Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


We Are Thankful……and We Are Poetic!

Thankful on Thursdays?   Well, in reality we are thankful EVERY day but we join this special HOP on Thursdays courtesy of our host, Brian!   All of us share the things we’re thankful for and it turns out many of us are thankful for a lot of the same things…….our forever homes, our humans, our health…….and then we know that we are all members of one big happy family of animals that are LUCKY to be cared for.    I’m thankful for that…..and also thankful that Brian is hosting this chance for all of us to share.    If you’d like to join up and tell us your “thankfuls” – please do!   Just click on Brian’s badge above, use the LINKY tool there, and tell us what you are thankful for this week!    Since my last post, I did find out that my ears are now healed – my doctor said the second medication I had worked and my yeast infection which has haunted me for a while is GONE.

The second part of my Thursday blog post every week isn’t really “MINE”………….because my brother, Angel Sammy at the Rainbow Bridge is in charge of that part – he writes a poem every single week as he makes his way through the alphabet letter by letter – his poems are about ANYTHING he wants to write about as long as it’s the right letter of the alphabet.   This week we have made it to the letter “U” in the alphabet – getting closer to the end!

He didn’t let us down this week either – last night he transmitted the following poem to me via his laptop at the Bridge……….so may I present to you, Angel Sammy’s poem for this week?!


Greetings Friends from the Rainbow Bridge!

Here I am – as usual – to give you a little poetic inspiration from my vantage point of being an Angel now – I’ve been here at the Bridge almost a year now………December 2 it will be one year in fact and that is NOT far away!    Not that I’m GLAD I’m here – I do miss my Mom and Dad and my home and yard and I wish that I could have played with my little brother Teddy.    But I am GRATEFUL to be at the Bridge and to know that life DOES go on for all of us.    I can watch over him and still visit my friends and family.   It’s what I’d hoped the Rainbow Bridge was like! 

Thursday is Poetry Day……….we’ve been working our way through the alphabet for a while now and we are getting close to Z.   I am going to come up with a NEW poetry challenge for all of us after we’re finished with the alphabet.   BUT for now – let’s talk about writing poetry.   ALL OF YOU can write a poem if you WANT to and TRY to.   Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme or be a certain length.   It just has to come from your heart.    Give it a try – I promise you will enjoy it.   You will have CREATED something and SHARED a part of you.  

This week we are celebrating the letter “U” and I gave you some POSSIBLE words that might inspire you for this letter but please remember, your poem can be about ANY “U” thing – and even if you choose to use one of the words I give you to consider, you don’t have to use ALL of them.   Some of you are able to write poems using all the prompts – I am impressed!!!    Here are the words I gave you to SPARK your imagination for this week:

(1) Ugly (2) Under (3)Uncle (4) Until


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, November 1, 2017


Each of us is special

In our own unique way

It may be in the way we look

Or in the way we play

Some of us are quite friendly

Some of us are shy

But deep inside we’re all the same

And I’ll gladly tell you why!

We love to feel your kindness

We need to feel secure

We like to know you care for us

With motives that are pure

We flinch when we are threatened

We sense when danger is near

We want to feel we’re safe with you

We TRUST you hold us dear.

Unique we are in some ways

But for us all one thing is the same

We want to feel SPECIAL

When we hear you call our name.


Animals deserve kindness – humans deserve kindness – the world would be a better place if we could wrap it up in kindness and keep it safe from evil…………… the Rainbow Bridge we watch over you and try to keep danger and pain away but we can’t do it all – humankind must look out for itself.    When nobody cares, evil moves in.     Just some thoughts from the Rainbow Bridge this Thursday morning from your old friend Angel Sammy.

I hope you’ve written a poem to share with us – if you have, please leave your blog address in our comments here and let us know so we can visit and read your words!!   OR if you want to, write your poem in our comments – we can read it HERE and NOW!    Whatever you do, give writing a poem a try.   It’s a super way to let your feelings out – and it can be about ANYTHING you want to express.   

Next week we will be celebrating poetry with the letter “V”……………..oh boy!   Your poem can be about ANYTHING starting with the letter “V” but if you need a little PUSH or an IDEA, here are some possible prompts for you:

(1) Vicious (2) Vanity (3) Vigorous (4) View

OK my friends…….that’s it for me this week.  I’ll see you next Thursday……………..meanwhile, please think about writing a poem to share – it’s fun and might just make someone think about something they wouldn’t otherwise THINK about!    See you soon……………

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy the Poet

Ah… in my French beret – I feel like a famous poet !!


Thanks Angel Sammy.    Another great poem!    Now, it’s time for me to say goodbye too………….I’ll see all of you tomorrow though for Friendly Fill-Ins with 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!


Me in my spaceship……haha

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  1. Teddy I’m so glad that infection ran away over all hills… and I hope it never find the way back to you.
    that is a wonderful poem and it is so true… we all are special and unique and that is the thing what makes this journey together so interesting…


    • Super coolio poem Madi and how nice that your Mom is putting all your poetry in a new blog for all to see! Mom has thought about adding a page to our blog with Angel Sammy’s poems but that probably won’t ever happen – still, it’s nice to see everything in one spot isn’t it! Thanks for pawticiapting in Angel Sammy’s Poetry Thursdays – it’s a ton of fun isn’t it???!!!

      Love, Teddy


  2. Angel Sammy, Thursday is become my favorite day of the week because of your poems and Teddy’s and your blog. I mean that with all my whiskers and heart. You are wise and loving. So is your mommy. XXX


    • Katie you have MADE OUR DAY here with your words………we try to make our blog fun and maybe inspiring….and maybe even a little bit of a time to smile because something has touched someone else???? Thanks for following us on that journey……..

      Love, Teddy (and Mom too!) ❤


    • Glad you liked Angel Sammy’s poem today!! We are thinking of posting a photo as inspiration for a poem from those who want to write one instead of a letter of the alphabet. Might be interesting yes????

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. I love Angel Sammy’s poem, he must have whispered in Prancie’s ear because she wrote something similar. I am so glad your ear infection has cleared Teddy, I bet it is nice not to have those nasty drops. I look forward to your fill-ins tomorrow. XO


    • Thanks to you for hosting this wonderful day we can talk OUT LOUD about all we’re thankful for AND thanks too for telling us about that awful so-called shelter which we sincerely hope will be shut down ASAP and the dear animals helped FOR REAL.

      Love, Teddy


    • We totally loved your poem today – it made is so sad knowing that Giulietta is missing her sister so much but then again – we kitties are super sensitive souls – OF COURSE we miss someone we love who is no longer there. I know Fiona is keeping a close eye on her sister and on ALL of you! Thanks for joining Angel Sammy’s poetry parade on Thursdays. We have some ideas about how to go when we finish the alphabet! How about a photo to write a poem about each week????

      Love, Teddy


  4. What a great poem!
    I think we are all unique! Especially Mommy!
    When she saw Unique, all she could think of was that silly joke:
    Q: How do you catch a unique rabbit?
    A: Unique up on it.

    Q: How do you catch a tame rabbit?
    A: Tame way.

    Hee Hee!
    Marv (and his sicko Mommy)


    • Oh gosh Marv, my Mom said she heard that joke a long time ago and had forgotten it but it’s COOL isn’t it? We kitties are good at “nique-ing” up on things aren’t we?????

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  5. Teddy, we are so happy to hear that your ears are all better now. Ear infections can be so hard to clear up and very annoying too.

    Angel Sammy, you are one very unique and wonderful cat – and we loved your poem.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • So happy you Woos liked Angel Sammy’s poem! He works all week on them so he can have one to us all on time. As for my ears – I am going to try VERY HARD to keep “Mr. Infection” away!

      Love, Teddy


    • I don’t intend to EVER get another ear infection believe me……….and Angel Sammy squeeze out a “U” poem for us with a promise of “V” next week….we’re almost at the end of the alphabet again!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. ted o natorz we iz buzzed happee yur infectshunz gone N we hope de bass terd stayz a way N doez knot come bak fora ree union…..ever…….sorree we iz late with R wizhez…de food servizz gurlz werk sux big time late lee

    sam on nator yur poem total lee rocks N we think yur mom shuld putz em in a book sinz her wont rite
    DAVID’S BRIDGE TWO ?????~~~~~~~~ ♥♥

    any way, we iz haiku inn two day but Underwear

    underwear on butt
    keep it ther food servizz gurl
    yur butt iz nastee

    step out of shower
    put thoze pantz on like rite now
    eye cant stand de site

    ~~~~~~ tuna of moon ♥♥ 🙂


    • Oh you made my Mom giggle so BIG with your fab underwear poem! I hope you didn’t share it with the food service girl or she might quit serving!! My Mom has thought about putting Angel Sammy’s poems on a new page here on the blog but publishing them? Maybe not. I wish my Mom would write David’s Bridge Two because I just bet I could WORM my way into it somehow – I could be the villain in the book – the evil Ted….hmm… about a challenge in acting!

      Happy Friday to my friends in Trout Towne…….long live underwear!
      Love, Teddy


  7. I am glad that nasty old yeast infection has gone, Teddy.
    Angel Sammy, it seems impossible that it is nearly a year since you left. It also seems impossible that Flynn left us 6 months ago yesterday.
    Your poem is lovely.


    • We sure do miss Flynn and I know you do too…..I hope you feel him there around every corner – Mom sure feels Angel Sammy and I think I do too since I often look at “something” that Mom can’t see. Our Angels are with us always – Mom told me that and I believe it……..still it doesn’t always help with the heartache!

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  8. Beeuteefull poe-em Unccle Sammy… know what werd prompt mee iss gonna use mee betss!!!
    UNCCLE of course! So here goess:

    “Mee has thee bestest Unccle
    His name iss Sammy not Garfunkle!
    Hee cared fur mee when hee was here
    Hee wtchess mee still; hee feelss so near.
    Mee iss thee luckiest littul mankat you see,
    Beecause of mee Unccle’ss Luv fur mee!!!”

    bye Siddhartha Henry ***air kissesss*** xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

      • Mee rote frum mee heart Teddy! Mee ADOORED Unccle Sammy! An mee can feel him watchin over mee frum Pure Land efurry day.
        Mee iss so happy wee are furendss all so Teddy!
        ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


          • LadyMum told mee this Deecemburr 9th iss 3 yeerss mee been here with her…time has gone so quiklee! An Novemburr 22nd iss 3 yearss Aunty NYLABLUE leeved fur Pure Land. Mee can see her with Unccle Sammy watchin over us….
            **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx


          • Your GOTCHA day is coming already? THREE YEARS? Wow Siddhartha…..a very long time since a little black panther kitty joined Ladymum’s world. It’s hard to imagine Nylablue has been gone so long too but she is watching over you every single day like Angel Sammy is…………… goes on FOREVER.

            Hugs, Teddy

            Liked by 1 person

  9. Mee knows Teddy…how can it bee 3 yearss all ready?? An mee can feel Aunty’ss NYLABLUE an Mingflower here with us.
    An efurry nite LadyMum kissess their ashboxess an askss them to watch over mee an guide mee all so. 🙂


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