Teaser Tuesday


Time For Class !

Put on those thinking cats!  You’re gonna need ’em!

BUT FIRST – don’t forget to comment NOW on this post – you might be FIRST COMMENTER!

Yep you better take a second to visit the comment area and say ANYTHING then come back to your desk……………whoever is first (or whoever comments in the first 60 seconds) will win this:

Now I think we need to move on with class and get down to BUSINESS!    Just in case you’re new in class OR have slept through the rules, here they are:

  1. When you make a guess where the TEASER photo was taken, you must tell us the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE where it was taken as well as the STATE (if in USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) where it was snapped.
  2. We ask that you don’t use GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH or some other similar program/help and that you simply look at the photo and make your best guess!!!!   It’s more fun that way – and everyone has the same chance of winning FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or RIGHT GUESSER.   It’s almost like cheating to use help right?????

That’s it – no other rules – just do your best and we’ll award badges as they are earned!!


That reminds me – everyone should wear a costume to our Halloween Teaser class on October 31st…………..AND if you send the photo of you in your costume to ME I’ll post them during class so everyone can see how fabulous you look!   Cool?  Cool!

ON WITH THE SHOW……………..Suzie – you’re up girl – shake your booty for class – that will wake them up!


Todays Teaser is way cool
It’s tough so try not to drool
If you are a winner my dear
Tomorrow you’ll be in my CHEER!
I hope that you studied your books
Or I’ll give you one of my “looks”!
You don’t want the evil eye
So give guessing right a TRY!
I wish I could give you a clue
But I’d be fired from my job if I do!

Thanks Suzie!!!!    Let’s bring in our fabulous Security Guard who has faithfully guarded the Teaser photo since last week – now he can unlock the briefcase from his wrist and take a proper bath or shower…….tough to do that with a suitcase strapped to your arm isn’t it!!!!

YES – I’m anxious for that bath…….!!!! Here’s this week’s photo Professor!

Your turn now – WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN?????

Here’s what’s up for grabs today in the way of badges!

Let’s see who wins what this week shall we!   Tomorrow we will have our TEASER TELL ALL post and you’ll find out!   Meanwhile, it’s about time for recess – are you ready for that???


Yeah, I’ve got a recess snack for you…..but it’s just cookies and juice so don’t get TOO excited!

Fruit juices for drinks – no sugary, ooey gooey junk like you drink at home – this is the GOOD STUFF!

Thank you Miss Dingleberry and Professor Sam and Ted!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy


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    • Well Miss Csilla……..you MIGHT be right with your guess but you know how MEAN my Mom is – she won’t tell anybody a danged thing until TOMORROW! Have a few cookies while you wait…….

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Ohhhh SuzieQ I gotta go wipe the drool off. MOLMOL
    Loved this line
    Todays Teaser is way cool
    It’s tough so try not to drool
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • CHIPPY!!!!! Good Morning! You’re an early bird today – Herculaneum huh? Well, I suppose it COULD be…….but we won’t know until tomorrow so why not have a seat and eat a pile of cookies in the meantime???!!!

      Love, Teddy

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  2. Great cheer Suzie and don’t worry, they would never fire you. As always, I have no clue as to where the photo was taken. Do I still get a cookie? XO


    • Oh those bacon cookies have a bit of “Sammy’s Special” stuff on top YES…..and please take one of each OTHER cookie too – or more – Miss Dingleberry went nuts in the cafeteria today and made TONS of cookies!

      Love, Teddy


  3. Cookies!, can I please have one Ms Dingleberry?
    I, Marvelous think I know this place! A view of Valleta, from Grand Harbor in Malta?
    I would love to get ax winner badge Mr Angel Sammy and Mr Teddy.
    Now I must go and terrorize Mommy’s shoes Before she goes to work!
    Purrs Marv

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Marv! You most certainly may have a cookie or four or five…….AND my Mom says you might be right on your guess so you need to make sure and stop by before you eat your Mom’s shoes tomorrow OK?

      Love, Teddy


      • Mr Angel Sammy and Mr Teddy, I am back!
        Mommy was not thrilled with the cookie crumbs in her shoes. The first cookie was so furry tasty, that I scarffed it down in two bites and alas, I also had my face in Mommy’s shoe at the time.
        I want to ask Ms Dingleberry if I can have another bacon cookie… Is coming back for seconds OK?


        • Miss Dingleberry said you can have as many bacon cookies as you like – I think she LIKES you Marv! Congratulations – that deserves some kind of medal….!!!! Tee Hee Sorry your Mom didn’t like the crumbs in her shoes – some humans just don’t appreciate our little GIFTS to them do they?!

          Love, Teddy


  4. WOW! Would you look at the size of THAT prison!!! Holy cow, it must be 20 stories tall and has all of those building additions tacked on! Heck, you could probably fit a couple million bad guys in there! Look, they have to use an ocean liner to ferry in the new arrivals! Welcome to Super Super Supermax Island!

    Liked by 2 people

    • UHOH…….sorry for the BIG FREEZE…….we haven’t had a freeze yet here but Mom took all the “greenies” off our tomato plant and is frying them up for dinner tonight. We’re getting CLOSE to freezing and Mom doesn’t want to risk those ‘maters!!!!! Tune in tomorrow for the Tell All.


  5. First, Suzie will never get fired. If it hasn’t happened yet, it won’t ever happen. Where was this taken? On the deck of a ship. Where is it? Ships are mobile and this one is international waters right now.

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  6. I’m going to guess Athens, Greece. I obviously don’t know, Athens probably isn’t near the water at all. Thanks for the cookies Mrs. Dingleberry. See you tomorrow Professors Teddy and Angel Sammy.


  7. Mee-you Teddy mee an LadyMum both icky sicky….wee not come close…
    LadyMum sayss it could bee a port inn Algierss….mee has no idea where THAT iss.
    Mee finkss it mite bee inn northern Spain.
    Mee finkss mee go back to bed now oK?
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx


    • You and Ladymum STAY IN BED AND GET WELL dear friends. I’m very worried about you Siddhartha – Angel Sammy said he will come by tonight and give you an Angel hug and maybe that will help you be better?

      Love, Teddy


  8. Are we first…eh, eh? NO! Cwap! Mrs. Dingleberry, those bacon cookies are to die for…delicious. That picture is a toughie. It’s not around here. That is old arcitecture fur sure. I think we should say Athens, Greece. I believe it’s a greecy ship…..is Onasis’s name on the working ship.

    Shoko and Kali


    • We didn’t “biggify” the cargo ship to see if Onassis’s name was on it but maybe it is?!?! We’ll find out tomorrow a bit more about this shot but it’s a pretty interesting looking place isn’t it?????

      Love, Teddy


  9. Well, better late than nevfur…and that sure is an old place. OMC!
    It looks Mediterranean. I have an aunt whose furmily came from Malta…so that is where I am going to place my bet on. The harbor at Valletta, Malta. Hey that is also the island where the Apostle Paul landed after he was in a ship wreck. See I told you it was old!!!

    Bye fur now:)


  10. Hello sweet Pam and Teddy! This post is the full mean deal ! That’s a bit different than the full monty 😀 I don’t really know the answer but I was going to say it reminded me of that Onasis guy. The one that Jackie Kennedy hooked up with. I’ll guess Corfu Greece and see ya in the morning 😀 xoxo


    • Hi Miss Boomdee! I hope you are feeling better this morning – not fun to have the FULL MONTY FLU is it?!?!?! Thanks for coming by – you are right that it looks like some place that Onassis guy would have been but it’s NOT GREECE!

      Love, Teddy

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