Pre-Teaser Monday


That’s right – time to get ready for the Teaser tomorrow!

Good Morning Class!

It’s the day before Teaser and we are going to try to get you READY for guessing where tomorrow’s photo was taken.   You know how tough this can be – from start to finish – but we know you enjoylearning about new places and besides – this is just plain FUN right?      We will show you a photo tomorrow and you will tell us WHERE the photo was taken and you have just two rules to follow when you make your guess:

We hope that you will definitely follow BOTH of these rules…………we need complete guesses and we like it if you don’t use any kind of program that you can load an image into and find out where the photo was taken.   That’s no challenge really – we’d rather you look at the photo and give it a try without help!!!

We also need to remind you that even though the Teaser post pops up at a totally random time each week so you never know WHEN it will arrive – you might be the FIRST COMMENTER – so when you get here tomorrow – comment!    You could win this:

Then we have further badges for you to win – FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, and WRONG GUESSER (our infamous Greenie awards!):

Tomorrow’s photo is another GUEST TEASER too.    We received two photos of this place but will use only one for the Teaser and will show you BOTH photos on the TELL ALL post on Wednesday when we pass out badges to those who earned one!!


That’s good !   I like enthusiastic students !

But just in case you need a little ENCOURAGEMENT, the Cheer Team is here today – team???

My team is sick – they have the flu
So I’m alone to cheer for you!
I’ll do my best to get you excited –
If you win a badge you’ll be SO delighted!
The rest of my crew should be here tomorrow…
If not they’ll be fired and there will be pain and sorrow!
Remember long ago I was here all alone?
Now we’re two cats and two dogs with catnip and chew bones!
We’ll see you tomorrow now don’t show up sleepy
You can’t see the photo if your eyes are all weepy!


Thanks Suzie……..I hope your fellow cheer members will be alright tomorrow – sounds like you will be showing them the door if they call in sick again!

Any questions class???

Yes Bobby???

Professors are we getting a snack today???

Why yes Bobby I do believe that Miss Dingleberry is treating us all to another day of possible bathroom issues with her fabulous Mexican Fiesta foods…………she’s set up her “stand” out in the hallway.     I also believe that the bathroom attendants are standing by for any – well – emergencies that may occur as a result of all the hot hot hot food Miss Dingleberry fixed.

Oh goodie…..Mexican food….good thing we have tons of toilet paper!

See you tomorrow class!   Good luck with lunch…….!

Professor Angel Sam and Ted too!

Don’t forget to comment first when you get here tomorrow!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the Mexican Fiesta Miss Dingleberry! It’s my favorite. I hope the cheer team feels better quickly. See you tomorrow Professors Teddy and Angel Sammy.


  2. Mauricio gets no hot food. He already hurled this morning! Suzie, that was a mighty fine cheer. Hope the gang feels better by tomorrow. We don’t want them to get fired. Just like the Teaser, we will appear at an unknown time tomorrow. Could be first, but most likely last! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  3. I hope the rest of the cheerleaders are back on form tomorrow. Susie has to work hard on her own. I will try to be here on time tomorrow.


  4. Dear Ding Dong School,
    Please excuse Annie from class on Tuesday. She will miss this week’s Teaser because she has an appointment that she has tried to get out of, but is unable to. Thank you for your cooperation.
    She hopes to be back next week. (mmwah-hahaha!)
    Sincerly, Dr. Frankenstein


    • Dear Doctor F……Annie shall be excused officially from class this morning but we certainly WILL miss her smiling face! We are sure this involves some form of torture you will be performing? Be gentle please Dr. F. We love Annie and want to see her back in class for the Tell All tomorrow!

      Sincerely, Professors Angel Sam and Teddy too


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