Pre-Teaser Monday


Wait……What?   Snow and Flowers????

Yes dear students, I’m afraid we’re having severe wacky weather these days with one day snow/sleet and the next day flowers, sun and growing things.  What’s with that?   Not sure – but maybe it’s a sign that this week will be a good Teaser week???   Who knows………we just will be happy when Spring STAYS.

Now, it is Monday and that’s when your Professors do their best to try and prep you for tomorrow’s Teaser challenge.   We will be showing you a photo and it will be YOUR JOB to figure out what place the photo is from.   What town or city and in what state or country.   No it’s not easy but then again – we never promised you EASY did we??????

Remember too that if you get here FIRST tomorrow – or are one of the FIRST (in first minute we go live) you will win a BADGE……and guess what…………..(DRUM ROLL PLEASE)

We have new Spring badges for you to win!  Wanna see?

You want one right?  Sure you do – so make sure you win one of them!

Here are the rules we will play by and I encourage you to follow the rules – it’s more fun that way – if we all follow the rules then we’re all starting from the same place!!   We all have equal chance to win something – WHEEE!


Yes Bobby?

May I please visit the little boycats room? Mom made me drink prune juice this morning and well….it’s working.

Of course Bobby…..Sarge will wait for you in the hall

Yeah…c’mon kid…..make sure and wash your hands after!


OK, glad you’re back Bobby.    Let’s see – where was I……oh yes………….make sure you stick to our rules.  We only have a couple of them but they are impawtant.    I bet you would like to hear from the cheer team so they can get you in the mood for studying tonight and test tomorrow right???

Ring a ding
It’s time for Spring
So why isn’t it HOT?
Is it a vicious PLOT?
Did the bad guys steal our sun?
To ruin our outdoor fun?
Well, we’ll just keep on teasin’
No matter what the season!
Be ready for the test
You wanna be the BEST
Win a brand new badge
And avoid the wrath of Madge!

Yeah….believe me you don’t want me mad !!

Now before we all enjoy some lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s kitchen staff, may I remind you that you should not eat a bunch of food then go outside and hang upside down on the jungle gym.   Trust me on that Ok?    Today we are going to enjoy one of Miss D’s specialties……………BBQ!!!!

Alright children… shoving…..who’s next?   Shrimp, Chicken or ribs????

Boy does this smell good!

See you tomorrow Students!!!!  Remember – post will be at a surprise time!

Your Professors

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  1. OH I will BE here. I imagine I can’t find the Magic Time again, but I did once- so that will do me. Meanwhile the cheer was pawfect this meowning. You four are the best cheer team ever! The BBQ looks like it will be mighty good too. I think I’ll ask Miss Dingleberry if I may have some with extra BBQ sauce. I will show my clean paws and I won’t hang upside down. Mommy told me about that.


    • Yeah that upside down thing is dangerous – especially if you have any white furs!!! The magic time can be any time – Mom just snatches the time out of the air and that’s that. Even I don’t know when to start class with Angel Sammy! It’s a surprise to us too! BBQ is good stuff and Miss D has extra sauce – tell her Teddy sent you.

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Here, spring won!!!! It’s unbelievable!
    I think tomorrow we will have a guest teaser from Phenny. His question will be: where the heck are we instead of our destination Germany??? 🙂


    • Oh boy! Lucky you getting some Spring! We have snow showers – it’s all melting but it’s still SNOW. Spring took a detour – maybe to your house????? I wonder if Phenny is anywhere NEAR his destination in Germany…..with his Dad driving the SKATE and his Mom giving directions, it’s anyone’s guess where they will wind up!!!!!!! See you in class……

      Love, Teddy


  3. I’ll have some chicken and ribs. Remind me not to trade thermoses with Bobby. Prunes are good, but not at school. See you tomorrow.


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