Pre-Teaser Monday

So better sit down in your desks and pay attention class!

Yah….grab a desk…..fold your hands on top of your books and be QUIET… come the Professors!

Today we get ourselves psyched up for TOMORROW because that’s when we will be testing you on your geography skills!    We’ll have a photo for you to look at and figure out where it was taken!  Could be anywhere in the world and the only clue you have from us is that it’s on PLANET EARTH!    The other thing we can tell you is that it is another GUEST TEASER…….so it’s liable to be a challenge – you’ve said before that the Guest ones are the “toughies” !!

We hope everyone had a nice celebration of Veterans’ Day………..we are very patriotic guys around here and I – Professor Sam – dressed up for the occasion:

Of course I didn’t go around all day in that get-up because they were in fact my patriotic pajamas, but I wore them long enough to tell the world I’m very proud of all the Veterans who serve or have served their country WHEREVER and WHENEVER that was.

Now I think it might be appropriate for us to see if the ULTIMATE CHEERLEADER, Miss SuzieQ, might like to get you all warmed up for tomorrow……………..ready?

You want me to get these peeps awake and alert?
I could twist their noses until they hurt…..
I could yell and scream right in their ears
That would reduce them all to tears!
Instead of that I won’t be mean
I’ll just cheer them on since I’m the Teaser Queen
I want you all to study your books
Tomorrow I want no sleepy looks!
Alert and ready to guess you should be……
Or else you’ll have to DEAL WITH ME!!!

Alright Suzie!   You look especially CHEERY in your interesting outfit – that at least got everyone’s attention throughout your cheer today so no doubt they will be READY tomorrow.    Remember class that the Teaser will pop up at a SURPRISE TIME……………you’d better be paying attention when it arrives in your inbox OR ELSE someone else will get the FIRST COMMENTER badge!  Last week we had THREE FIRST COMMENTERS – who knows what will happen THIS week!

Next Tuesday we’ll be celebrating TURKEY TEASER – even though Thanksgiving is next THURSDAY, we will have some special Teaser Badges up for grabs to celebrate Thanksgiving – this week we have the SAME OLD BADGES for you but still, you know you want one so try hard to win one tomorrow OK?

Suzie’s little puppy friend who’s learning how to be a good cheerleader said she wanted to let you all hear her newest cheer – are you ready???   Suzie says even SHE hasn’t heard this one so let’s ALL check it out!



Um…………………….I’m speechless……………………even Suzie looks like she’s in some kind of trance…………………maybe we ought to just say “HAVE FUN AT RECESS AND SEE YOU ALL IN CLASS TOMORROW”……………………………..

I think we need to give this hat to that “new” cheerleader!

Angel Professor Teddy and his brilliant Assistant……..


43 thoughts on “Pre-Teaser Monday

  1. Great cheer Suzie, bit you need to help your friend a little more with the cheers 🙂 Maybe on Thanksgiving I will have a shot at first commenter because I will be up early to cook the turkey. XO


  2. I can’t wait to be here in the front seat, right side (not center) and see what we have up for busses! Suzie, did YOU teach that cheer to the new cheerleader or did he learn that himself. Oh that a girl woofie?


    • There seems to be some question as to what sex the pup is – I’m thinking girl but who knows…..hard to say. Purrrrhaps I should just ask?????????? Tee Hee I’ll look for you in class tomorrow Katie!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. MOL MOL
    “You want me to get these peeps awake and alert?
    I could twist their noses until they hurt…..
    I could yell and scream right in their ears
    That would reduce them all to tears!”
    Hugs madi your bfff


  4. The puppy cheerleader is too cute for words… WORDS, get it… aroo, aroo, aroo to you! Bark speak… 🙂 I think I am just entertaining myself… it is early. I will be here tomorrow morning… yes I will.


  5. That woofie cheerleader totally cracked us up. Hope she doesn’t leave any poo in her wake when she leaves. Just like the Teaser, we will be here at an undetermined time! Nice to see angel Sammy honoring our veterans. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Suzie seems to think she (the woofie) has promise as a cheerleader but I just nod my head and smile when she says that. Suzie has said if there are any “accidents” by the new cheerleader SHE will take care of it – I’m not sure that means she will clean it up OR if it means she will tell some poor student to !

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

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