Teaser Tell All


Time To Tell !!

I foresee class starting any minute now…………

Doesn’t exactly take a mind-reader or fortune-teller to know that on Wednesday morning we are going to start class and discuss the Teaser from yesterday right?    You will have to come up with something more spectacular to SHOCK us with Madame Fortuna !

Let’s see….the square root of Miss Dingleberry’s mustache, divided by the number of yells Sarge does during a regular class is……….oops I lost my train of thought!

Shall we start class?   Let’s get down to business………..I’m sure you all are anxious to get out EARLY for the holiday.   That’s right – instead of recess after class today you get to leave the classroom and not come back until NEXT Monday.   Even at that, considering next Monday is CHRISTMAS, it seems silly for us to have a Pre-Teaser class but we will anyway.    Tuesday we will have the TEASER and Wednesday the TELL ALL.   Not only THAT but we will AGAIN have special badges for next week.   Instead of “Pre-Christmas” they will be CHRISTMAS BADGES!

Let’s begin class by telling you that the FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday numbered TWO.    That’s right – it will be easy for Binky, Suzie and Lucy to whip out a special cheer today with just THREE names in the whole cheer.   They are in the Cheerleaders Lounge working on their cheer now in fact.    Here are the two winners:

Miss Csilla and Miss Inge/Charles!


I was a FIRST COMMENTER on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of Dec. 19, 2017!!

Now don’t forget that both of you get one of those fabulous holiday badges!!!

Our GUEST TEASER who sent in the photo was Miss Stephanie and her cat Gracie and this badge is for YOU !!

For Stephanie and Gracie for their GUEST TEASER PHOTO of Dec. 19, 2017!

Here is the ORIGINAL photo they sent in before Mom did some photoshopping to remove that very distinctive building on the left side !

We thought the interesting roofline would give it away – and the other photo we had thought of posting may have been an even BIGGER clue – that’s why we didn’t post it at all:

Looks VERY MUCH like Thai architecture right?    Both photos are pictures of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.   Beautiful isn’t it?    Thank you so much for sending in the photo to us Miss Stephanie!!!

WHO was it that was FIRST to guess the photo was the Grand Palace in Bangkok??????    It just happens to be the SAME PERSON who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER last week so that means she’s on a ROLL with two wins in a row.    Let’s hear it for:

Annie of McGuffy’s Reader!

Well done Miss Annie!  This is for you:

I was RIGHT RIGHT GUESSER on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of Dec. 19, 2017!!

If you also guessed the Grand Palace in Bangkok (and there was at least one of those!) – this badge is for you!!

I wasn’t first but I was RIGHT on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of Dec. 19, 2017!

And those of you who were WRONG – you get a Pre-Christmas GREENIE!

I was WRONG but at least I TRIED on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of Dec. 19, 2017

Gosh – is it just me or did our class suddenly get HUGE??????


Thank you Sarge.   I know the girls are in the hallway waiting for their turn………………..girls?

Commenting first is a great big deal
We know how excited it makes you feel!
Csilla and Inge you were FAST AND FURIOUS
How you managed that is oh so curious!
FIRST RIGHT GUESSER again this week was Annie!
TWO in a row says she’s kicked everyone’s fanny!
You all got special badges to celebrate this week
From the Cheerleading squad you get a cheek tweak!
Rippy Tippy Bongo Banta
You’ll NOT be getting coal from Jolly Old Santa!

Well done girls – you make a mighty fine cheer team that’s for sure………………….and we can all tell that Suzie wrote this cheer can’t we everyone????!!!!!

So just as a reminder – we WILL have a Pre-Teaser Monday even though it’s Christmas next week………AND we will have a Tuesday Teaser even though you will all be waking up with a headache from too much eggnog with “something special” in it as well as tummy issues from eating too much CHRISTMAS DINNER!    But we’ll be here waiting for you……………maybe we’ll have a medical team standing by in case you get a little woozy during class.

Meanwhile, have a SUPER DUPER Christmas Holiday everyone……………………………………

We hope the magic of Christmas blesses you all.

Love, Angel Sammy, Teddy and Mom Pam

48 responses »

  1. Good morning, Teddy!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for my Christmas Greenie.

    That was an interesting Teaser. It looks a beautiful place.


  2. concats to all winners… that was a tough teaser this time…the architecture had an european and an asian touch, so it was a challenge on which continent we have to start ;o))) gooood one, pawfect to tickle the gray cells ;o)))


    • It was a gray cell tickler wasn’t it Phenny……we thought it would be a good one but Miss Steph and Gracie thought maybe it would be TOO SIMPLE! Guess it worked out well all the way around!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Well, we saw that Thailand answer, and we really thought it couldn’t be right. Mom Pam did a good job by removing that other building. Our mom has wanted to go to Thailand for a very long time, but she’s pretty certain that’s never going to happen. We are curious as to what the “R” on Binky’s chest represents? We want to wish Miss Dingleberry, Sarge, Suzie, Lucy, Binky, little Bobby and all the crew from Ding Dong School, especially Teddy and the great professor, Angel Sammy, a Meowy Christmas. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • I asked my Mom about that “R” too but she said I should ask Suzie and Suzie said to ask Lucy and Lucy said maybe it’s the last letter of the word “CHEER” – but why it’s the only letter you see? Maybe her pom poms are too big. HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Love, Teddy


  4. Thank you! I enjoy the learning and education here. You are right: the roof is what I recognized from my friend’s pictures. Buddha was wise. He has long been one of my teachers. I will add this to my Badge’s page. I will do a post, too. Thank you for all that you do. Hugs to Sammy, Teddy, and their wonderful Mom!


  5. Mom and I want to thank you for putting our name in print. 🙂 It’s easier to be early than to be a correct guesser. Your pictures are beautiful but it’s almost impossible to be correct. 😦
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
    Scout Charles


    • OH it’s not impossible to be correct – – – we have someone (more than one someone) who WAS correct this week but we agree that we have a LOT of almost impossible Teasers……it’s a challenge!!

      Love, Teddy


  6. Congrats to all of the winners! I managed to get a pre Christmas badge even though I was about 12 hours late getting here. I probably won’t make it next week, but if I can I will.


  7. ConCats to the winners and to our new cheer team! THIS had us a bit confused though “Doesn’t exactly take a mind-reader or fortune-teller to know that on Thursday morning we are going to start class and discuss the Teaser from yesterday right?” Isn’t today Wednesday??????

    The Florida Furkids


  8. Hi Teddy!
    Yippie! Yi! Yo! Ki! Yaaa!!! For all the winners! And I–Marvelous am a winner of a Greenie! thank you so very much!
    And I don’t know if I will be able to get out and about on Christmas…something about Mommy and Daddy and Alex going to Star Wars and birthday breakfasts and Santa Claus coming to visit. I am getting excited…are you?


    • Marv I am VERY excited too – it’s almost overwhelming all the FUN peeps have at Christmas isn’t it? Who knew??!! Well we are both lucky boys indeed and I’m sure there will be very few people “teasing” next week but we’ll carry on just in case somebody drops by. I can’t wait to hear what Santa Paws brings you!

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


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