Christmas Day Pre-Teaser!


Merry Christmas From All The Ding Dongs at Ding Dong School!

Merry Christmas and SIT DOWN !

The Professors are Ready to Start Class!

Yes everyone we are ready but we first want to say that we hope Santa Paws was very good to all you good boys and girls and brought you everything you wanted for Christmas.   All you BAD boys and girls – I hope you have a real fireplace in your house because all that coal will come in handy this winter!

We are here BRIEFLY (after all who wants to read a blog on Christmas morning right?) to remind you tomorrow we WILL have a Teaser for you and we WILL have special Christmas badges for you to win even though it will be the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!

Rules for Teaser?   You know ’em but there may be some new students who need a refresher course!

  1. You have to include both the city/village/town name AND the State (if in USA) or Country (if not in the USA) where the photo was taken that you will see here tomorrow!
  2. Please don’t use a computer program or Google Image Search to figure out where the photo was taken – just do your best guess without help!    We know you’re all smart as can be and can do it without that kind of help right?  Right!

I promised you a SHORT class today and I mean it BUT I do want the Cheerleading Team to give you a little Christmas CHEER (literally)!

We three cuties of Teaserdom are….
Traveling to school from near and far
Just to cheer and bend your ear
We traveled by sleigh and not car…….
Have fun at home and eat lots of good food
If we said BAH HUMBUG that would be really rude!
So we’ll just say that we love you and that would be true.
Whether you’ve been GOOD or BAD we care about YOU!!!


Well done girls!   We all wish you a Merry Christmas too…………now go home and enjoy the rest of your day but be sure and be BACK tomorrow to cheer for the TEASER OK?

The Cafeteria Crew is off today – but I have a LITTLE snack anyway!

Christmas Cocoa

AND Christmas Donuts!

Tune in Tomorrow for Teaser (at a surprise time remember!)

Hugs, Professors Sammy and Teddy!!



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    • Somehow I don’t think Istanbul is on the menu tomorrow but you never know! I hope your Mom is the winner of the turkey fight for your grandparents….turkey with all the trimmings is on our menu today!!

      Love, Teddy


    • I think Miss Dingleberry has served more than her fair share of “charred” – in fact I’m positive she has. There seems to be a lot of “charring” on the walls of the Ding Dong School cafeteria which is a BIG HINT.

      Merry Christmas!
      Pam and Teddy too


    • They seem to have settled into a rather good team without the usual “EDGINESS” that Suzie seemed to add to almost every cheer. We can’t expect her to leave her roots behind but maybe in the new year there will be a kinder, more gentle Suzie????? Remains to be seen! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

      Love, Teddy


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