Teaser Tuesday


Ringy Dingy Ding Dong School!

Time for class everyone – but before we start – QUICK – comment on this blog so you can win a special FIRST COMMENTER badge for today!!!!

Alright – settle down youz guys – the Profs are IN THE BUILDING!

Hello Class! Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Teaser Day!

Even though Thanksgiving here isn’t until Thursday, we couldn’t let the week go by without celebrating it here in class.    We have special Thanksgiving badges to award to the lucky (or not so lucky) guessers for today’s photo guessing contest AND some turkey goodies courtesy of Miss Dingleberry and her school cafeteria staff.    SO, let’s get class started shall we?

TURKEY?????? OH BOY!!!!!!


Today we have a Guest Teaser and I’ll go over our guessing rules before we show you the photo.

  1. When you make a guess where the photo was taken, you must include in your guess what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) what location is depicted in the photo!
  2. We ask that you not use Google Image Search or some other program to tell you WHERE the photo was taken – it’s lots more fun to try and figure it out on your own – right?   Right!    That way everyone has an equal chance.

Here are the badges up for grabs today – and tomorrow when we do the TELL ALL here in class you will find out who wins what!

Let’s bring in our ever sharp Security Guard who has been guarding the locked up photo so nobody can SNEAK A PEEK………….

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Pretty right?   BUT WHERE IS THIS?????????    That is the question of the day!    Just make your guess in our comments and we’ll let you know the SCOOP tomorrow in class.

Let’s bring in our fabulous Cheer Team to get all of you pumped up for guessing shall we?   Nobody can “get the party started” like Suzie and her new sidekick Lucy!


Arfity Bark Aroooo
Lucy and I welcome YOU!
It’s time for us to TEASE
Grrrr Arffff WHEEZE
We know that we’re darn cute!
Arrrrooooooooooo POOT
Tomorrow we’ll tell you who wins
While we watch Lucy’s head as it spins!

Gosh ladies, I really don’t quite know what to say…………………maybe the best thing is to say THANK YOU and that we will be THANKFUL when Lucy’s language skills improve but not to discourage her because she’s making progress!     That’s definitely a paw step in the RIGHT direction!

Miss Dingleberry has set up a wonderful turkey surprise for all of us out in the hallway and if you wish to have a snack before you bundle up in your coats and go out to the playground for recess, please stop by her booth.    It’s our little way of celebrating Thanksgiving a few days early!      *****loudly whispers***** and if you are wise, dear students, you won’t make any comments about Miss Dingleberry’s choice of hat – OK???????

Enjoy!  See you tomorrow class!

Professor Sammy and Assistant Professor Teddy

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      • No, unfortunately, we have had no snow yet. We’ve had a few heavy frosts which have made everything white. I’ve made the most of it and rolled about in it. It isn’t anywhere as good as snow, but it does make a refreshing start to the day.

        The teaser photo is a beach, somewhere.

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        • Well frost is CLOSE but not nearly as much fun for rolling around in than snow I shouldn’t think. Angel Sammy told me he LOVED snow so I’m very excited about trying it out here………I guess I’ll have to wait a while like you Clowie…………!! Yes I see a beach in that photo too……but where? I’ve never gone anywhere but my shelter and my house (oh and my vet) so I’m not at all “well traveled” !!

          Hugs, Teddy

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          • You’re right, snow is lots more fun than frost! I hope you enjoy it when you see some, but I think Sammy was unusual in liking snow. My cats tell me it’s the worst thing they can think of – cold and wet combined! They’ve both gone to cuddle a radiator because even the thought of it made them feel cold!


          • Mom thought it was very strange too that Sammy liked to go out with her in the snow but I have always thought that maybe he was enjoying being outside with HER more than he was loving the SNOW! HAHAHAHAHA

            Love, Teddy

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  1. Congrats to all who were furst with comments! Now on to our guess… The Coast of Martha s Vineyard Mass USA. That is a guess as we have NO Idea so MOL
    We will have a turkey leg or two Miss Dingleberry. Love your hat. (snicker) And thanks Suzie and Lucy for a, um, very nice cheer!
    Thanks Professor Sammy and Junior Professor Teddy.
    Timmy and Family

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    • Hi Timmy and company! That’s a good guess – maybe you will win a pre-turkey-day badge? We’ll find out tomorrow. I’m sure Miss Dingleberry will give you all the turkey legs you can eat (and take home!) if you do NOT mention her hat…..I think she must have forgotten to look in the mirror before she left home this morning. EEEEEK. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

      Love, Teddy


  2. That was an interesting cheer. I still think Lucy should be a mascot instead 🙂 Not a clue as to where the photo was taken. Very nice turkey tent, that is clever. XO


  3. It’s not the Turkey, Texas I know. Therefore, I’m going with Gallipoli, Turkey, the scene of a big battle in “The Great War” as it was called at the time. What an oxymoron.


  4. Looks like beautiful Muddy Beach Prison and Condominiums off the shore of (where else?) Maine, USA. It’s always funny when the prisoners try to escape and run across the “beach” to get back to the mainland. Yeah, beach in quotation marks because…… sure, that looks like sand. Until you get out into the middle of it and realize it’s up to your knees…… then your stomach……… then your neck…… and……. yep, that’s quicksand. The video of all the previous year’s unsuccessful escapes is the hit of the warden’s annual Christmas party for the guards!

    I hope Ms. Dingleberry saved a lot of the skin off the turkey for me….. that’s the BEST part!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Yikes! I will definitely drive by MBP&C next time we’re up that way – I didn’t realize a prison was there but I do remember one cove that looked like there were tree stumps up out of the sand along the shore…….now I’m just wondering…………were they really stumps or – gulp – escapees?????? Bet they could make a fortune selling that video to the general public. Maybe it’s available on Amazon? Turkey skin IS delicious – crispy and tasty and – oops – now I’m salivating all over the keyboard! Thanks for giving us the inside (little prison humor) scoop on the photo.

      Happy Turkey Day to our favorite squirrel,
      Pam and Teddy too

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  5. Eastern Shore, USA. Bet that’s not good enough, even if it is correct. Phooey! Turkey pizza sounds really nommy! Thank you, Miss Dingleberry! Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃 XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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  6. Good morning! We overslept. Congratulations to all the early birds. We have no idea where this is. I want a greenie so how about the Hamptons in New York? 🍂🍁😎
    Thanks for the yummys Miss Dingleberry.


  7. HHHMMMM this Teezer sure iss tricky…LadyMum said sumfing about thee coast of Maine or thee Outer Bank of North Carolina…
    MMMMMM turkey; now there iss sumfing mee can sink mee teethiess inn to!!!
    ~~paw patsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


  8. Hmmmm, I wonder if it is Bacon’s Castle…That’s my guess!
    And Turkey! Turkey! Turkey! I sure wish I could have a 2nd Thanksgiving!
    Oh and Teddy, if you want a Christmas Graphic, Mommy and I put all the purrticulars up on a Christmas Graphics page on my blog!


  9. Concats to the 5 peeps that were first….we were snoring like mad with our tummies in the air. Could I have a turkey leg to gnaw on while I’m thinking where this beach is located, thank you Mrs. Dingleberry. Mom says it looks just like Muf Flats down in Delta near Vancouver but she says probably not that easy an answer. This sand doesn’t look as nice as Florida sand so I’m going to say…no not quicksand either. I’m going to say Bass Harbour Maine or near Bass Harbour.



  10. Oh Oh!! Not a chance in this den to be furst…but well, we are here, MOL! BOL!!

    There is a low tide at that pretty place, wherevfur it may be:)

    Somewhere on a coast…sheesh who knows!
    I am thinking somewhere in Great Britain, maybe Ireland??

    What a lot of furst commenters came in today! Congrats to them all!


    • Well, if you come back to see the Tell All you can find out WHERE this photo was taken specifically, but you WERE right that it was Ireland – we just need specifics! Picky aren’t we?!?!?!

      Love, Teddy


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