Pre-Tease Monday


Here we go again students!    Monday means “get ready for Tuesday” !

Students, we are getting right down to business this morning – after all, we get together on Monday so we can be sure that all of you are primed and loaded for Tuesday when you will be required to be FAST and SMART all rolled into one.    When you get here tomorrow morning at a SURPRISE TIME (the post will not be posted at its’ regular time to keep you on your toes!), you need to COMMENT right away so you can win this:

Last Tuesday we had FOUR First Commenters – anyone commenting in the first 60 seconds of class is a FIRSTIE and you get one of those cool sunrise badges!

THEN the real work starts in class……we will be giving you a photo to study – this week the photo will be a GUEST TEASER…………and it will be up to you to study it and see if you can determine where the photo was taken.   You will have to call upon your skills of observation to look closely at the photo and see if you can find any clues – the architecture, landscape, etc. THEN you need to make a guess as to where the photo was taken.   We only have TWO rules for guessing:

And if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you will win a badge……………..that’s right – you can brag about it to all your friends lucky you!

Then we have another badge that everyone who guesses correctly but is NOT first, gets:

And most of you know by now that even if you make a guess and you are WRONG, you can add a GREENIE to your collection or start a NEW collection with this badge:

COOL right?

Cool yes but also GROOVY!

So be prepared when you come to class tomorrow – study hard – it will be worth it.    Then when Wednesday rolls around we will announce the winners and award badges!



That’s right – ANYONE can win if we all play by the rules…………..

I thought maybe if we asked our awesome cheer team to stop by class they could pump up the volume and get your hearts a-thumpin’ and encourage you to study hard tonight – remember if you are winner they will put your name in their cheer on Wednesday.   WOO HOO.

Bring on the cheer team!

To us it’s very clear
You need to hear a cheer
We know we’re your inspiration
Even though our cheers cause our perspiration!
So you’d better crack open your books
Or Marge will give you BAD looks
Also get plenty of rest
So your brain will be at its’ best
Now let’s go see what’s for lunch
We cheer team are a hungry bunch!

Thanks team……………maybe you inspired some of the students who usually kind of coast through Tuesdays to study hard and GUESS tomorrow when the photo goes live.


Perhaps we all need a little “pick me up” courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s cafeteria crew……………..wonder what they’ve got for us today???   Let’s go see!

Looks like this guy beat us to the line!

YAY………Love this stuff!    Enjoy your lunch students and we will see you here tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!

Good Luck!   Will YOU be ready???? 

 The Profs

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  1. The Japanese ambassador just called. He wishes you to have a disclaimer.

    Any resemblance that you perceive with Miss Dingleberry’s offerings and authentic Japanese food is all in your mind.


    • YES! Da Phenny now has a brother named Neilsen (or Da Nelly) who came to their house because his Dad was quite ill and could no longer keep him. These two weims are double trouble but also double the fun! Nice to see you Miss Layla……

      Love, Teddy


  2. I will be here tomorrow poised and ready…I think. Ivor has been banned from the computer until after the Teaser has gone live!


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