SPARKS on Monday


Monday is here – again – isn’t that great?   A new week………a Monday for us to use as a springboard to the rest of our week.   A chance to maybe read something that pumps up the volume and gives us something to focus on the rest of the week and who knows – maybe always and forever?    SPARKS is the idea of our host Annie from McGuffy’s Reader – she felt there just wasn’t quite enough light to go around in this world and that if we shared some ideas/thoughts/inspirational quotes maybe it would hit someone’s heart and mind “just right” that it would light up some dark corners for them and everyone else!     Want to join in?  Please do – just click on the graphic above and go to Annie’s blog – fill out the LINKY form and join us.    Inspire………….!

My SPARK today says it all.    I won’t even add to it as I usually do with my own thoughts because Hemingway said it best…………it needs no further explanation.

Make today the start of a GOOD week……….. 

Love, Pam

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    • Charles!!! It’s super duper to see you my friend……speaking of friends, I’m sorry your friend Foxy is an Angel now but what GREAT COMPANY she is in……. ❤ Hugs to you and your Mom!

      Love, Teddy


  1. We are late getting here today, but THAT is a great Spark for EVERY day of the week.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  2. Pam, I love this. Hemingway is a favourite of mine. This is such a wonderful Spark. It really is this simple. If we just take a moment, just a moment, we can see and do things better for ourselves and for others. Thank you. And, thank you, again, for adding the badge to your sidebar. You rock. Love you.


    • Adding the badge is a small thing but it declares what’s in my heart and that’s what I’m about. I love this quote too – I saw it and almost cried because it SPOKE TO ME. I’m glad it spoke to other people too!

      Love, Pam


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