Teaser Tell All


We are here to tell the tale of the Teaser!

Hello class…………your Profs here and we’re going to give you all the details about yesterday’s fabulously interesting Teaser.    It sure got some GREAT guesses and we have our Guest Teaser to thank for that.  We’ll tell you who that was in just a minute.

Buttttt first……

WHO was our very FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?    Well I’m here to tell you that we had enough FIRST COMMENTERS to send the Cheer Team into orbit but I promised them some hut tub time if they didn’t complain a lot about so many names in the cheer today.    WHO were the FIRSTIES yesterday?

Oliver and Calvin, Timmy Tomcat, Miss Csilla, and Kitties Blue !

And the crowd goes wild!   FOUR Firsties!   YAY!

All of you get one of these so please copy and take it as your trophy:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of June 5, 2018! YAY FOR ALL OF US!

Now I’d like to tell you who our FABULOUS Guest Teaser was yesterday……………..first here’s the photo:

This lovely photograph was sent in to us by the beautiful Madi of:

Madi and Mom Down Home In NC!

For Madi and Mom for their GUEST TEASER photo of June 5, 2018! Thank you!

Where was the photo taken?    This is the GOVERNOR’S MANSION in Juneau, Alaska!    Looks like a Southern Mansion doesn’t it?!   Very good Teaser photo so it was interesting that SEVERAL of you got it right but only ONE of you was FIRST TO BE RIGHT…………………..WHO WAS IT?    Well, if you remember who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER last week, then you can congratulate the winner this week for being a TWO IN A ROW WINNER!


Way to go SPEEDY – this is for you my friend:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 5, 2018 !!!

We also had several others who guessed Juneau, Alaska and each of you gets one of these:

Even though I wasn’t FIRST to guess right I DID guess right on the Teaser of June 5, 2018 so I got this badge!

AND of course if you were WRONG but you still took time to make a guess – good for you – and you get a badge too – one of these:

DARN! I guessed wrong but I tried on the Teaser of June 5, 2018!

We had a bonanza of winners this week and I am sure our Cheer Team will complain about all the names they had to cram into their cheer but since they had such fabulous dates last night (I assume) they are probably in a good mood so GO FOR IT TEAM!      SO how were those dates last night??????????????? HMMMMM??????????

Now class we don’t kiss and tell
But let’s just say they rang our bells!
We won’t go into details and specifics
But let’s just say we used plenty of physics…..tee hee
Now on to the business of the day
Which is cheering for winners YAY YAY YAY
First Commenters there were FOUR
We would scream if there were more.
Oliver, Calvin, Timmy, Csilla and Kitties Blue
Ding Dong Cheer Team says BULLY FOR YOU!
Speedy the Wabbit guessed RIGHT and was FIRST
There were others right but the rest of you were cursed!
Next week we bet you’ll study like crazy
No Ding Dongers in class would EVER be lazy!

Thanks Team…………….that was a most informative and cheerful cheer.    I think.

Glad your dates were GROOVY

Guess I’d better spend the week studying…..I’ve never won a THING!

Well class, Miss Dingleberry has lunch ready………..I hope you’re all ready to eat.   It’s MEXICAN FIESTA DAY so you know what that means…………..you’ll be doing the tango all the way to the restrooms the rest of the afternoon!

uhoh….I better eat near the restrooms…….

Don’t forget one of these – everybody gets one!

Study hard class – if you didn’t win THIS week, maybe you will NEXT week!

Your Professors…….Angel Sam and Teddy

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    • If we can keep you well fed, then Ding Dong School cafeteria has done its’ job! Tee Hee…………It was a confusing Teaser – Madi fooled a LOT of folks with that Alaska photo.

      Love, Teddy


  1. My googling skills failed this time. I searched for “white residence green shutters columns usa” like crazy, tried to add “mountains”, “Luisiana”, “New Orleans”, even “Maine” but nuffin’.


    • Gosh Miss Csilla…..don’t tell me your detective skills are failing? I think they were just being TESTED with this one. I can’t imagine what it would take to find it with search terms either!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Not enough snow for me to have guessed Alaska 😉
    I hope that poor cheer team gets a nice hearty dinner to recover from all their hard work!


  3. We were excited to be one of the first commenters this week…that doesn’t happen too often. We never could have guessed that southern-looking mansion was in Alaska. Thanks cheer team and thanks Miss Dingleberry for the great noms. Love to all. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • I know!!! FOUR and close to more than four but it was funny – Mom and I sat at the computer for a whole minute before anybody came to comment – usually it’s within a couple of seconds! HAHAHA

      Love, Teddy


  4. A whole slew firsties!! And Congrats to Speedy! Bunnies can be fast, eh?!
    And whoopee…I wasn’t first for anything, but hey I *was* right, Hooray!
    Maybe the first governor in that mansion came from the south and he might have been feeling homesick?

    No Mexican goodies for me…it does way more than make me want to be near a WC…MOL!!


    • Oh yes indeed bunnies are QUICK….and Speedy was FIRST RIGHT two weeks in a row so he’s super fast. You were right though so you get a RIGHT GUESSER badge AND a congratulations from the Professors!!! It’s a most curious Governor’s Mansion for anywhere in Alaska but maybe you’re right – he was from the South somewhere and wanted to be in a “little piece of down home” !!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Since Mom broke her arm…we don’t even attempt to comment from the tablet in bed…which means I read everybody’s blogs..but I have to wait for MOM to be sitting at a computer to comment…So I have been incognito. And I missed my guess yesterday and I could have had a badge! Glares at Mom!
    Anyway, I shall send you Teddy, your Mom and Angel Sammy hugs!


    • Dear Marv I bet you would have had that Teaser yesterday FOR SURE but you know until your Mom is all healed up you just have to be patient with her! It’s tough to do stuff with just one PAW! I sure hope that she’s getting better and better with each day and I know you hope tht too. I am sending you some BIG HUGS right back!!

      Love, Teddy


    • It was one of those Teaser photos that really made you look twice (or thrice!) because of the snow capped mountain behind the Southern mansion!!! It was great….Madi sure sent in a whopper!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Ha! I pulled governor’s mansion out of me behind when I saw that photo and had no idea it really was one! Of course, i went with the wrong one, but I’m unaware of Alaska ever electing any future felons to their highest executive office…

    Wait a minute! Aren’t you supposed to be able to see Russia from the backyard there?


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