Pre-Teaser, Pre-Christmas Monday



I feel a song coming on……

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Ding Dong School is open

I know the kids didn’t want school today and for snow they were a-hopin’

Too bad kids, you’d better come in, the professors will be here soon,

If you’re not at your desk when they get here, Suzie will call you a buffoon!

Seems you got here just in time to avoid being called a buffoon…….well, good for you all!    Are you ready for today’s Pre-Teaser class?    All we will be doing today is preparing you for tomorrow when you will have your TEST – the test to see if you can recognize a photo when we show it to you – a photo of some spot in this big old world of ours that someone sent in to STUMP you.   You will study the photo then make your BEST guess as to where it was taken.   Got it?

First order of business when you arrive tomorrow will be to COMMENT – you need to hurry up and do that because we have SPECIAL PRE-CHRISTMAS TEASER BADGES we will be awarding tomorrow and the FIRST one will be for FIRST COMMENTER!!   That might be one of you or more than one – depends on how many comment in the first 60 seconds we are “live” with the blog.   GOT IT?   Here’s the badge you MIGHT win!

So make sure you’re WIDE AWAKE tomorrow morning – remember the post will NOT pop up at this normal time for our blog – it will be a SURPRISE TIME!!!    We have special badges for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSERS and even a NOT RIGHT GREENIE.

Now here are the rules for tomorrow:

  1. When you make you guess you must tell me what town/village/city the photo was taken in as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was snapped.
  2. We ask that you not use a computer program to load the image in and have the program tell you where the photo is from – it’s more fun if you just use your eyeballs and brain to make a guess and not a computer program!!!   Tee Hee

Now – the moment you have all been waiting for – we are introducing the THIRD MEMBER of our Teaser Cheerleader Squad – your favorite per the voting on our poll – BINKY !!!

Thank you for voting for me – I am so excited and honored to be a Teaser Cheerleader!
“Binky, Binky, I’m not stinky
My cheerleading outfit will be quite slinky
Suzie’s doing the sewing
By tomorrow I’ll be showing
The NEW Binky will cheer
Suzie, Lucy and I will be HERE!



Now class, let’s not scare BINKY off – she’s only just arrived…..

Alright BINKY – welcome to the group.    I guess the three of you will do your first TEASER cheer together tomorrow – we can’t wait to see your new outfit too!  If Suzie’s doing the sewing, we can only imagine (cough cough) how you will look when we see you here tomorrow!!!

Also, Miss Dingleberry will be having another one of her Pre-Christmas snack extravaganzas before you boys and girls go out for recess after Teaser tomorrow.    She’s really in the Christmas spirit (well, considering her usual mood, she’s been cheery lately anyway).

She still scares me a little…..

Teddy and I will see you here tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME for the Pre-Christmas Teaser!    Study well and hard tonight class……………..remember, Santa is watching!!

If you study you’ll stay on the NICE list; if you party all night you’ll get on the NAUGHTY list!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy



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  1. Very nice badges, I would love to get one ( except the greenie 🙂 ). I voted for Binky, I wish I could have voted for them all. I can see she is off to a great start. XO


  2. We hope to be here early, but we’re having a ‘Frozen’ party tonight for the great-grand babies after we get family pictures taken. I doubt it gets later than 9:30pm. See you in the morning.


  3. We will be even later tomorrow that we usually are. Mommy has this week off work and she is cooking and baking…I hear this is something she has not done for years! I am quite looking forward to something called SHORTBREAD…it sounds very yummy (I am trying to get her to do the bacon one)
    I wonder if Ms Diggleberry makes shortbread? I bet it is super delicious.


    • Hi Marv! No worries about Teaser today – I’m just happy your Mom is OFF work and is cooking and baking and that YOU will get to be the official household TASTE TESTER! I don’t think Miss Dingleberry made shortbread for class today BUT I’ve heard there will be special Christmas burgers and hot dogs!!!!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  4. I was hoping you’d put the Teaser up early today. The bipeds are really busy and I need to supervise them now. I will pop in when I can though – I dont want to miss out on a special Christmas edition of the Greenie!


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