Pre-Tease Monday


Welcome to Class Students……….please have a seat!

Yes sir!

Don’t mind me Prof, I’m groovin’ !

There will be no “grooving” in CLASS young man – remove those headphones immediately!

Gosh – seems like there’s always something interesting going on in class these days!    Now – where were we?  Oh yes……Teaser.    Tomorrow we will have a Teaser post for you and it’s going to pop into your computer out of nowhere (seemingly) at some kind of time you never dreamed it would (probably) and you will be in a “Teaser Tizzy” trying to be the FIRST TO COMMENT!    Why?  Because if you are, you will win this:

We will have a photo from a GUEST TEASER so you’d better get plenty of rest tonight – no parties or late movies, etc.!   A tired student is not a GOOD student!    Here are the Teaser Guessing Rules:

  1.  Please remember you must guess the town,city,village as well as the state (if in USA) or country (if not in USA) where the photo was taken!
  2. Please refrain from using Google Image Search or some other program that lets you just pop in a photo and be told by your computer (!) where the photo was taken – it’s so much more fun to figure it out on your own!!

Suzie wants to inspire you to do well tomorrow so let’s let her strut her stuff in a Pre-Tease kind of way – BRING IT ON SUZIEQ!

We all survived Halloween
Some crazy costumes were seen
Today we’re back to teasing
So no more candy squeezing!
I hear the photo’s a whopper
A true heart and brain stopper
So be purrrrpared by studying HARD
Don’t draw that JOKER card!
I’ll be back again in the morning
So this is your early warning!

OK Suzie thanks for that warning……………………….I also think I need to WARN everyone that the past few days we’ve had some formatting problems on WordPress………yep – never had a problem EVER and now we are.  Not sure what that means but you know how tough it is to get the attention of the WP Gurus so we’re going to continue to limp along as best we can and hope to figure things out.    Wish us luck…………HAHAHA     Mom is also gonna try new batteries in our mouse (eeeeek!).  We’ll try anything!

So – remember:

Surprise time for tomorrow’s post

Guest Teaser photo

Be in class without your iPOD and headphones unlike Tyrone who got yelled at by Sarge today

Your Professors have spoken!    See you tomorrow!




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    • Well it would be tempting to use one of the photos from my Mom and Dad’s recent jaunt to Maine BUTTTTTT it’s not so you’d better ERASE that answer so you don’t copy and paste it tomorrow (however that’s a perfect idea!).

      Love, Teddy


    • Not sure – I did write to them and one of the forum members is looking into my problem……..strange and I’m really hoping it isn’t still screwy when I do tomorrow’s post – had a devil of a time getting Suzie there today! EEEEK!

      Hugs, Pam


  1. Groovy Cat looks like he could take Sarge on if they were to meet up behind the school, you know. I think he better watch who he’s bossing around….

    I happen to know that the WordPress Happiness Engineer Team is made up of those in the prison workhouse system who are too inept to properly make license plates. So it should be no surprise when things never work out how they’re supposed to on our blogs…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dang! I always suspected that the Happiness Team would only be available to help us when they got privileges from the Warden to use the library computer! Well, needless to say, until somebody gets those privileges we will be limping along with Teaser…..having big problems right now in fact!


  2. I’ll be here tomorrow, and now that your hour has fallen back as well I won’t be an hour late this week! It looks like your formatting is trying to squeeze Suzie out. Don’t they realise they are playing with fire?


    • Suzie doesn’t take kindly to RULES – we all know that but I guess WordPress doesn’t know that yet!!! HAHAHA Seems everything is alright now though thanks to the WP gurus – I’m using Chrome to do my posts and everything is dandy.

      Hugs, Pam


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