Teaser Tuesday


It’s TEASER Tuesday!   Are you ready?

You’d better COMMENT now…..hurry up….then report to class!

Madge is taking names of those who aren’t seated!

Sorry we kept you students but we stopped by the cafeteria to make sure Miss Dingleberry was STILL serving fried food for us today and she IS!

We’ll be eating later but FIRST, the most important thing of the day – THE TEASER!    Hopefully you have all commented – Madge said she would make sure you were reminded to do that as soon as you got off the school bus.    Your NEXT challenge will be to examine the photo we will be showing you – actually TWO photos – and tell us WHERE the photos were taken!

Professors I just wanna say I studied EXTRA hard last night because I wanna be RIGHT today!

I foresee major disappointment ahead……

I think we will start things off with a cheer from our fabulous Cheer Team here at Ding Dong School…………Ladies?

Ricka Racka Boom De Lacka
Wicky Wacky WOOOO
Sorry Bobby but we don’t think it will be YOU
The Teaser photos are rather tough we think that you’ll agree
We’re RARELY wrong by now you know so we’ll just have to see
We know you all intend to win but we’ll bet you even money
Smart as you are and as hard as you try you just “ain’t got it” Honey!
We hope we’re wrong and someone guesses and a Right Guesser badge they’ll win…..
Cuz otherwise the next cheer we do will make your heads all SPIN!

Thanks girls…………that was a MOST interesting cheer – now whether it frightened all the students OR inspired them remains to be seen……….so what say we find out now shall we??????


We’ll show you girls a thing or two!

Some Cheer Team you are!

OK class settle down………….our Security Guard is on his way in to show you the photos for the Teaser……………….they are two very similar photos but we figured the more the merrier right?    Let me show you the RULES again before he puts the photos up on the board:

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Did I say TOUGH?    I meant TOUGH………….but something tells me someone will guess this GUEST TEASER – just a feeling I have and I’m hardly ever WRONG!!!

It doesn’t matter if I look at it sideways – I haven’t got a clue!

Give it your best shot students…………………tomorrow we will let you know who wins what!    Here are the badges you can win today:

GOOD LUCK!   Now, Miss Dingleberry?  I’ll turn things over to YOU!


See you for the Tell All Tomorrow!!!  (burp)

P.S.   Fried Bird Seed for Kismet


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  1. Fried birdseed for one of the students? That is so hospitable. Miss Dingleberry really should be commended. She always fixes the best snacks and things to drink. We are all so fortunate to have her really. And that cheer…oh MY! I think they could have dedicated that one to me and mommy We are pitifuls! OK. Europe? Close as I can get. Heeeeee.


    • Well Kismet made a good point about how Miss Dingleberry wasn’t providing any food for the one regular BIRD student at Ding Dong so she decided to give Kismet a treat and hey – I’m sure fried bird seed is nice and crunchy!!! Europe????? Well, it MIGHT be Europe!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Thanks Miss Dingleberry we will have chocolate smooties and the fried fish.
    Thanks cheer team. We loved you cheer today no matter those sour puss comment
    Looks Like Big Ben in London England
    Yes it is


    • Enjoy your fried fishies and choc smoothies and yeah that cheer team always tries to UNCHEER us but we can handle that right? Big Ben is a good guess but not sure if it’s right – Mom isn’t sayin’ – just sayin’ !

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. We’re very late today; mom turned off the alarm and then her backup alarm cats slept in too! That is a very tough teaser photo so we’ll take a look and try to take a guess later. Have a great day!

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  4. Hi Sammy and Teddy! Mommy is under the weather so mes is helping Marv today. Bur neither of us know a where the picture was taken…but Phenny and Eric and Flynn’s Mum is usually right. Wes will takes a greenie and goes and sees Ms Dingleberry.
    Sees yous on Cloud 9 Sammy!
    Many kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie

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    • Angel Nellie it’s awfully nice of you to give Marv a hand on the Teaser today……We agree that Da Phenny’s Mom is SHARP AS A TACK with Teasers…….and Miss Jackie if she’s around when we go live usually has it too since she travels a whole lot………these are way cool photos I think…..only one of them has any hints in it though! Angel Sammy probably will find you later on your cloud and deliver you a hug from ME……I asked him to and he said “it will be a TOTAL pleasure to hug her!!” !!!! ❤

      Love, Teddy


  5. I feel like that. Use little orange kitty who is looking sideways! I tried that method, too. Not a whole lot of help. Yes, it’s a clock. A big, BIG clock. I’m also betting its in the Northern hemisphere!! And probably the eastern hemisphere, too. The eliminates 75% of the world.
    Then I got hungry and went to see if there was anything left in my bowl of crunchies.

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    • Poor Chip! Well, you could eat breakfast at Rumblers Den OR Wildcats Troop Cabin – breakfast served there if your bowl of crunchies is empty! As for the clock – it was WHERE is the clock AND (big secret) it’s already been guessed by a couple of peeps! WOOT WOOT WOOOOOOTTTTTTT!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Comfort food seems to come with a layer of grease on or in it sometimes doesn’t it…..well, since she rarely serves grease, I think we all can indulge without feeling guilty about it. As for where the photos were snapped – we will find out tomorrow (without any grease!).

      Hugs Teddy


  6. That is quite a cheer ladies. I can see Suzie’s sassiness has worn off on you ladies. I have no idea where the photo was taken, but I will be here tomorrow to find out. XO


  7. Clocktower Prison, known by those on the inside as “Big Pen”, is the world’s first timepiece powered entirely by criminal power. Working in 12 hour shifts, the men of Big Pen do hard labor spinning around the gigantic gears that keep the clock running so accurately, that you could set your watch by it (If one of the felons hadn’t already stole it, that is). Yes, Big Pen is the only jail in the world where the inmates literally do time! Just don’t ask one of the prisoners what they think about the Daylight Savings Time switch…

    Ms. Dingleberry must be after my heart with her menu of fried foods. I do hope she washed her hands before preparing the goodies…. or at least spit shined them a bit.

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    • That WOULD be hard labor indeed…although I hear spinning is big with exercise freaks. I imagine Daylight Savings does throw the Pen-sters for a loop (loop-d-loop). Miss Dingleberry knows there are a lot of grease freaks out there and she decided in this cold weather fried foods would give us all some EXTRA PADDING to keep us warm! Isn’t she a sweetheart? Well…..maybe that’s going a little too far……I know she has one of those “WASH YOUR HANDS” signs in the cafeteria kitchen to remind her and her staff to wash occasionally, but whether they follow that rule is one of those things I’d rather not know……ya know?

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. Ummmmm mmmmm ummmm not a clue even if mee stood on mee head Unccle Sammy an Teddy….
    An mee iss here rite on time!
    LadyMum iss still havin morning coffee an said, “Where are thee fotoss?”
    So mee showed her them an shee looked as blank as a unused check!!! Mew mew mew….
    Do you have a badge fur thee “NOT A CLUE” guess?
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  9. Dang, we know this one, but we are super late. This is Musee de Orsay, Paris, France. It had been the train station. There is a huge restaurant in the museum where you can see this clock from the inside. Mom and Dad ate there when they were in Paris! This is one of Mom’s very favorite museums. Yummers, fried food and smoothies. Thanks Miss Dingleberry! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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  10. Well now!
    Our Opa was. Clock repairman and was in charge of the lobby grandfather clock at the senior center after he retired… but who knows where that clock is?,
    Hickory dicory dock. The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one;
    The mouse ran down…
    Hickory dickery dock!!

    That is neat to go up in a clock tower and have views of the town. But which one and where??
    Greenie for us!

    At least I am a wee bit earlier than sometimes…


    • Tune in tomorrow for the clock info – pretty cool photos though huh? That’s nice that your Opa was a clock repairman – grandfather clocks are a little “finicky” – so we found out here at home when Mom and Dad’s clock needed some work done on it!

      Hugs, Teddy


      • Yes, Opa went into a lot of homes to fix those…or he would remove the ‘innards’ and take them to his shop and put them on a hand built stand to work on them, then bring them back. He told me that once he had to repair the Ontario Governor’s clock…because his children had been playing hide and seek inside the case. Sheesh, no control over his kids yet he had the whole province to take care of?? MOL! He lived in our city and his kids went to school with us. My catness, that was way back when petcretary was still a schoolgirl herself! By the way, petcretary has that stand here, and there are two small clock innards on it…not sure what we should do with it…

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    • No problem…….Miss D always makes plenty for the “just coming by for the food” crowd. Glad you stopped by!!!! Also loved the blog today about the rescue from the S. Korean dog farm…..made us happy.

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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  11. Thanks for the fried bird seed. Now I can clog my arteries along with the rest of you. I’ll know everybody else when I’m a fellow patient in cardiac care. I’m with the squirrel on this one. Yes, the squirrel has it right-it is a prison. The clock is there so the inmates can keep track of the time and don’t have to mark up the walls by drawing lines on the them to figure out when they get released.

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    • Ding Dong School tries for real camaraderie among the class attendees and artery clogging is just another in our continuing effort to do just that. Glad you enjoyed your fried bird seed. Miss Dingleberry must have been a bird in a former life. Vulture purrrhaps? As for the Big Ben Pen, I think it’s nice that they care enough to make sure every prisoner knows PRECISELY what time it is – they need to know when their “ride” will be waiting for them by the fence after they break out. Nothing more embarrassing than missing your ride……….


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