Pre-Teaser Monday


Attention Students!  Easter is officially over – please put your BUNS away.

HUH?   What did he say?   Who told him to make that announcement!    Oh well – WHATEVA.    Let’s get Pre-Tease Monday underway shall we??????

Good Morning Geography Class……………….here we are on the day after Easter comparing notes on who found the most Easter eggs, who ate the most chocolate bunnies and got sick, and who just slept all day like we did.    We are here this morning to get you in the proper frame of mind to ATTACK with gusto the TUESDAY TEASER tomorrow.

The best way to do that is to give you the RULES first!    You must follow these rules when you guess where the photo on tomorrow’s post was taken.   No fair getting AROUND the rules either!   Remember, Santa Claus is watching – it’s not too early for him to be making his NAUGHTY and NICE lists and I know which one YOU want to be on!

The post tomorrow will pop up in your inbox at a SURPRISE time.    Then as we say around here – “IT’S ON!!!!!!”………….whoever is the first to comment on the post gets a badge to display in a place of honor on their blog or page or WHATEVER:

Sometimes more than one of you comments in the first minute – if you are one of them in that 60 second period you get a badge!   Otherwise we have OTHER magnificent badges for you to collect like the RIGHT GUESSER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, and WRONG GUESSER badges:

Gosh….maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow!

Maybe if I get lucky I can get rid of this ridiculous pointy hat!

Groovy….if I get lucky, I’ll get a date for tomorrow night!

Alright everyone – let’s settle down and let our cheer team get us all in the right mood for guessing tomorrow morning shall we?????

Rippity Rappity Reezer
Are you ready for the Teaser?
Study your geography book in your room
Or you’re liable to feel gloom and doom
Get your rest and don’t stay up late
Or GREENIES will be your fate!
We want you here hale and hearty
And we’ll try again for a hot tub party!

Well Cheer Team I know that Sarge has practically moved into the hot tub room.   So good luck wrestling some hot tub time away from him!

Did I hear them say they’ll use the hot tub? That’s what THEY think!!

Today for our after-class lunch before you all head outside to recess, Miss Dingleberry has baked up some fabulous pizzas!     She said she figured you probably were all pretty full from yesterday’s Easter dinner but a slice of pizza is one of those things you can always find room for in the old tummy right?    Remember – tomorrow’s post will be a SURPRISE TIME and when you get here, COMMENT RIGHT AWAY – got it?



We’ve GOT IT TOO!!

Pizza day……don’t be a pizza piggy – don’t take more slices than you can eat!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I don’t wanna slide off the jungle gym! Better wash!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

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    • Clowie we MIGHT see some flakes of snow today ourselves but probably it will stay just to the West of us. WHERE IS SPRING? I know one thing for sure – she’s not HERE YET!

      Love, Teddy


  1. I will be ready in the morning! I will take a piece of cheese pizza, thank you. Our Chili Tamale Easter Casserole was a hit, as you know! We loved it and CH has plans for a repeat for lunch! See ya tomorrow! It’s snowing and COLD in MissouREEEEEEE… too bad. Trying to push some Spring-like weather up your way!


    • I’m just SOOOO happy you like the casserole – it truly is a big fave here. We think we will be escaping the snow tonight – it may very well stay west of us……we’re hoping anyway. We are WAY WAY WAY WAY ready for Spring. This has been the longest winter EVER!

      Love, Pam


    • HA! That happened here too – my Mom was posting the slideshow and yelled out to my Dad “do we have a pizza in the freezer???” – the answer was NO! So looks like sandwiches for Mom and Dad here…….

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. I’ll be here with my finger poised over the refresh button. It’s no good relying on the email or Feedly notifications. Sometimes they are as much as 6 hours late!


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