Tuesday Teaser


One ringy dingy….two ringy dingies…….hurry up students – time for class!

YIKES!   We’d better get dressed – the Profs will need us and Sarge is liable to be here any minute!

Welcome Class!   Are you ready?   Did you COMMENT?  

Hurry up and do that – you might be FIRST!

Today we are bringing out the Teaser photo for you as we always do on Tuesdays.   I hope your eyes aren’t blurry from too much TV last night or too much of anything ELSE last night!    You need to be on top of your game to “be a contender” for Teaser!

As always we will bore you all by telling you the rules YET AGAIN but it bears repeating because part of our class is teaching you how to be FAIR and HONEST right?  Right!

Tomorrow’s post will be our usual TELL ALL where we say who wins what – First Commenter, First Right Guesser, Right Guesser Not First, and of course WRONG Guesser.    Badges for EVERYONE!

I srudied VERY hard last night……Honest!

So did I ! I even fell asleep studying!

Good for all of you…………I think you take Teaser seriously just like Professor Teddy and I do…………….so shall we begin the festivities with a little cheer from the Cheer Team (who appear to be a little damp……hmmmmm).

We are here to shake our booty
Out of the tub all fresh and fruity
We heard you studied like good girls and boys
You didn’t play computer games or mess with your toys
You should be ready to give the Teaser a peek
If you do a good job Suzie will give your cheeks a tweak (not THOSE cheeks!!!!!)
So shine those glasses and pay attention
Or Marge will make sure you get detention!

Thank you Team!    You always get everyone in the mood for guessing where the photo was taken……………so with that in mind, let’s bring in our Security Guard who has kept the TOP SECRET photo chained to his wrist in a briefcase since last week!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

AH HA!!!!   Another city photo – these are sometimes pretty darn tough so c’mon students – give it your BEST SHOT!!!

Professors I just went to the vet yesterday and got my shots – I don’t want another shot!!!!

No we just meant “TRY YOUR BEST”………………OK?   No shots – we don’t like shots either.     Now who wants a snack?   Ready to eat?   Miss Dingleberry is ready to load us up with some wonderful treats from her Ding Dong Cafeteria crew.    After you eat you can go to recess but remember – don’t OVEREAT before getting on the monkey bars!

OK students…..we have a buffet for you today.   I’ve got my EYE on you so don’t be GREEDY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See you bright and early tomorrow!  

Your Profs

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    • I had been having another go at the jigsaw I gave up on from the other day (not the last one, I did finish that one…eventually) and then I suddenly remembered I was sitting at the computer to try and be first commenter. At least I was only 2 minutes late, but it might as well be an hour!


    • You know how things move fast around here on Tuesdays! LOL We went live at 7:22 but only had ONE FIRST COMMENTER (very unusual). Sending you “we missed you” hugs…………..Pam and the Bean


      • Yes it’s a guess alright……and not having seen the California coastline personally, maybe it is La Jolla! All I know about La Jolla is that when I was working for a government contractor YEARS ago, they had to fly out to La Jolla a lot and the guys always enjoyed staying in the hotel that overlooked the nude beach there. HAHAHAHA

        Hugs, Pam

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        • A nude beach??? I was in La Jolla with a friend and I was shocked at the price of those dinky homes on the rocks above the water. The homes were the size of our 4 seasons room and they were a couple of million. They can keep them… but it was beautiful there!!!!


          • Yeah a nude beach…..maybe they did away with it? This was in late 70s/early 80s. We’ve always been amazed at the price of houses ANYWHERE on the water. You pay do pay a premium for a view of the water – it’s like that in Maine too – mind-blowing for a small house on ANY beach even though it’s pretty there too!


  1. Goodness I was looking furward to a cheek tweek by Suzi but after discussion with the family we are not sure where this is. Maybe a city on one of the Japanese Islands? Thanks Miss D fur that super Buffet. Cant wait to find out where this is!


    • HAHAHAHA…..my dearest Cupcake…….you were only 38 minutes late. That’s not so bad. I often get notes after Teaser saying they FORGOT it was Tuesday. You didn’t FORGET! That’s worth a TEDDY HUG….. ((((Cupcake))))

      Love, Teddy


  2. Well, I am earlier than sometimes…but, we’ll, still way down the line, MOL!
    I’ll come back later with my guess…


  3. Here we have yet another outside the box and forward thinking example in the field of prisonology. Plateau Penitentiary doesn’t need metal bars, or barbed wire fences, or snipers in the tower to take care of any wandering inmates. No, when you get sent to The Plat, you can count on doing your entire sentence without ever setting foot on the outside. The island IS the prison, and nobody has yet managed to scale down the 500 foot sheer cliffs that stand between incarceration and freedom. The skyscrapers were probably built out of boredom by inmates who needed to channel their creativity in ways other than futile attempt escapes from nature’s most impossible jail to bust out of…

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    • Even if prisoners did escape from The Plat – where would they go??? I like this alternative to being behind bars. I bet all those “buildings” are just made out of cardboard…..gives those prisoners a feeling of home in in the big city. Isn’t it heart-warming that those who design prisons these days work to make them a little more INTERESTING than those bars/dungeons/padded cell-ish places from the old days. I bet you could get a job there……just sayin’.

      Hugs, Teddy

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  4. Nice cheer ladies. I like that cute little kitty in pink. And please don’t make poor Bobby get another shot, unless there is one to help him not need the litter box so often 🙂 This looks like it is along the coast of California, but that is vague. XO


  5. Talking of shots: our Fritz is a wonderfully patient patient. Now that he has been diagnosed with diabetes, he needs a shot of insulin twice a day and without any meow or fussing he just sits still and accepts it. I’m so happy about that.
    Have a wonderful day,

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  6. Are we last? We certainly are NOT first…..GLARES AT MOM! We’re clueless too but we’ll take a closer look and come back if we can figure it out.

    We’re going to munch on some shrimp while we try to figure it out.

    The Florida Furkids

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  7. Our dad thinks it is Lima, Peru. Mom didn’t have a clue, (hey, that rhymes) and we needed to wait until we asked him! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  8. Could we each please have one of the chicky/cheesy samwichs. They look super yummy! Thank you. Another great cheer ladies! Coop says he’s doesn’t remember the name of that cute little cheerleader with the “R” on her chest, but she can tweak his cheek anytime! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  9. I’m going with Maracaibo, Venezuela. The buildings are all from the same era and there’s nobody on the road. The buildings were built at the same time during the oil boom. Now that the price dropped (but going back up), nobody’s on the road because they can’t afford the gas despite sitting on the world’s biggest pool of oil.

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    • You know Kismet that makes as much sense as almost ANYTHING else does these days – it’s a kind of confusing photo isn’t it – great big city but little traffic…..come see me tomorrow and I’ll tell you where it is!

      Hugs, Teddy


  10. Hmm… given the proximity of the sea to areas of altitude and that area being so built up… I’m going to say somewhere in Chile. Maybe not Santiago.. but another major Chilean city perhaps?


  11. Sorry I’m late Professors, I just started a new job after being out of work for a long time. I’m going to guess Jupiter, Florida, just because it’s fun to write. Thanks for the grub Miss Dingleberry.


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