Pre-Tease Monday


Yes indeed it is…..time to get your glasses cleaned, your computer screen dusted, and your brain in gear because tomorrow you’ll be TESTED again!    Yep – we’ll be flashing another photo up on the blackboard and giving you a chance to earn a badge by being a KNOW IT ALL!    All you have to do is when you FIRST ARRIVE HERE tomorrow – comment right away and you may win a badge.    THEN you have to study the photo we’ll give you VERY CLOSELY and make a guess as to where it was taken!

Here are the available badges you could win:

It’s not hard at all………..the only KINK in the whole thing is that you will not know when our blog goes live tomorrow morning – it could be ANY time – Mom chooses a random time to schedule it so you just have to be READY when your notification arrives!    Then race here and comment.   Got it?



Tomorrow’s TEASER is not a GUEST TEASER either…………………..we will have a Guest Teaser next week but this week it’s not one.

Well I think they’re ALL hard – Guest Teasers OR Professor Teasers – doesn’t matter!

We think it should be a challenge – if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be as much fun!!!

How about a nice cheer before we have lunch?   Ready?

We’re dressed for the 4th of July
It’s the 2nd but we’re not shy!
We’re early but we don’t care
We’ve even got on patriotic underwear!
Tomorrow you’d better be ready
And your blood pressure better be steady!
If you’re lucky enough to get a win
Maybe we’ll take you out for a spin
So study your little brains out
Or you’ll LOSE and spend the day in a pout!

Alright Team!   RAH RAH RAH!


Let’s see what Miss Dingleberry has whipped up for us today shall we?

Me and my cafeteria staff will be as patriotic as we can be right up to the TELL ALL on the 4th!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


My staff and I will serve patriotic dishes tomorrow AND Wednesday too!

Thanks Miss Dingleberry and we’ll see you students in class tomorrow morning… ready!

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy too

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  1. I will be here… no one coming to fix or deliver anything and no place we have to go. Maybe a peaceful Teaser morning. Looking forward to it! It’s so festive here this morning! The Cheer Team looks darling in their red, white, and blue.


    • We’re sticking with festive through the 4th! Miss Dingleberry is apparently VERY patriotic isn’t she! Who knew? Glad we’ll be seeing you in class tomorrow morning. We’ll be sure you have a seat where the Professors can keep a close eye on you (haha).

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. I think I will have an ice cream sandwich please. No excuses for me tomorrow. I will be home, Ivor is banned from the computer and I will be refreshing every minute or two. When it comes to it, I will probably forget it is Tuesday!


    • HAHAHA…..poor Mr. Ivor…..well, we will look for you later this morning but of course you know we will understand if Mr. Ivor sneaks on the computer OR you are eating lunch! Tee Hee

      Hugs, Teddy


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