeling you would all behave like good class citizens and you did.  I’ll make sure Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy know that.

So who’s up for lunch?     My Assistant Chef is going to serve you today – and it’s going to be PIZZA!    I will be outside with the ice cream cart so after you grab some pizza, come on out and enjoy the HOT afternoon with some COOL ice cream.


Which pizza would YOU like a slice of???????



Ham and pineapple!

LOADED pizza

Meatball pizza with cheese

Bacon cheeseburger pizza…

Fruit juices

Good Luck Class!

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    • Good Morning Boys……Miss Dingelberry here – you and Timmy are the FIRST COMMENTERS today – lucky you to get one of the new badges! Enjoy your pizza……watch out for the assistant cook though – he’s scary but nice.

      Miss D


  1. Cat oh Cat we have no idea where this Teaser was taken. We do thank Sarge fur getting things calmed down and the wonderful cheer has us so happy we dont need beer. MOL
    Miss D you have the class well in hand but that substitute chefs food is oh so bland. Thankfully Pizza cannot be wrecked and we will have plate upon plate that tastes perfect
    Thanks all
    Timmy and Family

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    • Well if you all get any inspired guesses later, stop by. We can only hope that someone figures out our Guest Teaser’s photo today. We’d like to award one of the new badges to whoever gets it FIRST (or even not first but guesses right). So far class is behaving very well this morning. Even though most people find me intimidating, I’m really just a nice lady with a mustache. Our Assistant Chef will gladly whack off a slice or two or three for you of the pizza(s) of your choice – just make sure you are WELL AWAY from that knife though!

      Miss Dingleberry


    • Dear Miss Csilla…..you know when I’m in charge of a class I expect everyone to BE AWAKE! Don’t make me ask Sarge to visit your desk this morning! You are not a First Commenter but if you figure out the photo you MIGHT be a Right Guesser so GET TO WORK YOUNG LADY! I know the Professors expect me to run a tight ship while they’re gone!

      Miss Dingleberry………….


    • Good Morning Pups and Mother of Pups. I am here as substitute teacher for the Professors. I assume you were not paying attention when the Teaser notification arrived this morning? I suppose we can excuse that little boo boo as the Professors say that I need to be NICER – so, you are forgiven. 🙂

      Miss Dingleberry……..


        • We were not aware that the WP Gremlin was at work this morning – we have banned him from Teaser classrooms as he causes WAY too much trouble. If he makes it into the classroom you can BET that I will be making sure Sarge and Marge take care of him. Believe me!

          …Miss Dingleberry


    • Hello Miss Annie and company – Miss Dingleberry here – so glad you stopped by and who knows – perhaps you are right that it’s somewhere in Scandinavia. The Professors will let you know what’s what tomorrow when they are back at class. Have some pizza before you go to sleep won’t you?

      Miss Dingleberry


  2. Thank you for being out substitute teacher, Ms. Dingleberry. Chessie says she thinks she might know where that is. But she won’t say. I don’t know. I don’t think she does either.


    • Hello Chip – glad you came to class today and if Chessie thinks she knows where the Teaser photo was taken she should speak up because I just KNOW you’d love to have one of the new badges our Art Department made for us! However, you can think about it over some pizza if you like. Just stay out of the way of that knife my Assistant Chef has to cut up the pizza…..he gets OVERLY ENTHUSIASTIC!

      Miss Dingleberry


  3. Good morning Ms Dingleberry! I am no sure where in the world you are this week…I shall have to ponder and come back later. I’ll get some pics when I come back.. Mom made me fancy feast with warm water.

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    • I guess you won’t need any pizza since you get Fancy Feast with “gravy” huh? Well, if you have a guess to make on the Teaser, cruise on back by class – we’ll still have pizza if you want some for dessert.

      ….Miss Dingleberry


  4. The heat must be getting to Sarge :)I have no idea where this photo was taken, this is a toughie. I will have some meatball pizza, but please tell the chef, I can get it myself 🙂 XO

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  5. Looks like a view from the roof of the Naval prison….. er, brig in Annapolis, Maryland. Not many of these landlubbering sailors are going to brave the moat around this maximum security fortress to whatever freedom lies among those trees in the background. And it has nothing to do with the bloodthirsty sharks or maneating otters that swim the channel….. no, it’s that battleship floating off on the right side of that photo. Look at it! It’s a battleship! And it’s going to take more than four red pegs to sink it. What half-drowned escapee has any chance against a freaking battleship!?!?!?

    BTW – The photo of Miss D on the tarmac selling ice cream right before a huge rain storm never fails to crack me up. I guess I’ll get my knuckles rapped with the spatula now for disrupting the “class”…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well Mr. Squirrel I know that you always have a most entertaining “slant” on the Teaser photos but this just might take the cake. Maneating otters? AND I happen to know there are no hills in Annapolis – NONE – zip – zilch – flat as a pancake. I have my spatula handy today (it hangs from my belt by a hook of course) so put that hand out on your desk Mister and I’ll give you a little jolt so you can come up with another guess!!

      …..Miss Dingleberry (with spatula in hand)

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  6. I don’t have the answer to the teaser but I do know who the assistant chef is. He’s the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s great grandfather who is still practicing his Kraft (and still doesn’t have it right). He said that he’d rise for the occasion.

    Liked by 2 people

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA……well Kismet you got me to laugh and that is no small feat (feet). I rarely laugh – it cracks my makeup and makes my mustache twitch but thanks for that. Our Assistant Chef is an interesting guy – he once burned his hand on the stovetop and I could SWEAR it smelled like pancakes.

      ……Miss Dingleberry

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    • A half dozen “half dog” slices of pizza coming up. I agree the Teaser is a toughie but those who studied have a good chance I’m sure…..it’s the STUDY part that gets to some students!

      ….Miss Dingleberry

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  7. Hi! Late again.but well, not quite as late as last week…does that count? MOL!
    I am not able to figure this one out right now..and I didn’t check the other comments and guesses, cause I have to leave home in about one minute…so greenie for me…unless I check it all out later this evening:)

    I wonder if greenies are on my detox list…I know pizza isn’t…Hmmm…..

    See ya!


  8. Mee-you mee iss not sure….butt mee will guess Vancouver mainland lookin towards Victoria Harbour inn west coast Canada….. Pawss crossed mee getss one rite this year…..
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx


  9. What a pretty place! We don’t have a clue…but we’ll guess Lake Tahoe. 🙂 And we’re not sure about Ms. Dingleberry being our substitute teacher…she should stick to the cafeteria.


    • Would you believe Canada? Yep – good old Vancouver……..and while we think you’re right about Miss D, I can think of WORSE substitute teachers like for instance – SARGE!!!!!! EEEEK!

      Hugs, Teddy


  10. nom nom nom, the veggie pizza looks yummy 😀 I thought I’d guess just for fun then immediately go check the answer on the Wed post.
    I think this looks a lot like west coast Canada, mmmm, maybe Vancouver Canada?


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