Pre-Tease Monday


Good morning class………!

Are you ready?   Today is your “Teaser preparation” day!

Tomorrow at a surprise time we will be calling class to order and YOU will need to be ready to examine a photograph closely and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.    That’s what Ding Dong School Geography class is all about.   Not only that, but when you first arrive in the morning here in class – you need to comment – just say hi or bye or boo – but say something because if you’re the first one (or one of the first ones in the first minute) to comment, you might win this:

People collect these badges you know – yep- they might just be valuable one day – you never know!

After you comment then you will need to settle down in your desk chairs and be prepared to get down to work – because after our cheer team gets you pumped up, you’re going to have to figure out where our surprise photo was taken – city/town as well as state or country.    It’s not easy.    Trust us!

Here are the rules for tomorrow:

Yep – we want you to figure it out without any help.   Makes it even-steven for everyone that way too!

You don’t want anyone to get mad at you right?

We take our Tuesday Teasers seriously around here right class?

Well you sure don’t want Sarge or Marge mad at you!

What do you say if we go ahead and get our cheer team to make an appearance – they always get everyone pumped up for the Teaser……….


Today is manic Monday
It’s usually a fun day
We get to put you in the mood
We try to do that without being rude
Sometimes we might slip a bit
A bad word makes Sarge mad enough to spit!
We try to be polite and encourage you to win
We try to keep it light and maybe make you grin!
So be here tomorrow and be part of the class
We’ll cheer our pom poms off with a big dose of sass!

See what I mean?    The Cheer Team knows how to get your blood flowing and your brain churning and before you know it – you’re really ready to examine the photo and WIN!   If you should happen to win, you get a badge – we are BIG on badges around here.    One of these in fact:

That’s right – you may get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge…….or the RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge……….or maybe one of our famous GREENIES – if you’re WRONG with your guess.

We also get FREE lunch – yep – and it’s better than the stuff you may remember from other schools you’ve gone to.    Our cafeteria gives us some good stuff.    We have Miss Dingleberry to thank for that………..and today is no exception – so line up nicely, get some lunch, then go out and enjoy recess.   Just remember to be here tomorrow – and when you get here COMMENT then politely and quietly take your seat.    Or else………..Sarge will be watching!

That’s right! I’ll be watching you!

Alright… shoving….be nice or no lunch!   WHAT DO YOU WANT TODAY????????????

Crunchy fries

Crispy onion rings

We will see you tomorrow at a SURPRISE time!

Until then – STUDY!!!    Your Profs………

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    • Oh you know how Miss D is – she thinks she’s the best Cafeteria Snoopervisor Ding Dong has ever had…..she can do no wrong…..if our tummies get upset it’s our own fault for overeating. Yeah sure. Oh and how did you know Miss D wears Army boots? They’re pink.


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