Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!   Have you COMMENTED yet?

Remember commenting is important because if you’re FIRST to comment in today’s class you get this:

We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day yesterday but it’s time to buckle down and get back into the swing of Ding Dong School.   Your Ding Dong Staff is here to make sure you do just that!

You Betcha!

We have what could turn out to be a real toughie for you today and it’s a GUEST TEASER.   We certainly hope you took time to crack open your geography books over the past few days………!


I studied – at least I was trying while my little brother Sawyer was bugging me!

I’m glad to hear it students………………now I believe we will show you the other badges that might be accumulated by YOU if you are sharp today and get those guesses in.   As you know, we have rules here about guessing too so FIRST rules – SECOND badges:

So let’s begin shall we?    First, to get you going as usual, we will ask the amazing Ding Dong School Cheer Team to pump up the volume and get you in the MOOD…….

Here we are back to the TEASE
And when you get your lunch today make sure and say PLEASE
When we’re in school we must be polite
When the teachers are mad they give us a fright!
So sit up straight and guess your best
C’mon and do it – you’re better than the rest!
If you’re a winner you’ll be so lucky
Whether you’re human, cat, or dog or even a ducky
This cheer is getting lame so we must go
But here’s a final cheer to end our show!

Well Cheer Team as soon as I figure out what this cheer was all about I’m sure I will be saying what a GREAT cheer it was………No doubt everyone will be trying to have their names in your cheer tomorrow as a winner!!

Socks? Are we supposed to wear SOCKS?

Mr. Security Guard – would you kindly bring in the photo for our students?   I think they will need all the time in the world to come up with the location where this photo was taken!!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

AAAAAH HAAAA!!!!   We told you it was a whopper…………………your mission is to tell us where this photo was taken!!    However before you get too involved in that, perhaps you’d like a little lunch break?   It’s SANDWICH DAY at Ding Dong School and Miss Dingleberry has put on a spread at the back of the room so please eat up at your desks then start guessing!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!

Roast beef, ham, turkey!


Steak and cheese sub

Deli meat sub

Turkey Sub

Lots to choose from – we will call these “GOOD BRAIN FOOD” for you to give you the proper nourishment so you will be able to figure out today’s TEASER!    Have a smoothie or some fruit juice to go with it and GOOD LUCK!    We will see you in class tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!


Fruit juices

Your Professors, Angel Sam and Teddy

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  1. It’s a bridge!

    It was a bit of a tease to have the email popping into my inbox but no post here at first! Or are the gremlins just affecting me?

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  2. Thanks fur a great Cheer! What a team and, no worries, we always say please and thank you. That picture may be around New Orleans but we are not sure so will not guess. Thanks Miss D for some super sandwiches. See you tomorrow to see what we didn’t know MOL


    • Tomorrow’s TELL ALL will tell the tale of the arches, but I’m not speaking to WordPress right now – my right to pout since they screwed up our post this morning so royally! LOL Everyone is confused (including us) other than the fact I know they were the ones to cause the confusion. Perhaps I should put a Pammy Whammy on them??????????

      Love, Pam (and the Bean)

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  3. Good morning, we were here before but we got a four oh four error. We’re glad that the interweb found you, wherever you were 🙂 Obviously, we are not first commentors. Have a great day. Thank you for the noms!


  4. Well, duh. Silly Chip here. I just remembered there’s another Bridge out in the East End of Jefferson County/Louisville. Yep. I think this is it! Or one just like it. I’ve only seen pictures of it, not seen it in person. It’s pretty new.

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    • Hi Chippy!!!! Tomorrow I think we will be finding out WHERE this bridge is – it’s a cool bridge though isn’t it? It’s called CABLE-STAYED construction. I bet Scouts could build one of these!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Could be the Millau viaduct but the supporting columns aren’t right. The Oresund Bridge has a similar problem… it’s not the one in Spain either! So, we suspect it might be over the pond and we haven’t crossed a single one of them!


  6. You can turn anything into a prison, even a bridge! Yes, that’s what those bars are for… why else would a bridge need bars around it other than to keep people from escaping into the river below?

    On a serious note, I’m pretty sure that bridge is local. My first thought was the Clark Bridge in Alton, IL… but I see someone else guessed the Musial Bridge, which it might very well be. I’ve only crossed that bridge at night coming home from ballgames and honestly have no idea what it actually looks like in the sunlight! Since I’m going for a record run of Greenies though, I’ll just play dumb again and stick with my assertion that this is the world’s only prison bridge…

    P.S. Suzie dear…. have you seen the girls today? Nobody wears matching socks anymore…

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    • Suzie says she prefers black net stockings over socks anyway. As for your thoughts on that Bridge – I like the idea that it’s a prison bridge but I am a bit concerned that just about ANYONE could squeeze through those bars and escape! We will be divulging the location of this bridge tomorrow AND who sent this photo in to the Teaser Photo Review Committee!!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  7. I’m going to guess that this bridge is the Leonard P. Zakim/Bunker Hill bridge in Boston, Massachusetts. Thanks for the spread Miss Dingleberry.

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    • Good Evening…..er……I mean good morning (at least here!)………..so glad you could join us!! This is a bit of a difficult Teaser BUT we shall find out the SCOOP tomorrow as usual. It’s a weird photo though isn’t it?!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • You do???? Well, it could be – there are a number of cable-stayed bridges around the world and WHO KNOWS – you may be right but we won’t know until TOMORROW! Can you stand to wait?

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. Too bad my unfurbrotheyounger did not see this post…he might have guessed it in a few seconds…being a structural engineer, with bridges as his specialty! It is a Cable-Stayed Bridge. Fancy too! There are sure lots of them all over the world…and petcretary herself had no clue…besides that she had to get in her car to go to her sister’s…and there was no time to research…not even after she got there!


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