Tuesday Teaser

Welcome to class students……before you get too comfy though HAVE YOU COMMENTED???

Now please settle down in your desks and quit throwing paper airplanes and pulling Suzie’s pigtails and making faces at each other and saying NOT ALLOWED words……in other words, please be little ladies and gentlemen.

Alright class – you heard the Professors!

Today is the day we put you to work and see if you’ve been studying and trying to become familiar with different parts of the world so you will be able to look at a photo and figure out WHERE it was taken!    Could be ANYWHERE on the planet.   Here are the class rules for making a guess:

About #2 – it would be just so easy to load a photo into a program and have the computer tell you WHERE it was taken but it’s more fun to do some real detective work we think!   If there’s a mountain range in the photo you can google “high mountain ranges” – look at the images and maybe you’ll figure out where the photo was taken………….if there’s a big red building with six fireplace chimneys you can google “large red brick building with six chimneys” and you MIGHT find it!    See?   That’s real detective work and that’s definitely allowed!

We know all those rules Professors…..you don’t have to tell us that stuff!

We know you students who have attended class before are familiar with the rules BUT it never hurts to review them.   Besides, we have new students join our class from time to time and THEY might not understand the rules.

I’m new and I was happy to get a rule review!!!

I had to drag ask our Cheer Team to vacate the hot tub 15 minutes ago before class – I know Sarge is out of town visiting relatives but he COULD surprise us and come back early and the Cheer Team would get in trouble…………..

Team – class is starting soon – time to dry off and put on your uniforms!!!

We don’t want Sarge to get upset…………we know how Sarge CAN get upset don’t we class??

YES we do and “it ain’t pretty” !!!!

Oh here they are – all pruney from the hot tub but in uniforms and ready to pump up the volume and get class READY TO GUESS!

Well we might be a little pruney
But we’re certainly not loony
We’ll get you primed for guessing
Then we have business that’s quite pressing
We’ve got dates lined up for dancin’
And who knows maybe some romancin’ !
But back to the reason we’re here
We are here to do a TEASER cheer!
Mishy Moshy Moto
We hope you recognize the photo…
You get a badge if you guess it right
Now get to work and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!

OK Cheer Team……….you went around the barn on that one but you finally got to the point – so without further ado, let’s bring in our security guard with today’s TEASER photo so you can get to work guessing!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN??????????????????????????????    Be first to guess correctly, or even just be RIGHT with your guess if you’re not first and you win one of these:

If you’re WRONG with your guess you still get this!

And remember at the beginning of class I said you needed to COMMENT so you would be FIRST to comment???  That’s because anyone who comments in the first 60 seconds (could be one of you or more) will get this:

Tomorrow at the TELL ALL class we’ll tell you who won and who gets what………………………..so to round out today’s class and because it’s hot as blazes outside, we have set up the ice cream wagon and Miss D is ready to serve you ice cream!    She’s also got some cookies and milk shakes.    Find a shady spot and enjoy your treats and we’ll see you tomorrow!


Good Luck Class! 

Your Profs


  1. 1

    Hi Friends

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  2. 6
    kolytyi Says:

    Mo’nin’, Profs!

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  3. 8
    Oliver and Calvin Says:

    We’re here, good morning!

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  4. 10


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  5. 12


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  6. 14
    Dianna Says:

    Goodness! We thought we were commenting early, but we’re way behind!
    Good morning, everyone!
    Love, Sundae

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  7. 16
    Clowie Says:



    • 17

      Hi Clowie!!!! You’re early but three minutes behind the firstie crew (we have FOUR today!) – I guess the cheer team will demand more hot tub time now!

      Hugs, Teddy


      • 18
        Clowie Says:

        Everyone is bright and early!

        I don’t know where that building is. I think I can see small patches of snow on the hill / mountain that can be seen on the left.


  8. 24

    West Wing of the White House, Washington, D.C., USA?


  9. 26

    You got me, Sammy!


  10. 28

    Country Plantation House in Greenville, KY USA?

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    • 29

      Oh boy – Kentucky is where my Mom was hatched………..we will find out if it’s Country Plantation House tomorrow……sure looks southern with those columns huh?

      Hugs, Teddy


  11. 30

    No idea but lovely, wherever it is!


  12. 32
    Oliver and Calvin Says:

    I have a guess Professors. Oliver says I’m wrong, but what if I’m right and I don’t guess. I think it is where that guy, Colonel Sanders, lives, you know the guy who makes the chicken. It looks just like the kind of place the king of a chicken empire would live! ~Calvin~

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  13. 36

    We wish the Cheer Team a happy night with their dates and hope it all develops into private cheers of loooove MOL. Miss D thanks so much fur the tasty shakes and wow that burger was a treat! May we have another, few, please. Now to the proof of the pudding fur the profs.
    I think this is the mayors mansion in Richmond VA. There are tons of fine old buildings there and this is one!
    Thanks friends for another great Teaser!
    Timmy, Dad and Family

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    • 37

      Hey Timmy, Dad and Family that’s a good guess – Richmond DOES have lots of fine old southern style buildings like that so maybe when we have the TELL ALL tomorrow you’ll get a SECOND badge (you will already get a FIRST COMMENT one!!!!!).

      Hugs, Teddy


  14. 38

    Hi Teddy Speedy reporting for class,We think its the Alaska Governors House in Juneau,Alaska…..hehehe hope I’m speedy enough for you again,xx Speedy

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  15. 40
    Cat Scout Charles Says:

    Wow lots of first responders.


  16. 42
    hauckcats Says:

    Good morning, Profs! My first thought was it was some part of the Greenbrier, in White Sulfer Springs, in West, by God, Virginia. My second thought hasn’t arrived in my furry head yet. Too sleepy!

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  17. 44
    kolytyi Says:

    We are somewhere in the US. But where????


  18. 46

    Good morning! ☀️


  19. 48

    Juneau, Alaska maybe. . .


  20. 50

    Such a stately manor such as that with bars on the windows, bars on the front porch, even bars on the balcony could only be one thing…. the governor’s mansion for the state of Illinois. I believe we are the only state to ever send two consecutive sitting governors to prison, and our legislature has since decided to just save time and court expenses and just put the governor in jail right off the bat. Oh, our capital is Springfield… usually. Except during the Rod Blagojevich regime when it was apparently Chicago.

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    • 51

      Seems like a great idea to just house the Governor of Illinois in a prison from the start of his “regime”…..it’s a NICE looking prison for sure – even has a view of a snow capped mountain for HIZZHONOR to enjoy!!

      Hugs, Teddy the Prof


    • 52
      Kismet Says:

      Sorry, squirrel. Illinois is broke and can’t afford the upkeep.


  21. We’re really late again. Mom walked and is going out to breakfast with friends…we’ll be back later for our cookies and milkshakes.

    The Florida Furkids


  22. 55

    MY first thought is Monticello, but I am probably wrong. Have fun on your dates, can’t wait to hear about them. XO


    • 56

      Oh you know the Cheer Team doesn’t kiss and tell…..well, usually anyway! It does kinda look like Monticello so maybe you’re right??????

      Hugs, Teddy


  23. Huff, puff…we’re here, we’re here! After extensive research, we think it’s where Alaska’s Governor lives in Juneau.


    • 58

      Extensive research? Oh my! We have a budding crop of Sherlock Holmes students at Ding Dong School now!!! Tune in tomorrow – we’ll see how well your detective work may or may not have worked!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  24. 59

    WooHoo I’m fashionably late or in some circles..it would be said I’m making my Diva entrance!!
    In any case Well done on today Teaser cheer and picture
    Hugs madi and mom


  25. 61

    Mee-you mee made it Teddy an Angel Unccle Sammy!!!
    Mee puzzled over thee foto an mee finkss purrhapss inn Virginia or Kentucky statess….mee not know what buildin it iss tho’. Butt mee DID get here an mee DID guess, mew mew mew..
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXXX


  26. That is a big house in some place where there are mountains…and Teddy, I bet you would enjoy patrolling the upper deck/veranda…good critter TV reception up there:)

    I think its here:
    Alaska Governor’s Mansion, in Juneau, Alaska.

    And alas I am not nearly first, nor a first guesser, MOL!
    And Those milkshakes look delish…good for the waist too, right? They are surely calorie free…as are those delightful teddy cookies. Did you order those? (Wait, are they otters??)

    See ya, petcretary has lots of appointments today.


    • 64

      You’re right about it being a big house where there are mountains and YES I would love to patrol that whole place!! If your guess is right you will find out tomorrow. In the meantime, ENJOY those calorie-less shakes and TEDDY BEAR cookies (otters? nope!).

      We’ll see you tomorrow!
      Hugs, Teddy


  27. 65
    Lee and Phod Says:

    Cause we have no idea we are going to say it looks like an American. Uilding!


  28. 67

    Beats me too, but I’m pretty sure it’s not my house!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. 69
    Edie Chase Says:

    Here. Better late than never. I’ve been without internet for the past week plus. No idea on the building, but I’ll have some ice cream. Thanks Miss Dingleberry. I hope to be back tomorrow to see who wins. Internet willing. 😉


    • 70

      Oh gosh – we know how awful it is to be without internet for a couple of days but a WEEK????? PLUS????? Yeeks! Sorry about that but hopefully you’re “back in business” now! Enjoy your ice cream!

      Hugs, Teddy


  30. I know, I know, Miss Scarlett lives in this house, the house almost gone with the wind.


  31. 73
    The Island Cats Says:

    We see mountains (or would those just be big hills??) in the background, Teddy. Maybe some place in North or South Carolina?


    • 74

      Well good for you noticing that mountain with snow on top – not that many saw it I don’t think………BUT it’s in Alaska! Interesting huh?

      Love, Teddy


  32. Okay….we came back and looked again and it wasn’t where we first thought but we’re going to join those who guessed Governor’s mansion in Alaska.

    The Florida Furkids


  33. 77

    Da Alaska Governor’s mansion in Juneau!


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