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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful – yes we are and that’s why we hook up every Thursday to our friend Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!   Would you like to tell the world what you’re thankful for?   Then pop over to Brian’s (click badge above) and sign up to share.    I have a rather different kind of “Thankful” today – One year ago this week we lost friends Easy and Fiona.    I didn’t know either of them but Angel Sammy did and it was dreadful losing two close friends so close together – – – then of course Angel Sammy himself joined them just days later on December 2.    My Mom has told me it was a dark, dark time for everyone even though it was the beginning of the Christmas season and usually people would be happy and joyful – yet there was so much sadness.   Everyone moved on somehow though and got through the holidays with heavy hearts but interestingly THAT is what I’m thankful for.   I’m thankful that we can all be resilient if we have to be – we are capable of dusting ourselves off and moving forward.    That’s a “people” thing but I think we animals do that too – some of us go through really bad health issues or age-related serious problems but we keep plugging along because we want to hold onto life.    I’M THANKFUL FOR THIS SPIRIT!      Kind of an “adult” thought I know for a little guy who isn’t even two years old yet but Mom has taught me a lot since I came here!

I’m also thankful that Angel Sammy came through with his weekly Poem yet again.    He popped onto his laptop last night at the Bridge and emailed me the following – just like he does EVERY Thursday…………………


Greetings from the Bridge my friends!

We are now just one short week away from the end of the alphabet – next week we will do Z and then we will start a BRAND NEW Poetic Challenge every week.    You know, even though not that many of you have tried your hand at writing a poem to share, the few of you who ARE doing that enjoy it like I do – and as long as there are some of you who enjoy it – I’ll keep hosting it on Thursdays!    Do we have a deal?    GOOD!     

Today is all about “Y” though so let me share my poem with you then I’ll tell you about the NEW Poetic Thursday.    If you have written a poem GOOD FOR YOU, and if you want to put your blog link in my comments to your poem please do so we can read it!   You can also put your poem in my comments and we can read it HERE.    Just give it a try if you haven’t written one before – I think you will enjoy doing it – you can have fun expressing yourself in a new way – poetry takes ALL forms – doesn’t have to rhyme either – just be YOUR thoughts.    Last week I gave you some ideas in case you couldn’t come up with your own “Y” to write about – my prompts are just ideas – you can write about ANYTHING though OK?    Here’s what I gave you to jiggle your brain:

(1) Yesterday (2) Yummy (3) Yellow (4) Year

I decided to use one of my own prompts this week………………


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, Nov. 30, 2017

A year can be forever when someone has gone away

Or a year can feel like a second if “Goodbyes” you had to say

I remember I was tired and feeling all my years

I remember in my mother’s eyes, I so often saw big tears

She knew just like I did that time was getting near

She’d have to let her ginger boy go as Angels’ voices I could hear

But it wasn’t just me who went to the Bridge a year ago this week

Fiona, Easy, and other beloved furkids left there were tears on every cheek

Fear not dear family for we are here and watching you from afar

If you ever find you have a doubt, look for the BRIGHTEST star……….

It’s us holding candles together – to light the darkest skies

So know that love is forever, and dry the tears from your sweet eyes.

Please don’t be sad when you read my poem this week – believe me when I say that those of us who left are happy, HEALTHY, and watching over you.   One day we will all be together again for a TRULY FOREVER.    

Next week we have the letter “Z” and as usual I will give you some ideas for things you might choose to write about – but feel free to do ANY “Z” word OK?    It’s up to you!!

(1) Zoo (2) Zing (3) Zipper (4) Zap

Now on a brighter note – let me share my idea for the NEW Poetic Challenge after we finish next week with “Z”   – Every Thursday starting December 7th after we’ve done our “Z” poems,  I will post a picture – something I have found on the internet and it can be a photo of ANYTHING – person, place, thing, animal, vegetable, mineral, WHATEVER!    Your job is to write a poem about the photo for the following week.   Instead of giving you WORDS, I will give you a PHOTO…….your FIRST Poetic Photo Challenge you should schedule to post for December 14th.    I will continue to send my brother Teddy my PHOTO POEM the night before as I have been doing.    Do you think this will be fun???    You can let me know if you think it will be – if the NOs win, I’ll just start the alphabet over and we’ll continue as we have………but if you DO think it will be FUN say YES and we’ll give it a whirl!

Teddy will let you know the results………………so we’ll continue to write poetry together in SOME form anyway.    Poetry is good for the SOUL!    Hope you all know how much all of us Angels love all of you………………………….forever.

Angels can be Poets Too!!   Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks my brother………………oh I think you and I would have had a lot of fun together driving Mom and Dad nuts………..but I’m doing my best and I know you DO communicate with Mom – she’s told me and Dad that sometimes she sees you and sometimes she hears you………………and if you promise to keep a secret, I see you too!    Mom sees me staring up at the ceiling at NOTHING (so she thinks!) but I see you………smiling at me……..and I feel all WARM inside.

Happy Thursday Everybody!   Love, Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Time to Tell It Like It Is!

Welcome to Geography Class Students! Time for the TELL ALL……………

Well we told you that we were going to give you a slightly easier Teaser yesterday and it WAS – how do we know?  Because not only was it not long before we got our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but tons more of you knew where this was.   So, we did what we said we’d do right?   Right!

Wanna know the details?     Well FIRST of all, we had a THREE WAY TIE for “FIRST COMMENTER”………………….certainly makes for an easier “winners cheer” for Lucy and Suzie compared to a FIVE WAY TIE…………..They didn’t scream when we told them about the tie.   They were too busy stuffing themselves with Miss D’s cookies from yesterday.   Our FIRST COMMENTERS were:

Miss JackieDa Phenny and Miss Csilla !

CONCATULATIONS!!!!  You all get one of these!!!!

I was one of THREE “First Commenters” on the Teaser post of Nov. 28, 2017!!

The Teaser photo we used yesterday was sent in by Miss Stephanie and her kitty Gracie from HERE and it was a FUN one wasn’t it?    This is for you Miss Steph:

For Miss Stephanie and Gracie for their TEASER PHOTO used on Nov. 28,2017 !

Here’s the photo again for one last look!

This is indeed BRAN CASTLE near Brasov and Bran in Romania.    There’s a lot of “misinformation” about this castle though – it has a super interesting history AND an interesting pile of fiction about it as well.  You can read some of that by clicking HERE !

Yeah, we thought it was where DRACULA lived (or maybe STILL lives???!!!!!!)

I’m sure you’d like to know WHO was the first to guess the place this photo was taken – our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER WAS:

Miss Csilla (yes again – she was a First Commenter too!)

For Miss Csilla for the Teaser of Nov. 28, 2017!

AND as I said, there were a BUNCH of other RIGHT GUESSERS and if you guessed Bran Castle then you get one of these:

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the Teaser of Nov. 28,2017

Even if you were WRONG with your guess, you still get a badge !

I was WRONG with my guess for the Teaser of Nov. 28,2017….sniff sniff

I know that Suzie and Lucy want to honor our winners with a cheer…………………I can hardly wait!   At least there’s only THREE First Commenters this week…….an easier load for them!!

Three Comment Firsties?
Long cheers make us thirsty!
That’s close Lucy you get a shiny new penny!
She’s also a very snappy dresser!
This week wasn’t too bad for cheering

OK girls – you may go rest now.   Well done………Lucy we’re all impressed and Suzie who knew you were such a good teacher in addition to being HEAD CHEERLEADER of the Teaser!!

I’m not surprised!!!!

We will see you next week class for another Geography test on Tuesday………………..a reminder that if you think you have a good “stumper” of a Teaser photo to send it to me in email.   We’ll use it one day – at least you will know that one for sure and get a badge (hahahahahahahahaha)!!!!!    Seriously though, you can send in photos if you like – we have a file full and we get one out, dust it off, and bring it to class on Tuesdays to see if we can fool you or if you’ve studied and know it.

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy

One year ago we lost our very good friend Easy – we miss you Easy but we know you and Angel Sammy

and so many other Angels are watching over us!

Tuesday Teaser


Ring a Ling Ding Dong!  School bell time!

Good Morning Students – now run quickly to the COMMENTS and who knows – you might be the FIRST and win a badge!!!   You have our permission to leave your desk but hurry back!   Sarge is watching you!

tick tock tick tock

Glad you’re all back – good luck – hope you win the FIRST COMMENTER badge today or at least are ONE of the winners – lately we usually have more than one who comments in the first sixty seconds here – any later than that and it’s TOO LATE!!!!

Don’t worry – not everyone can comment FIRST – your turn will come!

Are you ready for class today????   Did you all recover well from your turkey coma (if you celebrated Thanksgiving that is)?   Miss Dingleberry contributed a bit to the turkey coma around here because of her turkey feast before Thanksgiving but she’s back to serving LIGHT SNACKS as a treat before recess so today it’s just cookies and hot chocolate for you OK?

Yes it is time to get busy!   Eyes forward class…….!!


Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you.    It will be up to all of you to take a good look at the photo and then figure out WHERE the photo was taken!    Not always easy – as we showed you in the last TWO weeks here in class because NOBODY guessed the Teaser but today might be your lucky day!     Here are the rules:

  1. When you make your guess as to where the photo was taken you must include the CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN as well as the COUNTRY (if not USA) or STATE (if in the USA) that the photo was snapped.   No credit for a partial answer!
  2. We always ask that you NOT use any kind of computer program to TELL you where the photo was taken – Google Image Search lets you load up a photo and WHAMMO does all the work and shows you similar images so you can let IT do all the work for you.   We want you to figure it out on your own – study the photo and make your best guess – EASY PEASY……and more fun for everyone too!

So shall we bring in our little TEASER CHEERLEADER DUO for a peppy cheer before we show you the photo?    Oh let’s do it – Suzie and Lucy?   STAGE CENTER!

Today’s Teaser might be a doozy
But one thing’s for sure, we girls aren’t floozies!
Even in our birthday suits!
If you’re the winner that would be swell!
Lucy’s “people talk” is getting better wouldn’t you say????

Good job girls………Suzie – I think soon you and Lucy might consider adding to the CHEER TEAM – your training program is certainly doing wonders for Lucy!

Now, let’s bring in our security guard with today’s photo…………………………

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Whatcha think class?   Toughie?   I have a feeling someone will get this one today…………………………..take your time – then when you’re ready to guess – GO FOR IT AND GOOD LUCK!

There’s what’s up for grabs so do your best!    We’ll hand out the badges tomorrow to all you lucky students who have been studying your world geography!

Now you may go to the back of the room and politely and quietly help yourself to cookies and a smoothie or hot chocolate and go outside and enjoy your recess!!    Thank you Miss Dingleberry for the treats!

No shoving, tripping, spitting, grabbing, biting, bruising, stabbing, hitting, poking – just take some cookies and go outside!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



P.S.  Before you leave, won’t you visit Winnie’s Wish Auction site?   This pawsome rescue does fab auctions full of wonderful donated goodies that will benefit the Winnie’s Wish effort………maybe you’ll find something totally cool to give as a gift this holiday OR maybe something YOU will keep for yourself!   There are some adorable things to be had this year AND it’s a “QUICK AUCTION” so don’t wait too long to visit – stuff will go fast!!

 You’ll be glad you helped……….. ♥

SPARKS On Monday


Sparks on Monday Blog Hop is the wonderful idea hatched by our good friend and wonderful writer Annie McGuffy………….her thought is that if more people would share an uplifting, inspiring thought, idea, experience with others, it just might give someone else the SPARK they need to carry on – move forward – try a new way of looking at life or just give them a BETTER day!

I loved the idea and we are hoping that SPARKS work to bring the power of positivity into everyone’s life as they join in or participate in this BLOG HOP of Annie’s.   If you think you just might have a thought you’d like to share, hop over to McGuffy’s Reader by clicking the SPARKS graphic above – join in the Blog Hop and be a part of this “power” !

This is my SPARK for this Monday – this truly speaks to me in many ways but it’s ALWAYS been my belief that people cross our path for a reason – we learn from them, we’re inspired by them, we change because of them, or we simply are touched in some way by meeting them.   They may be in our life for a minute, an hour, or longer – it matters not – but our lives are touched and sometimes only after they are gone do we realize something in OUR lives is different because of them.

I have to admit, I’ve had some truly tough lessons learned at the hands of others in my many years but I LEARNED from the negative and reached out for more positive because of those lessons.   Just be OPEN………you may be surprised by the realization that every person you meet is bringing you SOMETHING………..

Happy Monday! 


Pre-Tease Monday


Time to Get Ready for The Teaser!

Welcome to Geography Class Students!

We are all stuffed with turkey just as our turkeys were stuffed with stuffing last Thursday.    Surely you’re ready to settle down and get back to studying so we’re here to goose you along the road to tomorrow’s Teaser Tuesday when you will need your WITS about you!

First thing to remember about tomorrow is that our post will be LIVE at a surprise time and if you just happen to be AWAKE when it goes live and you get notice that the Teaser is “UP”, you best come here and comment IMMEDIATELY because if you are FIRST (or one of the FIRSTS) you will get this badge to display on your blog or “wherever” !

Also if you are the FIRST to guess correctly where the photo was taken, OR you are RIGHT with your guess but not FIRST, OR you are wrong with your guess (boo hoo) you still might win a badge!   These are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER, and WRONG GUESSER awards:

If you are NEW to the Teaser Class, you will be given a photo tomorrow and it will be up to you to figure out WHERE the photo was taken.   Sounds easy huh?   Well guess what – it isn’t always and in fact for the past TWO Tuesdays, we have STUMPED everyone – nobody knew where the photo was taken.    We are going to try to give you a slightly (note that word “slightly”) easier photo this week.    Isn’t that nice of us????    So once you see the photo, you will comment here WHERE you think the photo was taken and you need to remember these “rules”………

  1. When you make your guess, you must guess the CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE where the photo was taken as well as what STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) you think the photo was snapped.
  2. The most important rule is that we ask that you not use some computer program to tell you where the photo was taken – we know you can load up a photo into a program like Google Image Search and find out where it is BUT we think it’s way way way more fun and fair if you just use your head and eyes and brain to figure it out without help!

Are we clear?    Good!

I’m new at this school and even I know the rules!

Oh yeah….I know the rules too Professors!

I foresee Bobby raising his hand…………………

Well Madame Lazonga that’s a GIVEN that Bobby will raise his hand at least ONCE in class !!!

I wasn’t gonna raise my hand but since Madame Lazonga said I would, I guess I better!

OK Bobby…………….I don’t think anyone wants to upset Madame Lazonga’s globe-gazing – we should stay on her GOOD side right?

Lazonga SHLAMONGA, she don’t scare ME!

Yes Sarge……..we know you aren’t easily frightened – you are the Class Security Monitor after all……….I think the only thing that scares you is when SuzieQ is having a BAD HAIR DAY right?

Ya got that right!

OK – let’s get on with class shall we?    Today Suzie’s protoge’ Lucy is back from her Thanksgiving adventure and SAYS she has been practicing her cheering so she won’t disappoint SuzieQ.   I know she doesn’t want Suzie to think she’s HOPELESS at learning “people talk” instead of “dog” so let’s see how things are shakin’ with our two TEASER CHEERLEADERS!

Two Bits Four Bits
Six Bits a Dollar
Lucy and I do NOT wear a collar!
Lucy girl knock it out of the park!
Lucy is trying so don’t be snarky!
Lucy you said some words girl – you’re a real scream!
Let’s give Lucy a cheer as she’s getting good!
She’s the newest cheerleader in da hood!!!

Well done Lucy!


OK Class – let’s settle down – save some energy for tomorrow’s TEASER CLASS……………Suzie and Lucy are becoming quite the team but we don’t want Lucy’s head getting FAT from compliments and we don’t want Suzie to think we PREFURRR Lucy to her.    It’s a fine line we walk around here with our tempermental cheerleading staff!

Who MEEE???? I’m not tempermental!

Sorry Suzie…………you and Lucy are both doing an amazing job.    Seriously.   Really.   Honestly.    Now let’s just remind everyone that the post tomorrow will be popping up at a different time than our regular blog posts so BE ALERT.

This would NOT be “alert” !!

THIS is alert!!!

Study Hard Students!   Your Professors of Geography 

Angel Sammy and Teddy