Pre-Teaser Monday


Happy Monday!   Class is about to begin!

Yikes – I forgot to bring my school books!

Too bad buddy – you can’t go home to get your books – you’ll just have to REMEMBER tomorrow!  That’s TEN demerits!

Happy Monday Students…..please have a seat and let’s begin.

I’m ready!

Today we will be preparing you for tomorrow.   That’s right – today we just go over the rules and get you PSYCHED up for tomorrow when you will see a photo from somewhere in the world and have to guess as best you can WHERE the photo was taken!    You will also have to be on your toes (or paws as the case may be) because the post is going to pop up at a SURPRISE time so be alert!

Why should you be alert?   Because the FIRST person to comment on the post tomorrow will win this:

Then you will be shown a photo by our Security Specialist who has been keeping the photo under lock and key so there will have been NO PEEKING.    Here are the rules for tomorrow’s GUESSWORK:

The reason we have #2 for a rule is that it’s super duper easy to place the photo we will show you into some program like Google Image Search and have IT tell you where the photo was taken.  We think it’s more fun if you don’t use any “cheats” and just figure it out on your own!!

We promise NEVER to cheat Professors!

The other badges you can win would be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, the RIGHT GUESSER (if you guess correctly but aren’t the FIRST to do so), and the WRONG GUESSER (otherwise known as the GREENIE).

Our cheerleaders are away at a cheerleading camp today but they will be here tomorrow to cheer you on.    We do have a cheer for you though.   This young lad tried out for the cheer team and didn’t make it but he was kind enough to volunteer to give you a little PUSH on Monday to get you in the mood for tomorrow!    Take it away BOBBY!

Gimme a B
Gimme an O
Two more Bs
And a Y
That’s my name
I thought it was a shame
You didn’t vote for ME
But I’m here for you to see
A grudge I do NOT hold
Though you left me out in the cold
I’m supposed to cheer you on
You’d better get up at dawn
The Teaser is a real whopper
A real heart stopper
Better get lotsa rest
You wanna be right – and best!
The girls will be here tomorrow
I’m gonna go drown my sorrow
The guys are down at the bar
So I’m gonna go hop in my car
I’ll see ya around the schoolyard
Now don’t forget to TRY HARD!!

C’mon Bobby – let’s go get a brewski !


Uhhh…….geee Bobby, didn’t know you’d taken it so hard when you weren’t picked for the cheerleading spot.   I’m sure next time Suzie is interviewing you can try out again!    In the meantime, thanks for cheering everyone on……………….sorta.

Poor Bobby…….

Don’t worry – Bobby will be back.   You know how the girls are always taking time off from cheer duty at school.

Don’t worry Bobby…..I’ll have a little TALK with the girls on your behalf!

OK class.   Let’s move on shall we?    Miss Dingleberry was kind enough to make some cookies for everyone today.   Tomorrow we’ll have a REAL lunch but today – snacks only.    After you have your snack you can STUDY.

OK Professors – I’ll study!

No makin’ fun of my hairnet – this is to start gettin’ me in the mood for Valentine’s Day…….

You get a smoothie or hot chocolate!

See you tomorrow!  Remember – SURPRISE time!!   

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy

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  1. I can’t sleep so here I am early. Poor Bobby, but I get a feeling he will be given some blog time cheering. I don’t know what it is about him but he reminds me of one of the dudes from ZZ Top! Maybe it is my lack of sleep. The cookies are too cute to eat. I will be here on Tuesday. Early Good Morning!


    • Good Morning! Had I known you were an early bird this morning I would have been here sooner……no worries about Bobby – I believe he will eventually join the wacko cheerleaders and who knows – maybe he’ll start a Ding Dong Band playing guitar like one of the ZZ Top doods! Happy cookies…… Hugs, Teddy and Mom too


  2. Brilliant post today made me laugh although I felt sorry for Bobby. He done really well today. Just love the cat cookies. Wonder how many Valentine’s lovely Miss Dingleberry will receive. I do like her hair net.x


  3. Bobby! I has a sad with you. But you can be our guest cheerleader as you are today, can’t you? Don’t be sad. 💗 Miss Dingleberry, I would never make fun of that awesome hairnet! It put ME in the mood as well. And these cookies…outta sight! I bet you get LOTS of Valentines at the class pawty! I will study up for tomorrow. But I had better get the Greenie ready….

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  4. Were with everyone else….we has a sad for Bobby too. We think he did a great job and he is kind of cute. We’re going to grab some of those super cookies and we’ll make sure to compliment Miss Dingleberry on her hairnet!

    The Florida Furkids

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the nommy cookies and cocoa. We’ll be studying hard but expect another greenie for tomorrow. Hope Mom remembers to get us here. Sending love and warm hugs to all. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


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