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Gather Round Class!

Time for class and this is the one where we hand out AWARDS in the form of adorable TEASER BADGES – you know you want one right?   Well we DO have some winners this week and I’ll spill those beans in a minute.   BUT FIRST……………….

Scuze me Prof but someone told me you spilled something in here?   Beans?

No Miss – that was just a figure of speech – there were no spills in here!  Honest!

Whew!  I guess I need to be careful what I say – maybe our classroom is bugged?!?!?!    EEEK!

Yesterday we had a THREE WAY TIE for FIRST COMMENTER……………….we often have more than one in the first sixty seconds but we know how TIRED Suzie gets having to include FIVE First Commenters in her cheer so she should be fairly pleased to only have THREE this week.

CarolMaeWy, Oliver/Calvin, Animal Couriers

Three FIRST COMMENTERS on Teaser of 10/10/17! CarolMaeWY, Calvin/Oliver and Animal Couriers!


ANYWAY, let’s show the photos from yesterday before we go any further shall we??

Beautiful spot right?   We agree.   Where and who – that’s what you want to know right?   Well, first of all THANK YOU to our Guest Teaser for these photos!

The Cat On My Head

This is for you with our thanks!

Thanks to Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head for our Teaser Photo of 10/10/17

Where did they take this photo?    In Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.    This is the beautiful Mission San Carlos Borromeo del rio Carmelo and if you CLICK HERE you can get some interesting facts about this Mission which was started in 1770.    We have three more photos that The Cat on My Head sent of the Mission:



I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sammy and Teddy’s Teaser of 10/10/17

We also had a couple of other RIGHT GUESSERS – and you all get this!!

I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 10/10/17but I was NOT First!

And if you guessed but were WRONG, this is for you!!

I didn’t guess RIGHT on the Teaser of 10/10/17 but I tried!

Let’s bring on Suzie for a rousing cheer to celebrate our winners today shall we???  Oh yes – let’s!!!!!


C’mon don’t be choosy
It’s time for a little bit of Suzie!
Three FIRST COMMENTERS this week
Give Carol, Oliver/Calvin and Animal Couriers a tweak on the cheek!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was one of those
CarolMayWy was on her toes!
She gets two badges whoopy doooo
Next week the lucky one COULD BE YOU!!!!
The cafeteria didn’t bring us a snack
Miss Dingleberry is a big quack.
Don’t tell her what I said
Her punishment for me I would DREAD!

Thank you Suzie…………you never let us down………you finish off Teaser week with a flourish every time!    Hope you all enjoyed this week’s TEASER time.

Don’t forget that for Teaser Class on Tuesday, October 31st – Halloween – if you send us in email a photo of you in your Halloween costume (real or photoshopped) we will post it here in class on that day!   We’ll parade around in our Halloween finery…..and you know Miss Dingleberry will have some kind of spooky snack for us that day too!   Your deadline to submit your photo is Sunday, October 29th!!! 

Professor Count Tedula will be here…….!!  So will I !!

Your Teaser Professors, Sam and Ted

Major Announcement!

Announcements are scary…..

Well this one isn’t SCARY but it is BIG – has to do with next week’s TEASER – we won’t have one!   WHAT????


Yep – no foolin!   Mom and Dad are taking a few days off and NOT taking a laptop so we will not have a Teaser next week since Mom needs to be PRESENT to let people know who wins what!   

IT’s been a long time since we didn’t do a Teaser……will you have TEASER WITHDRAWAL???????

We Will!

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  1. Congratulations to all the super winners! Teddy, I think you should put your paw down about your peeps leaving although I do think they deserve some time away. I know you will be taken care of well. I am most interested in the FOOD they will be eating… 😀 Will there be some kind of special filled roll they will be eating… hmmm?


    • I’ve got those coordinates Katie……if I can sneak out of the kennel I’ll be there! I think the sisters who run the kennel are pretty strict about visits – they are Orthodox Nuns!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Sorry we didn’t have a stumper, but happy to show everyone this gorgeous location. A week off…what will all the teaser fans do and SuzieQ too? More time for her to get into trouble. Thanks for the badge. Love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats to the speedy and smart guessers! I almost wrote a mission in California, although I didn’t know which one. I will have to get working on our Halloween costumes so I can send you photos. I was wondering how you were going to deal with a Teaser next week. :)XO


  4. Thanks to Kitties Blue for the teaser. Congratulations to Carol for being first right guesser and a first commenter. Congratulations to Calvin and Oliver, and Animal Couriers for being first commenters, too. Teddy, you’re lucky that you’re going to get to stay with the cast from Sister Act 😉 I hope your Mom and Dad will have a nice vacation.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well we will post our greenie but are happy we had the right kind of style down anyhoo. That really is strange that kitty ran in ready to clean. We better cover our papers while we are in school professors. Purrs that Mom and Dad have a grand time next week. We will miss you all!
    Timmy and Family


    • Yeah that cleaner heard that we’d had a bean spill and she was there in a flash!!! At least we know should anyone have an “ACCIDENT” in the future, she’ll be RIGHT THERE! Plus she was kinda cute! ❤

      Hugs, Teddy


    • It is a beautiful place……..my Mom and Dad haven’t been to California so they wouldn’t have known it but they probably would have guessed Spain or Italy or maybe even Mexico!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Hello and woo hoo we won! Lucky us. . .
    As winner we got bacon! Plus a great cheer from Suzie, that’s always special.
    Hope you have a great week off. I as wondering if you ever took a day off.
    Congratulations to the other first commenters and right guessers.


    • We haven’t taken any time off in a long while because of Angel Sammy being so ill his last year or so……..This is a big break for my Mom and Dad……..and I will try to behave myself (tee hee). I’m still going to have daily blog posts but no TEASER since Mom has to be right here to monitor it.

      Congratulations again! Everyone keeps asking me how you do it – win all the time – I say “she’s lucky” !!!!

      Love, Teddy

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  7. Carmel…for heaven’s sake! We were in the right state and country at least. Good picture Janet of The Cat On My Head. It fooled alot of peeps and me too. Concats to the wieners….Calvin And Oliver (my buds), Animal Couriers and Carol…double slap on the back…hehe



    • Yes and we are hoping and praying the fires don’t reach this beautiful place……..speaking fires – how are things with the Canadian fires? Hopefully all under control by now………..we HATE the thought of losing so many homes, lives, animals and beautiful countryside.

      Love, Teddy


    • I always heard California was going to break off one day and float away…….maybe they can leave all the fires and tax collectors behind if they do that! The fires are just awful (actually I guess tax collectors are too!).


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