SPARKS on Monday


Let it Shine Today

“Sparks” on Monday is the idea of our friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – the idea is to share a thought, quote, photo, some kind of inspirational “message” with the world to start our week off with some LIGHT.    It’s a great Blog Hop because every post you visit, pumps up the volume for your day!     You may find that something someone else says SPARKS your day in a powerful way – or causes you to perhaps realize that life can be as light as you want it to be………..or as DARK as you allow it to be.     If you want to join in – just click on Annie’s graphic above and go to her blog to fill out the LINKY tool and your post will be in the Hop.

Here’s my “spark” for today – from one of my favorite writers/poets – a lady who contributed some years ago to a poetry anthology called “Cosmic Brownies” which I edited for a publisher – and who has inspired people for a very long time in many ways.     It’s such a SIMPLE statement………..but powerful.    It kind of goes along with a previous “Spark” I posted which was all about how I believe there is a lot of power in simply wearing a smile on your face every day.    People see that – and most of the time they smile back – and they cause someone else to smile, etc…….it’s a chain reaction and who knows how many lives you’ve brightened with just a smile – BE THE SPARK………………


Hugs, Pam

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  1. I love the words for today and I do believe if you put a smile on no matter how difficult it may be you will brighten someone else’s day. Love and hugs to all.💕


  2. Beautiful quote for the spark today! Motor Mommy has started painting rocks to hide and she’s seen that quote on some rocks before. Maybe someday she’ll (try) to paint it!
    Love, Sundae


  3. My spark is, I really make a conscious effort to be pleasant to any and all servers, clerks and cash register folk. A thankless job fraught with a whole lot of folks who many times, could stand learning to be nice.


  4. Yes! There will always be rain and plenty of opportunity for rainbows. But, without the rain, there wouldn’t be rainbows. Rainbows should be celebrated…so be one. Thank you for being a part of Sparks. I love the way you think, my friend. HUGS.


    • That’s one of my favorite quotes and certainly is “part and parcel” with my “SMILE AND THE WORLD WHILES WITH YOU” philosophy. I hope you have a SPARK-FILLED Monday and week ahead… much to be thankful for and I’m VERY thankful to have met you and to call you “friend”…..

      Love, Pam


    • My Mom says she just KNEW your Mom was a “smiler” like she is………it’s infectious and it shows that you are a positive person looking for sunshine around every corner………….YAY FOR OUR MOMS!

      Love, Teddy


  5. I love this thought! If more people would do this instead of always thinking what others could do to make them happy, I believe we’d all be happier! Rainbows symbolize promise and hope….what better gift for someone having a cloudy day.


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