Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Double Post Day!  Being Thankful and Being Poetic too!

First up is being THANKFUL…….well in a world that sometimes feels like a place where people have forgotten to take their blessings seriously, and a world that has senseless violence at the drop of a hat…….it might seem like it’s getting HARDER to find things to be thankful for.   But in fact, these things just make us realize that here in our own homes most of us are terribly lucky to have what we have – including peace for most of us.    There is a week between our “Thankful Thursday” posts in this hop and when you look back you realize that things are almost always in an uproar – changing, evolving, becoming just a little more “edgy”………but there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.    That’s why we like hooking up to Brian’s every Thursday – to tell our thankfuls and read other bloggers’ thankfuls – makes you realize there really, truly IS much to be thankful for.    If you’d like to share what you’re thankful for, just click Brian’s badge above and go to his blog, fill out the LINKY form and share.    Just think – reading your list of thankfuls MIGHT make someone else realize how THANKFUL they are too!!

The second part of my blog post today is another super duper favorite event and that’s when my dear Angel brother Sammy shares his words of wisdom that he’s thought about this past week from his vantage point at the Rainbow Bridge.    You know our Angels can see all from there – human Angels AND our animal Angels too!    He’s never been one to be short on words either so I’ll share with you what he sent to me via his wi-fi connection last night shall I ??


Hello from the Rainbow Bridge my friends!!!!    I have another clear night here at the Bridge so wi-fi is perfect as usual.   I’ll get my email sent to Teddy and then have plans to visit the Rainbow Bridge Buffet because it’s “cooking with bacon” night………………………

Just a reminder that as we sneak down to the end of the alphabet, I am going to be telling you about my idea for how to continue with our poetry on Thursdays.   Hope you will like my idea – if I can come up with SEVERAL ideas we’ll do a poll and see which is your favorite.    Also, please do remember that it’s really not that hard to write a poem – I’d love it if more of you would give it a try.   Poetry is just a way for you to express a feeling or thought or make someone laugh or remember – it doesn’t even have to RHYME because there are a lot of free-form poetry formats.    If you DO write a poem for my Poetry Thursdays, share it with us on your blog – tell us in comments you wrote one and put your blog link – we’ll visit and read it – OR you can put your poem IN comments here.   Either way, you will have been CREATIVE and CREATIVE keeps the brains working AND we get to share a little of ourselves.

Last week I gave you some prompt words (not words you HAVE to write about but things to get you thinking) for this week’s letter of the alphabet………..the words were:

(1) Vicious (2) Vanity (3) Vigorous (4) View

Well, I decided to use one of my own prompts this week for my poem – I hope you like it.   As you know by now I tend to write about the Bridge or my family or what my life used to be like when I was with them……..this week is no different!


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, Nov. 9, 2017

The view from the Bridge is ever changing

For memories and current events start interchanging

We’re watching from afar what’s happening now

But the view blends with our earthly memories somehow

I think because we miss what used to be

We find TODAY a bit harder to see

We watch the sadness, the pain, the violence down there

Unable to help when we hear your prayer

The view sometimes is cloudy and dense

What we observe from here sometimes makes no sense

Destruction and hate and it seems unfair

That we can’t be with you to help – we can’t be “down there”

Just remember all things happen for a reason it’s true

Even though sometimes the reason’s not obvious to you

We will watch from the Bridge, and send our love to you all

Though the sadness may continue, you will stumble and fall

Continue your prayers – don’t change that view

Look up to the sky, we’ll be watching out for you…………..


Just remember that we will do what we can to keep you safe and happy……………..but a lot of that has to do with what humans do for themselves too.    STAY POSITIVE……….keep that VIEW upwards!!!!

Next week we will have the letter “W” for our poetry.    Anything that starts with the letter W will work but here are a few ideas if you need some help!    

(1) Window (2) Wink (3) Worry (4) Wiggle

So, I hope you have written a poem to share with us today and I hope you’ll pawticipate next week too!     I’m sending everyone a BIG SAMMY HUG………….A specially  BIG hug for my little brother Teddy who posts my poems for you every week!    Thanks ‘bro !!

Love, Angel Sammy

Ah… in my French beret – I feel like a famous poet !!


Thanks Angel Sammy!!!    I hope everyone will join with us too – we’re almost finished with the alphabet……I can’t believe it!     Well friends, I’ll see you tomorrow for Friendly Friday Fill-Ins and anything else I can think of to say…………meanwhile, Happy Thursday!

Hugs, Teddy


42 responses »

  1. that is a nice poem… and yes… angels can see all things… and even when they can not act to help us out, we know that they are here… and to know we all have angels on our side helps a little to pull through cloudy times…


    • My Mom says sometimes she imagines that the Angels must cry seeing all that’s happening down here……! Glad you liked Angel Sammy’s poem today – we are almost at the end of the alphabet!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. You both have such wonderful thoughts to share today, Teddy and Angel Sammy. And you used one of my favorite sentiments in your poem, Angel Sammy – “all things happen for a reason”. This is so true indeed. Even if we can’t see or understand the reason, there is a reason nonetheless. Purrs to you!


    • I think everyone forgets that things DO happen for a reason – maybe not what you THOUGHT but definitely for a reason and if people stop and THINK they might realize WHY things happen like they do.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  3. Angel Sammy thanks so much for that very uplifting poem. Sometimes it is so hard to keep positive when we see the world but knowing that you and all our past loved ones are watching over us makes us thankful for every day
    Timmy and Family


  4. I sure agree with you Teddy and we will always be thankful for the love that surrounds us. I love that poem from Angel Sammy too. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  5. Dearest friend Angel Sammy, That is one of your best and most inspiring poems ever. Thank you so much! We cannot compete, but we did write a poem as we always do. Here is the link:
    Sending lots of love to all. Hope Teddy and Pam and David have lots of fun today with Sundae’s humans. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  6. Mee-you Unccle Sammy you did it again! mady LadyMumc ry like a wee kitt. Tearss treemin down her face. Shee sayss shee missess you more than efurr….an mee has to agree….yur poe-emss are simplee amazin!
    Mee goin to try mee paw at a poe-em today. Here goess:

    “Do not live with vanity…
    It will rob you of furendss,
    An yur precious sanity!”

    bye Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  7. We so agree with your sentiments about the world today and how people forget to find those things in their lives that they should be thankful for, even the very simplest of things. And Angel Sammy, what a touching poem!!! It is very comforting to know that we all have Angels watching over us.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • Angels are all around us…I think some people feel them more than others but they are there. The world is scary sometimes but we STILL have so much to be thankful for – including the safety most of us feel with the arms of Angels around us!

      Love, Teddy


    • He is watching and we feel him doing that almost every single day…..I think my Grandpa takes a peek at me too – he was an Air Force officer and if I don’t behave, he gives me “THE LOOK” and I straighten up RIGHT AWAY! HAHAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. A very touching poem. It is very sad here in the world right now but I continue to have hope. There are great and good things going on every day done by people just like your Mom and Dad. We are all trying.Thank you Angel Teddy for looking out for us down here. We need all the help we can get.


    • Angel Sammy says we all have Angels looking after us but they can only do so much…..if humans insist on being cruel to each other and if nations think they need to be bigger and better than everyone else instead of being PART of the greater world – well – it’s kinda scary indeed!!!!!!

      Happy Friday Miss Pix! Love, Teddy


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