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Teaser Tell All


We’ll Just Tell It Like It Is!

Hello students………………’s class is all about handing out awards and giving you the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser photo………..which was a real doozy but STILL was guessed by more than one of you!

Was it ME????

Or ME????

Well boys – sorry to say it wasn’t either one of you but let’s start at the beginning………………first of all who was FAST ON THE DRAW and got here ahead of everyone else to make a comment????   We had a TWO WAY TIE!

Phenny and Csilla !


Each of you gets one of these fabulous badges!

Two First Commenters on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 and I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!

Who was our wonderful GUEST TEASER this week?   Well, we threw you a curve ball on that one because it was the same person who was our Guest last week – Miss Annie at Animal Couriers!


My photo was the Teaser on One Spoiled Cat’s Tuesday Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018!!

Where was the photo taken?????   And WHO was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER???????

This was the photo……………and it is the Basilique Saint-Sernin de Toulouse, France!

AND – the first RIGHT GUESSER was:

Miss Csilla!!!!!!   (yes she was one of the 1st commenters too!)


I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 !

We did have some others who guessed it correctly – – – AND each of you gets one of these:

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 !

And if you were WRONG WRONG WRONG, you get one of THESE THESE THESE!!!!!

UHOH, I was a WRONG GUESSER on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 !

Now our fabulous cheerleaders who are TOTALLY HEALTHY and recovered from the bubonic plague, or malaria or whatever it was they had will give a cheer in honor of our winners!!

I think that they’re both very glad!
Phenny and Csilla were HOT
The rest of you were NOT!
You know who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?
She’s a very snappy dresser!
It was Csilla AGAIN who was RIGHT
Her badge collection is quite a sight!
We think we have a photo that will fool
But you have learned well at Ding Dong School!
Next week you might be a winner –
Miss Dingleberry will make you a dinner….!!

Thank you team!   You all sounded great today – did you get your flu shots???????

Some of you weren’t happy when we sent you all off to the school nurse to get shots were you?!  

I won’t forget what you made me do!

I got a shot in my tushie!

Well it was for your own good!

Miss Dingleberry has some lunch for you to soothe your tushies and your tummies…………………I hope that cheers you up.   I know hot dogs and hamburgers always make ME happy!

Now doesn’t that make you feel better?    A full tummy and then you can go outside and play in the playground for recess!     What a deal!

Professor Angel Sammy and Teddy too!


Tuesday Teaser


Don’t forget to COMMENT!!

Good Morning……….time for the Teaser – are you ready?

Here we are – gathered together to try and figure out WHERE today’s photograph was taken…………could be anywhere on the globe……..but WHERE?   That’s your job to figure out!    I hope you’ve COMMENTED because you MIGHT win a badge if you are FIRST!

THIS ONE!   We’ll tell you tomorrow who gets one!

So onward we trudge to the object of today’s class…………..the piece de resistance – guessing the location of the photograph…………here are the rules you MUST follow when you guess:


Clear as mud…..

I TOTALLY understand!!

Our photo is from a Guest Teaser today………….and before I ask our Security Expert to show you the photo, I thought you might enjoy hearing from our Cheerleaders – WHO by the way – are all present and accounted for today after Suzie was left on her own yesterday!

Your whole team is here
We’re ready to cheer
No coughing, wheezing, or shedding of tears!
We may not be wealthy
But we’re finally healthy
So we’ll try to inspire
Set your minds on fire!
Good luck with your guess
We wish you SUCCESS!!
Tomorrow we’ll be back
We won’t cough, sneeze, or hack…
It was just a tummy bug
We had some accidents on the rug…


Thanks you all – you may be dismissed and we suggest you stop by the School Nurse’s office for a shot or pill or bottle of cough syrup or something before you leave!

Cough Cough – OH Noo! I’ve got the creeping crud!

Oh I’m sure you’re just fine……………probably just the heavy perfume Suzie has on today – you may be allergic to it.    Let’s move on.   Security Guard would you please bring in today’s Teaser photo for the students?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted – sorry I was late….I got a flu shot on my way here – I heard some of the cheerleaders were SICK!

Where was this photographed???????  

Hmmm….this is a toughie!

Remember if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or if you are RIGHT with your guess but not first, OR if you are WRONG, you get an appropriate badge tomorrow !


Well I’m glad you think it’s GROOVY – we’ll see how well you all do with your guesses!    In the meantime, I’m happy to say that Miss Dingleberry has not let us down – you may sit AT your desks and study and work on research as to WHERE this photo was taken.    She has made it easy for you to stay in the classroom because she has just snacks for us today instead of a big lunch.   Pick your snacks, sit at your desk, and WORK HARD!     We will convene class in the morning and announce who wins what!


Enjoy your snack and we will see you in class tomorrow!

The Professors


A Bit of Fun….


“And Now For Something Completely Different…….!”

As an avid fan of the blog “Evil Squirrel’s Nest”, I have participated in their annual “Contest Of Whatever” competition…….every year it’s something different.    This is the 5th year of the challenge, and we were given three random photos and asked to use them as “references” for some type of creation – a story, drawing, WHATEVER and submit it.    The rules for this wacky competition are HERE.    Well I love a good challenge but honestly, I had a terrible time (which you will see from the silliness I created for my entry) coming up with something even CLOSE to the other entries I’ve read.   Mine PALES in comparison………..BUT I did incorporate elements of the three photos into my hodge-podge of ridiculousness.

So here is my nonsense along with the photos we had to use……………this was a toughie Bill !!

“Sometimes Fantasy Isn’t Such A Good Thing”

So I was bumbling along in my rather boring little life – having just been fired from my job as the “green guy” from THE MARIO PEOPLE singing group when I realized that I definitely was on the downhill side into oblivion – the place my friends and family always thought I’d wind up.

When I got the job with the up and coming singing group THE MARIO PEOPLE, everyone was still on the high of THE VILLAGE PEOPLE’s breakout singing career – and we hopped on the tide of non-conventional music and turned the MARIOS into another band with a statement to make.   I thought I had it made. This was the proverbial “IT” that everyone meant when they said “THIS IS IT” !   I was – as usual – wrong.   The “different Disco group” type thing came and went and traditional Disco exploded. “Traditional” we were NOT. THE VILLAGE PEOPLE faded into the background while spinning disco balls glowed brighter than ever, and the MARIOS followed suit.   The groups were history, and truth be told, I was growing weary of that stupid suit with the big orange shoes and honking big GREEN nose.   I wanted fresh air – freedom – a break from MARIODOM and it came like a bolt of thunder when they dumped me.   Yep fired me – said they could tell from my lackluster performance that my heart just wasn’t in it any longer (and besides, the suit no longer fit me).

SO I decided to change my life entirely.   I eventually hooked up with a guy I met online…..he said he had always been a fan of the “green guy” in THE MARIO PEOPLE band……it was nice to know SOMEONE had actually noticed me – I mean how could you miss that nose anyway?   We married, had a little girl, and she and my guy made my life complete……for the time being.   But I still felt like the call of “something different” was whispering in my ear once in a while.   Doing laundry and fixing hubby’s lunch and sending little Marioella off to school was leaving me empty.   My brief celeb (I think it lasted about a week on the nightclub circuit) status with the MARIOs let me see that there was more to life than laundry and dried up egg yolk on the breakfast plates.   What to do?

Another former MARIO and I had stayed in touch through the years…….she was also looking for love in all the wrong places – she’d actually worked in a Mario’s Pizza joint for a while hoping to meet Mr. Right which of course did NOT happen.   She told me that she had read about this cool camp way out in the middle of nowhere; a place for lost souls, people with no defined “course” in life, people who wanted a DRASTIC change…..a place where you could go and live out your dreams and fantasies – even if it was just for a weekend.

This was just too good to be true……..I could leave Marioella with my husband, pack a bag, head for this camp and just throw caution to the wind and get CRAZY.

My husband encouraged me to go for it – he said it would be good for me – make me realize that I needed to be happy with the things I had NOW.   So I hopped on a plane……..took a taxi out into the boonies to the camp.   The sign at the entrance said “FANTASYLAND” and while there was no Mickey Mouse signage and no little midget guy waving me through the gate like it was a Fantasy Island wannabe, I knew I was about to see “fantasy in action!”.   I passed some people dressed as unicorns and a couple of girls wearing tiaras and waving sticks with stars stuck on the end they were waving in the and and leaving fairy dust flying through the breeze.   They were obviously living their dreams!

As I was walking to my assigned cabin, I passed a familiar face.   There in a big old fashioned tub in the wide open space and fresh air of freedom was someone I totally recognized.   The famous “Mister T” from TV – his Mohawk with shampoo bubbles shining in the sun, and his multiple gold chains sparkling like they were actually REAL gold (haha)………..he had a huge smile on his face……..behind him in the tub was a truly LARGE pig creature with amazing tusks.   They both had ecstatic smiles on their faces. Looked like the perfect picture of human and porcine ecstasy if ever there was one.   I kind of had an idea of what sort of fantasy was about to happen and it wasn’t going to be something I needed to see. As I walked away the distinct sound of a squealing pig could be heard echoing through the treetops……….I kept moving towards my cabin – QUICKLY.

I mean there’s some fantasies that you don’t want to HEAR – know what I mean?   My fantasy was going to be different.   I had decided that I just wanted to be away from Mr. Boring Hubby and Miss Perfect Child for two days of SOLID SLEEP – and maybe a few dreams of that big green nose and what COULD have been have been if I’d just stuck with show biz.   If John Travola could rock bell bottoms and disco, I could have too.   Talk about fantasies!


With apologies to the REAL writers out there……………..Pam Kimmell


SPARKS on Monday


Monday is back again…………!    Time to start another week with a dose of light – some focus maybe………letting us see that there is a whole NEW week ahead and it’s our choice to spend it in the light or not.    SPARKS is hosted by my good friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader……….her idea was that within each of us is the ability to be engaged in our OWN life – we aren’t just blobs waiting to be pushed and pulled along – we have our own power within.    Sharing a quote or a photo or an idea every week helps!     She’s right……….this blog hop is a great way to start our week.    Thanks Annie for hosting this Hop.   If you want to join in just click on the graphic above and join in spreading some light with us all.

My quote this Monday is a little different from most of the ones I’ve posted on previous Mondays.     But it still is totally ME and it still may “register” with you!

I guess all of us – if we’re honest – can say that our lives weren’t exactly what we thought they would be back when we used to read fairy tale stories that always had happy endings.   But you have to admit that if you’re looking back and recognize all those bumps in the road of your life, the bumps just MIGHT have made you stronger as a person.    You may not have figured you’d be HERE when you had dreams of your future but know what?   THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.    It is your life path.    So what we have to do is make it OURS.  Own it.   All the good, bad and ugly of it.    We are stronger because of it.    Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way but that’s because we’re choosing to see the negative side of it.

Anyway, that’s what I think………….and I really do believe that I am now, where I was MEANT to be…………….

Thanks again Annie for a chance to stand up on my “life soapbox” for a little bit on a Monday……….now I’m going to make today and the rest of this week MINE !!   Happy Monday everybody.

Love, Pam

Pre-Teaser Monday


That’s right – time to get ready for the Teaser tomorrow!

Good Morning Class!

It’s the day before Teaser and we are going to try to get you READY for guessing where tomorrow’s photo was taken.   You know how tough this can be – from start to finish – but we know you enjoylearning about new places and besides – this is just plain FUN right?      We will show you a photo tomorrow and you will tell us WHERE the photo was taken and you have just two rules to follow when you make your guess:

We hope that you will definitely follow BOTH of these rules…………we need complete guesses and we like it if you don’t use any kind of program that you can load an image into and find out where the photo was taken.   That’s no challenge really – we’d rather you look at the photo and give it a try without help!!!

We also need to remind you that even though the Teaser post pops up at a totally random time each week so you never know WHEN it will arrive – you might be the FIRST COMMENTER – so when you get here tomorrow – comment!    You could win this:

Then we have further badges for you to win – FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, and WRONG GUESSER (our infamous Greenie awards!):

Tomorrow’s photo is another GUEST TEASER too.    We received two photos of this place but will use only one for the Teaser and will show you BOTH photos on the TELL ALL post on Wednesday when we pass out badges to those who earned one!!


That’s good !   I like enthusiastic students !

But just in case you need a little ENCOURAGEMENT, the Cheer Team is here today – team???

My team is sick – they have the flu
So I’m alone to cheer for you!
I’ll do my best to get you excited –
If you win a badge you’ll be SO delighted!
The rest of my crew should be here tomorrow…
If not they’ll be fired and there will be pain and sorrow!
Remember long ago I was here all alone?
Now we’re two cats and two dogs with catnip and chew bones!
We’ll see you tomorrow now don’t show up sleepy
You can’t see the photo if your eyes are all weepy!


Thanks Suzie……..I hope your fellow cheer members will be alright tomorrow – sounds like you will be showing them the door if they call in sick again!

Any questions class???

Yes Bobby???

Professors are we getting a snack today???

Why yes Bobby I do believe that Miss Dingleberry is treating us all to another day of possible bathroom issues with her fabulous Mexican Fiesta foods…………she’s set up her “stand” out in the hallway.     I also believe that the bathroom attendants are standing by for any – well – emergencies that may occur as a result of all the hot hot hot food Miss Dingleberry fixed.

Oh goodie…..Mexican food….good thing we have tons of toilet paper!

See you tomorrow class!   Good luck with lunch…….!

Professor Angel Sam and Ted too!

Don’t forget to comment first when you get here tomorrow!!!!!!