Teaser Tell All


Another day dawns at Ding Dong School!

I came to school EXTRA EARLY so I could find the door!

Shall we begin?

We hope you liked yesterday’s Teaser photo……………..Mom found it on the internet………..BUT it’s a place she’s been to before with our Dad.    I’ll tell you more about that later but for NOW, we want you to know that we had a THREE WAY TIE for First Commenter!    We know Suzie and her crew will have their names in their cheer for today but in the meantime the lucky winners of a badge were:

Miss Csilla (KOLYTYI) , Miss Sharon (Friends Furever), and Miss Madi (Down Home In NC)

Each of you gets one of these!!!!!!

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of Jan. 2, 2018!

Good job ladies – we had a TRIFECTA of beautiful ladies who were bright and early and on the ball to comment so quickly !!!!


Here’s another look at the photo from yesterday………………

A beautiful photo indeed………………………….and it seems that the Transamerica building on the far left MIGHT have been the hint some folks needed to figure this one out…………..but only ONE was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!    Who was it???????

 Timmy from Timmy Tomcat


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 !!

The photo is in fact JUST WHERE Timmy and his Dad guessed – The INNER HARBOR in Baltimore, Maryland.    It’s a very cool spot – the baseball stadium is down there along with wonderful shops and restaurants and so much to see and do.   They have water taxis to take you from one place to another because it’s such a BIG area to explore.    Our parents spent the night there in a nice hotel and had some wonderful seafood for dinner.    Want more info?   Click HERE to visit the Inner Harbor’s website.

There were some more of you who were “smarty pants” and got it right too!   If you were one of the lucky ducks (or cats, dogs, pigs, birds, humans), then you get to take one of THESE for yourself!!

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 !!

Then of course there were the SEVERAL of you who tried but didn’t have a correct guess – you are still winners in our books though because you WON a badge too – this one:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 but I get a NEW YEAR GREENIE ANYWAY!

Congratulations winners (and losers) – you have survived the first Teaser of the brand new year!     I think this calls for a special cheer – right girls?????

Here we are and we’re feeling PERKY!
We walk a straight line and our sight’s not JERKY!
We have some winners for the brand new year
So pay attention and lend us your ear!
First Commenters were a crowd of three
Sharon, Csilla, and Madi but not ME!
Then we waited to see who would guess it right
There was only ONE RIGHT so there was no fight!
Timmy and his Dad were RIGHT ON THE MONEY!
Congratulations Timmy you’re a REAL cute Honey!
So those were the winners of the new years Teaser
We knew you’d enjoy it, it was a real crowd pleaser!

I foresee another Teaser next Tuesday.

Gee it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a fortune teller!) to know that there will be a Teaser next Tuesday……………………..good grief!

OK…..I foresee another Teaser next Tuesday that’s TOUGH!!!!!

Time will tell………………………which is my cue to remind you that if you think you have a photo that might fool everyone or at least be a challenge, please email it to the Professors!    We might feature YOUR photo one of these days!

Those professors can be long-winded……I’m waiting for class to be over so I can clean this place!

Alright class…..time for recess…..we’ll see you NEXT week for another Teaser!

Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted


P.S.   With great sadness we learned yesterday of the passing of another sweet friend – Lily Olivia – one of the Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head.   If you haven’t already visited the Kitties Blue to extend your sympathies and thoughts, please feel free to use/click on this beautiful graphic Mom Janet did in honor of her sweet Lily Olivia to visit them.

56 responses »

    • Congrats to Csilla, Sharon and Madi for being the speedy ones. Congrats to Timmy Tomcat and family for being the first guesser too. A new badge for me too because even though I forgot what day it was, I eventually got there and guessed right. That was a very nice cheer too.
      I was also very sad to hear of Lily Olivia’s passing. My thoughts go to Janet and her husband.


      • Holidays – especially when we have two close together – make it kind of confusing to figure out what day of the week it is…..school’s out, people are off from work and who looks at a calendar???!!! Glad you got there yesterday and glad you got one of the New Years badges. Next week we’ll go back to the others…..that is if we can find the door to Ding Dong School again!

        Hugs, Teddy


    • Good Morning Miss Layla! Yes, the new year and winter in general seem to be the time many of our furrramily members say farewell and go to the sunny and warm days at the Bridge. Lily Olivia would have been 19 in a couple of months……sad for her family.

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Congratulations to the winners!

    At least I got the correct side of the pond, but it’s still a greenie for me.

    I’m sorry to hear about Lily Olivia.


    • At least now with THREE cheerleaders there’s less griping about multiple winners from the cheer team……Suzie and the “girls” seem to be handling things pretty well don’t you think?

      Love, Teddy


  2. Concats to the winners! That is a beautiful photo; my pawents have never been to the Inner Harbor, but they’ve heard nice things about it.
    Our thoughts are with Kitties Blue in the loss of their sweet Lily Olivia.


  3. What a great photo and we were honored to be in the top 3. Usually we are in the bottom slot
    We were so sorry to read about Lily Olivia….she was a stunning Crotchety Cougar Cat.
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom


    • Concatulations Madi – you and Raz both got a FIRST COMMENTER – now that’s real “togetherness”. We are all very sad about sweet Lily Olivia….what a long and sweet life she had……….

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Yes you were a FIRST COMMENTER and we’re super duper proud of you! On Teaser day the “early bird definitely catches the worm” (substitute “BIRD” for CAT and “worm” for BIRD)….hahahahahaha

      Love, Teddy


    • I was thinking about the losses…..the more kitties and pups and other pets we meet, the more chances we’ll be saying goodbyes I guess…….there are beginnings and endings everywhere…….we will just have to hope the endings aren’t as many as the beginnings in this new year!

      Love, Teddy ❤


  4. OMG, Teddy, I SAW that there is an inscription on one of the buildings but I did not enlarge the pic because I thought that due to your mom’s carefulness, it will be illegible!


  5. Concatulations to Csilla, Sharon and Madi for being first in the class! And Extra special concatulations to Timmy Tomcat for being the first guesser too. Too bad I was so late (glares at Mommy) and could not get the tablet let me enter text! (Mommy has got to get a new tablet!)
    I shall be extra vigilant and see if I can be on the money next week!


  6. We didn’t visit onTuesday, so didn’t see the photo then. The Inner Harbor is a really neat place. Mom and Dad probably haven’t been there in two decades. Maybe that could be another Blue/Kimmell meeting place, when the weather improves. Thank you for letting people know about Lily Olivia and for remembering her. Thanks to all who left comments here. And an especially huge thank you for adding her to your sidebar. (We will be adding this photo and her poem to the sidebar when we have the opportunity.) I know she was met by many loving souls at the bridge, including Sammy, Fiona and all Lily’s other fursibs. We love you all so very, very much and are grateful for your friendship, love and support. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer and Mom Janet and Dad Tom 💞💖


    • It’s been a long time since my Mom and Dad went to the Inner Harbor – they stayed in Fells Point at a nice hotel then water-taxied over to the main area where restaurants and shopping are on the waterfront. We are so sad about your loss of Lily Olivia – she was truly the “Matriarch” of the Kitties Blue and my Mom has always smiled at her habit of staring at your Mom while she’s sleeping…..LOL…..You all stay warm in this unbelievable cold – I know both Cooper Murphy and little Sawyer are very happy to be in the Blue Home and not fending for themselves in the cold. We’re sending you hugs……..

      Love, Teddy and Mom Pam


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