Teaser Tell All


Oh boy!  It’s time to see who won badges yesterday with the TEASER and to find out WHO our Guest Teaser was too!    So much to do in class today!

“BRING IT ON!!!!!!”

We think the Teaser yesterday was a pretty darn good one but we DID have a winner and we’ll tell you about that in a bit but first – who were our FIRST COMMENTERS?????

We had TWO this week (yes cheer team – only TWO!

Miss Pix and Timmy Tomcat


My Firsties this week get a badge so please, you two, take one and wear it proudly!

Pix and Timmy FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of June 26, 2018! BRAVO FOR US!

Now I bet you’d like to know who sent in our great Teaser photo?    It was our dear friend Miss Jackie from Memories of Eric and Flynn (Two Devon Cats) !!    You know she and her husband Ivor travel a lot and go on some wonderful cruises EVERYWHERE.    The photo below was taken on one of their many trips………..here’s the photo again:

We think this is an incredibly interesting building……………….it’s the Butcher’s Hall in Ghent, Belgium.    It’s a VERY old structure – built in 1418………these days it holds wonderful restaurants, and shops but if you CLICK HERE you can find out more about its’ past.   Built to last that’s for sure!!    THANK YOU MISS JACKIE for this wonderful photo.    This badge is for you!

My photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of June 26, 2018!

Then we waited to see WHO would be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………………we were thrilled to see that it was one of our best woofie buddies, the beautiful Miss Clowie of Clowie’s Corner HERE!

Gosh I was close……!

Clowie, this badge is for YOU my friend………………………

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 26, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

We had a couple of others who were right and you get this one:

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the Teaser of June 26, 2018. Well, there’s always NEXT week!!!

Then those who guessed but were wrong – well – first of all THANKS for trying and second of all, please take one of these badges!

DARN! Well, I tried but I was WRONG on the Teaser of June 26, 2018.

That was a great Teaser………………..next week who knows what we’ll have for you so keep up the good work at studying.   Now for a little CHEER for you all from our team!

Teaser Badges to celebrate
This week’s Teaser was really great!
There were two FIRST COMMENTERS this time around
Only TWO no more could be found
Pix and Timmy were fast off the mark
They sped right in and didn’t even park!
Then we waited to see who’d be FIRST RIGHT
And when she showed up – what a welcome sight.
Miss Clowie is the winner of this week’s prize
With her soft white furs and her bright dark eyes!
Everyone did well just showing up in class
Regardless whether you FAIL or if you PASS
Now grab some lunch and go out to play
We’ll gather again next week on TUESDAY!

Now we’ll take a break before recess and grab a bite to eat.    Miss Dingleberry made those famous FOOT LONG SUBS of hers……….they are so delicious.    She’s the Queen of Subs and has the hat to prove it!

Step right up and place your order please!

Fruit juices

We’ll be back next week for more TEASER fun!   

You’ve all done well,

Your Professors

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  1. Congrats to the firsties! I think petcretary will nevfur be amongst them, MOL! She needs to move to another time zone, Tee-hee!
    At least she was right, phew!

    Somehow I think if I send in any of my pictures from The Netherlands or Belgium, Miss Jackie will know them all in a flash! Hmmm, I should scan in some oldies that are not from the days of digital cameras.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You can definitely scan in some oldies – Mom has used MANY oldies including some she found from her Mom’s old albums with travels in the 50s/60s. It’s fun to do a flashback Teaser! Anyway, concatulations on guessing it correctly. This was a toughie for most people yesterday.

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. How could I missed this…?? It’s practically in my neighbourhood (a 1 hour car drive) and I didn’t recognised this beautiful place… Shame on me! 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Mr. Herman and Bowie….know what? My Mom and I were wondering if you might see this Teaser because she was SURE if you did see it, you would know it. We didn’t know it was that close to you though….well, I bet you were busy yesterday and didn’t have time to take a peek at Teaser. Maybe next time we do a Belgian Teaser you’ll be THERE!!!

      Love, Teddy (and Mom too)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations to Pix and Timmy for being here first!

    Thank you Miss Jackie for an interesting Teaser!

    Thank you to the cheer team for an amazing cheer. My biped says I blushed when I read that!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Clowie should be awarded the Golden Sniffer Award for this epic win!!! A butcher’s (even from the distance of centuries) as a teaser for a lots of kitties and doggies means FIERCE competition!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are granted a post-class excuse Katie! It’s important to get those shoes properly tied or you might fall and break your (fill in the blank with body part)!! One steak and cheese sub comin’ right up!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. That may be Butcher’s Hall but the Butcher’s Hall of Fame is in Washington, DC. Some call it Congress.
    Miss D is now supersizing? It takes me a week to recover from her regular sized stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Hmmm, I had thought it was Amsterdam…so I was WRONG!!! ConCatulations to all the winners!
    And Ms Dingleberry, a Steak and cheese, hold the onions please!


  7. Well, I’ll be a mouses’ tooth! I wouldn’t have guessed that in a 100 years. What a depressing shopping area. Then again after seeing this dump, my place would look like a palace.

    Oh Congrats to Timmy who must set his alarm at 3am to catch whenever you post, Teddy. Also Miss Pix….congrats. The first right commentator is Miss Clowie….good going and you are a woofie…dang good then.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Here’s a challenged for Miss D…. try making an infinitely long sub that all of the prisoners of Infinite Penitentiary can enjoy. That should keep her busy for a while so we can order some McDonalds for the cafeteria…


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