Tuesday Teaser


Time To Ring The School Bell!   Class Is In Session!


Happy Tuesday Students!   I trust you had a good week since we met last to discuss PHOTOGRAPHY and GEOGRAPHY and some other “GRAPHY” things that I can’t think of right now.   Point is, it’s time to gather together and take a peek at a Teaser photo and have a guess at WHERE the photo was taken!

I got my eyes checked last week –

don’t have my new glasses yet so I’m gonna sit in the front row OK?

Certainly………………we don’t want you to miss a detail in the photo that the Security Guard will bring in shortly!

First though we want to remind you of the rules for Teaser guessing……………there are only two but they’re important………………….

There can only be one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but if you are RIGHT with your guess but you aren’t first you still get a badge……….it’s one of the FOUR badges we award every Tuesday.   Also, if we have more than one FIRST COMMENTER (during the first 60 seconds of our blog being published) then everyone in that first minute gets a FIRST COMMENTER badge.

So are we clear on the rules?   Cool – you are smart students!

Yeah man….we are smart AND groovy!

Now where was I…..oh yes…….as you know, our Cheer squad took the weekend off and returned from a trip to the beach yesterday.  Unfortunately they chose to allow themselves to be buried in the sand up to their necks……..you can imagine that while they probably felt good on the BODY to be in the cool sand, BUT their heads were “out there” and they didn’t even wear hats.   They are all sporting a nice sunburn today so try not to giggle when they do today’s cheer OK?    Here’s the photo our “beach drone” got of them at the beach:

HELLO????????? Anybody there ever heard of SUN SCREEN?????????

We’re sunburned but we’re sassy
Sunburns are “in” and quite classy
It might hurt but we’re still smilin’
Our sunburns make us stylin’
The Teaser today is rather puzzling
Makes us wish cold beer we were guzzling!
But we’re sure some smarty will know it
You all are so smart and you show it
We’ve decided the beach isn’t for us
Sunburn hurts and makes us want to CUSS!

Now students I asked you not to laugh!!!  

Let’s bring out the Security Guard with the photo – that will stop the laughing I’m sure!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

OK – you’d better have on your thinking caps!

It’s on……….!

You can give this some thought and make a guess up until MIDNIGHT tonight Eastern Standard Time.     We will announce winners (and losers) tomorrow in our TEASER TELL ALL class…..I know you can hardly wait to see who gets what.

In the meantime, how about some lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry??    She decided we ought to have some HOT STUFF today in honor of our HOT cheerleaders with their sunburns.

Alright you four in the back row!   No more giggling or MADGE will be giving you some demerits!!!!!!

Remember, we have TUMS and lots of extra toilet paper should you need them.

GOOD LUCK!   (with the food and with the Teaser guessing)

See you tomorrow!  

The Profs

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  1. Cheer team you need Sunscreen! Goodness hope you slather on the lotion and feel better.
    Thanks for a great Teaser professors. Miss D those Mexican goodies are super. Dad is having Chili for breakfast so we are a tad late but now can join him with Hot Noms
    Timmy and Family


  2. This is not somewhere I have been but I am sure I have seen it on a TV programme. Trouble is it could have been any of them. I would say it is New England area from the colour of the trees. I will try and think on it after we have had lunch.


    • Oh rats! I was just going to say it might have been Most Haunted where I saw it and now I see it has been guessed. I am pretty sure the Berkeley Castle guesses are right and that it is haunted.


      • I do have two peeps who think it’s a castle in W. Virginia but we won’t know about that until tomorrow……and WHEREVER this is, we will provide an interesting link for more info!! 😉

        Love, Teddy


  3. We guess if Timmy’s dad is having chili for breakfast, we can have some hot Mexican stuff. The only reason Mom is awake is ’cause Dad is snoring. The weatherman said it was going to rain cats and dogs during the night, and our Mom dreamt last night that we had three new kittens. Do you think any of that means anything? We have a full house. Okay, see you later. Time for a nap. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • THREE KITTENS????? Hmm…..well, good luck with that. Something tells me your Mom and Dad have what they consider to be a “full house” now! LOL Miss D’s hot stuff is pretty tasty today but have some TUMS for dessert!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Mom was up early enough today, and I knew it was in WV, but couldn’t think where. Mom got sidetracked racked about the cheerleaders, she’s worried. being a ginger herself, she knows first had the dangers of NOT USING SUNSCREEN AND NOT WEARING A HAT! So I, Chip, lose again. Drat‼️


  5. Such troopers to still cheer when you all have those awful burns. Put some aloe on them. I have no clue where this photo was taken, but it sure is pretty. XO


    • Thanks for the aloe – I think Suzie said something about loading it up in Sarge’s Jacuzzi so they can all soak in it. I’m not sure how much good it will do them since it’s their HEADS that are sunburned but I decided not to pursue that line of inquiry. Some things are best left alone – she’s extra cranky today!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Hellooo…? I am sorry to be late. Not a good morning here. Chloe Jo is not doing well. At all.
    However, Stormie is. Clyde wears out easily, but is holding his own. Stormie is a good diversion. I respect them and their space. Thankfully, they all love babies.

    Do I win a badge for being last? *Good grief* Well, I do believe that this is officially the Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, in Berkeley Springs, WV. My Grampy lived in WV after he retired.

    I thank you for the positive diversions, too. And, all of your kind words and support, too. HUGS.


    • Sorry to hear about Chloe Jo…you know we send POTP and prayers for her to be comfortable. Clyde I hope is good at “self-moderation” and knows when to back off his Minion training with Stormie. She’s just so darn cute and I’m sure the whole household is loving having her around. As for your guess – it could be correct as others have guessed it……..we will find out tomorrow for sure and I have a link with more info about this interesting Castle “WHEREVER IT IS” !!! As for positive diversions, words and support – YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE THOSE – from ME and everyone else who knows you!

      Love and Hugs, Pam and Teddy Bean

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  7. Once upon a time, there lived a lonely unicorn princess who was imprisoned in the tower of a castle by a nasty old lady who served lunch at the school cafeteria. An ursine prince just happened to notice the beauty locked away in the tower and was determined to rescue her so he could add another notch to his bedpost…

    SNUGGLE: Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

    MITZI: My name’s, like, Princess Mitzi!

    SNUGGLE: Mitzi! Mitzi! Let down your hair!

    MITZI: But I just totally spent all day putting it up in this ponytail, and…

    SNUGGLE: Just do it so I can free you from your prison and unlock your chastity belt!

    MITZI: Oh, like, OK!

    SNUGGLE: What the….? I thought you had pink hair!

    MITZI: Lulz! You didn’t, like, say which kind of hair I should let down!

    SNUGGLE: Damn! You mean the carpet doesn’t match the drapes? You really are a trashy princess. But I’m desperate enough… so I’m climbing up to rescue you!

    Snuggle Bear scaled Mitzi’s….. um, “hair” and reached the top of the tower.

    SNUGGLE: My Princess, at last! You are free from your prison!

    MITZI: Yaysies! And, like, you can now rot here instead!

    Before Snuggle Bear knew what hit him, Mitzi had yanked him into the tower while she quickly scaled her own hair down to the ground and to her freedom. How, exactly, she did this is a secret of cartoon physics.

    MITZI: Like, thankies The Bear Formerly Known As Prince! Buh-bye!

    SNUGGLE: Come back here you sleazy, no good royal beyotch! Who’s going to rescue me!?!?

    MISS DINGLEBERRY: Hmmmm, looks like my princess has escaped. But a nice, handsome prince to take her place! (Licks her hairy lips in anticipation)

    SNUGGLE: Oh @$&*(!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for the – um – VISUALS. Brought this tale (tail?) to life for me and all our visitors to Teaser today! Mitzi (aka Trashpunzel) and Snuggle Bear (aka De-chastityizer Bear) are perfect “accompaniments” to today’s Teaser photo. Gotta love cartoon physics – I know they sure come in handy for the Shelf Critter Theater gang…..LOL Thanks for the giggles this morning…….! 🙂

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


  8. I have a dandy response to this that is trapped in moderation due to four links to images (Which, incidentally, if you could remove the “s” from the “https” in each link, I think the images will actually show up. I didn’t notice that was in there before I hit Send)


  9. That is a funny teddybear and unicorn tale up there just ahead of me! Bwwahahaha!

    That is a castle wannabe in Berkeley Springs, WV. (Berkeley Castle, Bath, West Virginia) It wasn’t built as a castle but as a private home…and I am sad that since we have been married some 30+ years we can’t go inside, cause its only open for weddings,not tours. Shucks…I shall have to wait for one of the sons to have a wedding…but for sure I will not be holding my breath for that!! MOL!


  10. Goodnight mousie!! This is one sturdy looking castle. It could stand alot of Mexican food hitting it. I say that cause Mexican food doesn’t agree with me so I’d feed it to the castle. Right, where is this fortress? I’m going to say Berkely Springs Castle in West Virginia. Hope I finally win.



  11. Hello Pammy, Teddy and Angel Sammy. I’am rather excited because I actually know one 😀 This Castle is in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 😀 BOOM! Weeeeee! show me da money 😀 Oh wait, yah there’s no money 😀 how’s about a hi-5? Love and hugs Boomdee xo (kiss kiss)


      • LOL, isn’t it wild to see a castle in America? Did you ever watch that show, American Castles? I think it was on Saturday mornings here. They showcased historical or ancient dwellings in America. Who built them, when, why and who owns or operates them now. Such a good series. x K


        • Never saw that series but I bet it was interesting. I don’t think most people here have any idea just how many “castles” there are. There is actually a home not all that far from here that has turrets and a tower, etc. that someone who has a sense of humor built…..no moat and drawbridge though! LOL

          Hugs, Pam

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