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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


I’m Thankful and Poetic Today!

Time to be thankful – with our host Brian and all our friends who gather together on Thursdays to think about what’s good in our lives – things we should be thankful for!    This week I am thankful for the fact that the weather is “interesting” with a mix of cool and hot (today is a hottie at 85 degrees).   Why am I thankful about that?  Because it means the seasons are about to change.  Fall is about to fall and I’m happy about that – it’s actually my first fall with my Mom and Dad and they’ve promised lots of fires in the fireplace and cozy blankies and I’m all for that!

I’m also thankful as always that Brian has given us a special day to set aside to focus on our “thankfuls”………….we all have them if we just stop to think about it!

Today is also the day of the week that I share the poem my brother Angel Sammy has sent to me from his laptop at the Rainbow Bridge!     This is our SECOND time going through the alphabet letter by letter each week writing a poem about SOMETHING starting with that week’s letter.    This week we are to write about an “O” thing.

Here’s what Angel Sammy sent me to share with you!

Hello my friends!    It’s me – your poetic Angel friend sending down another poem of the week to my little brother so he can share it with you – and I hope YOU will have a poem to share with everyone here too.    Poetry is good for us – lets things out that we might not get to say otherwise.    This alphabet challenge is also just plain good fun so if you have written an “O” poem this week, please put your blog link in our blog comments so we can hop over to read your poem………..OR you can just write your poem in our comments for the world to see HERE.   

This week we are up to “O” and I gave you some prompt words (below) in last week’s blog, just in case you couldn’t think of any”Os” on your own……….but remember you can write about ANYTHING you want to – these just jump start your brain sometimes!

(1) Open (2) Octopus (3) Olive (4) Odd

I thought I’d write a poem using all four of last week’s prompt words like some of you do – I thought it might be a fun challenge so here goes!

“Olive the Octopus”

by Sammy Kimmell, September 20, 2017

Olive the octopus just loved to swim

She’d have an adventure on a whim

Some thought her odd because she was green

Quite unlike other octopuses that they had seen

Olive liked her green-ness as it set her aside

After all, her “different-ness” was a matter of pride!

She had lots of friends in the clear blue water

Fish, crabs, seals, and even an otter!

Olive lived alone in an underwater cave

Decorated inside with the treasures she’d save

She had beautiful shells she’d collected like treasure

They lined all the walls and brought her great pleasure

She had found an old box on the floor of the ocean

Inside was a bottle with some magic potion

She knew not what the potion could be

It was tempting to open the bottle and see!

So one day she decided to open the top

She twisted her tentacles and the top made a pop!

It frightened poor Olive and she swam to the surface

That’s when she discovered the potion’s true purpose….

She saw her reflection in the clear wave’s curl

No longer an octopus she was a beautiful girl!

Now it’s your turn to share your poem!    If you haven’t written one, maybe you can write one for next week?    I will give you four prompt words to get your imagination working (you don’t have to use these words though – they’re just to HELP you!).    We will be writing a poem about something with the letter “P”  !

(1) Princess (2) Poet (3) Promise (4) Party

I’ll be back next week with another poem and I hope you’ll join in the fun……………………..meanwhile, I’ll be seeing you in your dreams!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy……………..I wonder if Olive is happier as a mermaid than she was as a GREEN octopus???

See you next week everybody!

Love, Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Time To Tell It All!!

Ye Olde School Bell Is Ringing!

Time to come inside students!    We will be TELLING IT ALL in class today………………………..hope you enjoyed Talk Like A Pirate Day – I know your Professors sure did!    But now it’s time to get down to business………………..

We’re all ready Professors!!

First of all, we had a FOUR WAY TIE for First Commenter yesterday…………….who were the lucky four:

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi

Miss Inge and Cat Scout Charles

Oliver and Calvin

Edith Chase


For Teaser of Sept. 19, 2017


Now let me show you the photos again…………………………….

And this photo below is another view of this building which I didn’t use yesterday because I thought you’d recognize it for sure!

This is the view of this particular building that I’d seen before and thought you all might have seen it too!

Alright you two – what’s the answer???

This is a group of photos of the beautiful OSLO OPERA HOUSE in OSLO, NORWAY!!!!

The photos were sent in by our GUEST TEASER, Miss Csilla!!!!

For Csilla with thanks for her photos used as Teaser on Sept. 19, 2017

Thank You!!!!

So who was the one who GUESSED this one FIRST?


Woo Hoo!!!!   This is for YOU!

For Phenny for Teaser of Sept. 19, 2017

AND, there were others who were right too!   All of you who were get this:

For Teaser of Sept. 19, 2017

Then of course there were the ones who didn’t guess right – BUT you still get this for your efforts!

For Teaser of Sept. 19. 2017

Now Suzie would like to honor everyone who won yesterday – which ought to be a big challenge since we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS……………..ready?   Set?  Go!

We had a bunch of winners
This cheering is making me thinner!
Inge, Charles, and Csilla
You gave me quite a thrill-a
Calvin, Oliver and Edith
You were all fast as you got here and GREET-ith!
Our FIRST RIGHT was my buddy Phenny
Who is brighter than a new penny!
There, I did it, I’m quite good at cheering
You might even call me endearing!!!!

Boy you just barely squeezed that out Suzie………..and even at that, a couple of those lines were – well – a little UNUSUAL…………………….!!!

Well done everyone…………………….who knows what we’ll have for a test next Tuesday.   But it will be a goodie I’m sure…………..usually is……………..until then, your Professors bid you a fond FAREWELL……….

Happy Wednesday from Angel Prof Sam

and Assistant Prof Ted

Tuesday Teaser Me Hearties!


‘Tis Teaser Time Ye Scurvy Students!

(It’s also “Talk Like A Pirate Day” in the blogosphere…..)

Arrrgh!  Take a seat in the pirate ship before class begins but first – remember to COMMENT on this post so you can win a badge!!!!

Also up for grabs today are FLASHBACK badges for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST and WRONG GUESSERS!     We hope you’re enjoying the FLASHBACK badges!!


Now, before we get started with the Teaser photo, shall we REVIEW our rules here at Ding Dong School??????

ARRRRGH!!!!   Tell these scurvy students before I make ’em walk the plank!!!!!

OK – here’s the rules for today’s competition!

  1. To win a badge as RIGHT GUESSER, you must guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and the STATE (if in USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) where the photo or photos were taken.
  2. You can’t use any help like GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH – that’s just too easy and no challenge to it at all – we’d like it if you just studied the photos and figured it out without any help!!!!!   That makes the playing field EVEN.

SO – if you are ready to give the Teaser a whirl, let’s bring in our little Teaser Cheerleader – Suzie to get you fired up for studying and guessing!!!!!!

Alright you pirates and wenches
You’d better sit down on your benches
If you’re sitting there drawing a blank
You’re liable to be walkin’ the plank!
I hope you’re not in a fog
Or you won’t get some of Terrible Teddy’s grog!
Do you think this is just a big party?
Pass over your booty me hearty!

Thank you TERRIBLE SUZIE THE PIRATE DOOZY!    (or is it FLOOZY?)…………… that we have the rules straight and we’re all ready to walk the plank, let’s show the photos for today’s TEASER shall we?????    These are from a GUEST TEASER and we’ll tell you WHO tomorrow.

ARRGH! Here’s ye photos for our Teaser Captain Sam!

Two for one today!   YES these are of the same place!!!

Now it’s up to all of you to do the HARD WORK – figure out where these photos were taken………………………and we’ll keep them up on the bulletin board for you here at school but right now, you’re free to take a little recess break – on your way out, stop by TERRIBLE TED THE PIRATE’S grog stand for a little pirate refreshment.

Have a pirate snack ye little pests!  And be nice to each other out there or else!

Pirate Juice


Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!   Terrible Teddy and Captain Sammy

Pre-Tease Monday


Where Did This Past Week Go???

I guess it’s Monday again…….good thing I heard the school bell ringing or I might have slept in – not good for a Professor to do.    My Assistant Prof Teddy was on the swings in the playground when I arrived in the schoolyard.   GOOD FOR HIM!

Well, shall we get down to the business of preparing for tomorrow’s Teaser?

Yes Sir Professor Angel Teddy – we’re all set!!

First of all, I will remind everyone that tomorrow’s Teaser post will feature a photo sent in by one of our Teaser Post Fans…………so it will be a total surprise and that’s the general idea – it will be up to YOU dear students to figure out WHERE somebody snapped the photo!     Yep – YOU!

Gosh……talk about PRESSURE!!!!!!

When you guess, you have to say what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what COUNTRY (if not in the USA) or STATE (if in the USA) the photo was taken!     To add insult to injury, you should NOT use Google Image Search to get the answer.   Use your very own brain…………study the photo and see if there are clues or just plain make your best guess.    No cheating allowed PLEASE.

Tomorrow morning, the blog post here will to LIVE at an undisclosed time – – – – be on your toes/paws!     As soon as it pops up come here and hurry to COMMENT on the post because if you are the FIRST to comment – guess what you get?????

Another FLASHBACK badge from the past!

And if you are the first RIGHT GUESSER of where the photo was taken, you get this:

Yet another FLASHBACK badge!!

If you guess RIGHT but you are not FIRST, you still get recognized by being awarded one of these:

Yep – you got it – ANOTHER FLASHBACK!

And if you should be WRONG with your guess…….well, you know nobody goes away empty handed – we have another FLASHBACK badge if you’re WRONG:

An oldie but a goodie!

Next week we’ll get back to our regular badges but I thought it would be fun to dip back in time to re-use some of our older badges for Teaser guessers!!


So what do you think everyone – shall we see if Suzie can fire us all up to be in class tomorrow and using all of our brain cells to figure out the Teaser photo????????

Here we go for another week
Giving our brains yet another tweak
Will we know it or will we fail?
Once you get to class you cannot bail!
So get some rest tonight and go to bed on time
How do you think I’ve gotten so good with rhymes?
STUDY STUDY STUDY and you just might win
If you do I’ll get my convertible and take you for a spin!

Alright Suzie!    A ride in your convertible for the winners?   Are you sure you wanna do that?   After all, you just got your drivers license………

Yes Professor, I’ll just have to get these two out of the car first…..

OK, we’ll see how that works out………….in the meantime, Assistant Professor Teddy and I hope to see you in class tomorrow……………………..


Angel Prof Sam and

Assistant Prof Ted

Sunday Selfie Hop


We Are Hopping with Kitties Blue Today…..

This is a wonderful and fun weekly blog hop hosted by our dear friends at The Cat On My Head…………… the Selfie Hop is in honor of FRIENDS FUREVER and Miss Sharon along with her two kitties Raz and Allie.    Miss Sharon’s husband Bill went to Heaven this past week after a very long struggle and we are all very sad to say the least……but Kitties Blue is honoring Miss Sharon by dedicating today’s hop to her.

My selfie today is interesting – Mom did it on Lunapic (yet again!) but we did something different than we ever did before and chose the “special art effect” option which took two minutes for the site to produce in the style which we had chosen for the photo.    They produce for us a “single shot” but also a collage that shows the BEFORE photo, the “special art effect we chose” and the final product.   I love it…………I hope you do too!

This is the collage…..

This is the final photo with a special border AND blue frame……..interesting effects!  Yay Lunapic!

Mom and I sent BIG HUGS to Miss Sharon

AND Big Hugs to Kitties Blue too!!

Love, Teddy and Mom too


Back To Bacon


Let There Be Bacon……Double Portions!

I guess my Kingly Decree last week didn’t stop Irma after all but I promised you double ration of bacon this week to make up for NO bacon last Saturday so…………………

Let the baconizing begin!

Uhhh…..’Scuze me, your Kingship, but my kitchen staff

didn’t show up this morning so it’s just ME

cooking for your Kingliness and

your Guests this morning so

I ask your Royal indulgence this morning??????

I’m sure my guests will understand………………oh and when that staff DOES show up – tomorrow or whenever – FIRE THEM!


Yes indeed – we can’t have NO SHOWS working in the kitchen.   What about when I have a Kingly reception or party – we can’t have unreliable staff!!!!  NOOOOOOO sireee!

UHOH……I didn’t know the household staff was overhearing our conversation Chef – but all our Castle Departments should be staffed with DEDICATED personnel!   Oh, Miss Pennyweather, your staff was listening to my conversation with the Chef!!!!

Rest assured your Kingship, Housekeeping is under control!


Excellent Miss Pennyweather.    Your crew keeps the Castle in very good order – thank you for your dedication to castle cleanliness and your  loyalty!

Breakfast is Served!

Well done Chef!  Did your kitchen staff show up after all?

No Your Kingliness – the Housekeeping staff came to the rescue and helped me out!  



It’s been a good day in Baconia……

Royal Waves, King Teddy

Please stop by their blog (click the badge) if you haven’t yet to leave Miss Sharon and the kitties a message. 

Their hearts and ours are broken that Mr. Bill has gone to Heaven.



The Angels called and he heard their song of welcome…..

My very good and very sweet friend Sharon of Friends Furever said the long goodbye to her husband Bill yesterday.   He’d been hospitalized for two months and had been on the ventilator for a long time – the doctors did all they could but Bill’s struggle to overcome was not enough to keep him here.   He passed into the arms of the Lord yesterday afternoon after the vent was removed.

I know Sharon would appreciate your words of comfort……..and thanks to Ann Adamus we have a beautiful badge to honor the love Bill and Sharon shared for so long………you can click on it and visit Sharon’s blog if you like.   Sharon was so brave……their love will live on in her heart forever………..that’s what love is – FOREVER.


Read the rest of this entry

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful Blog Hop and Poetry From Angel Sam

Today we have TWO things going on here – one is our joining in on the THANKFUL Blog Hop at Brian’s – which you can join too by clicking his badge, using the LINKY TOOL and hopping along with us as we talk about what we’re thankful for!    I’m so thankful that Irma is GONE………she was a horrible storm and certainly did more than her share of damage as she tore through Florida and lashed out at other states on her way out of Florida.    Life will get back to normal for everyone but it will take a lot of time and help.    Just as with Harvey through Texas and Louisiana – one thing has been proven – YOU CAN’T KEEP PEOPLE’S SPIRIT DOWN!    We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep on going.

The second part of today’s blog is the part that my brother, Angel Sammy transmits to me every Wednesday night from the Rainbow Bridge………because it was HIM who started the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge and he’s still writing even though he left for the Bridge before I could meet him and before he got through the whole alphabet for the poems.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the challenge, every week we have a new letter of the alphabet to use as our “KEY LETTER” to write a poem about something.   It can be about anything as long as the subject of the poem begins with that week’s letter!     We started at A and we are now up to N.     Angel Sammy sends me HIS poem and I share it with you on Thursdays and he will give us some “prompts” – words that start with the next letter – sometimes it helps to get some ideas but you are FREE to write your poem about ANYTHING at all that begins with that week’s letter!

Got it?    OK, here’s what Angel Sammy sent me last night!!


Hello my friends!   It’s me, Angel Sammy coming to you from the Rainbow Bridge courtesy of our great Wi-Fi service!     It’s time for us to share our poems with each other – please feel free to put a link to your poem in my comments here OR you can even put your poem in my comments if you like.    But I do hope you’ve written a poem this week – give poetry a try – remember poetry doesn’t have to rhyme – it’s an expression in words and it comes from your heart!    The prompt words I gave you LAST Thursday that you might use if you need some help were:

(1) Naughty (2) Nice (3) Normal (4) New

Doesn’t have to be about one of those words but I give you four just to JUMPSTART your own creative process if you need it!     Want to see what I wrote for “N” ?


By Sammy Kimmell, Sept. 14, 2017

Your name is something you’ll have all your life

Unlike some friendships or maybe your wife!

Your name follows you around from town to town

Like Sampson the Great or Bozo the Clown!

We don’t choose our name, it’s chosen for us

That makes it all easy, so much less of a fuss

When I joined my family they called me “Sam”

It suited me perfectly, like Seuss’s “Sam I Am” !

My Dad chose the name and it felt just right

I loved hearing my name – I was high as a kite!

My Dad is a name guy I suppose you might say

When they adopted their next kitty, it was the same way!

Dad chose the name and it fit to a “T”

He knew right away what his name should be!

He would be  “Teddy” and that name just plain fit

He’s a dear sweet ginger, a most special kit………

The family is complete though I’m now far away

But the four of us know we’ll be together some day…………


So that’s my poem for this week – how about you?    Want to share your poem with us?  I hope you do……………….and if not THIS week, maybe NEXT week you’ll join in the fun?    If you have problems coming up with ideas for next week’s letter which will be “O”, here are some ideas to get you started – remember you don’t have to use one of these words – you can use any “O” word you like!

(1) Open (2) Octopus (3) Olive (4) Odd

There you have it my friends……………..another poetry day has come and gone…………….it’s always fun sharing my poem with you.    I’ll see you again next week here on the blog with my little brother Teddy…………..until then, WRITE A POEM – YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID!

Your Friend and Angel, Sammy the Poet !


Thank you Angel Sammy……………I love “seeing” you on Poetry Day!

Before I go I hope you will say a very VERY special prayer for my super good friends Raz and Allie and most especially their Mom  Miss Sharon at Friends Furever  today……………..they need all the strength you can send to them please………….You may visit their blog at the link below……….but whatever you do, keep them in your heart…………….

Love, Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Hey Hey, Whaddaya Say – it’s Teaser Time on Tell All Day!!

Alright peeps – what did you think of yesterday’s photo?   We sure did get some swell guesses………………some of them had we Professors giggling in the aisles too.   Some of you come up with the “tallest tales” for where you think the photo was snapped.    One of our favorite things about the Teaser is the fabulous guesses including the RIGHT ONES!

Some of you definitely had your thinking cats on yesterday!

First of all, would you like to know who was our FIRST COMMENTER?    Well, we didn’t have ONE – we had TWO bloggers/students (technically three because one was two cats together) who got here first.    They were:


Oliver and Calvin from Facebook

For Animal Couriers and Oliver and Calvin for Teaser of Sept. 11, 2017

Then Mom and I sat here and watched the answers pouring in…………………before long we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………..Shall I show you the photo one more time before I tell you the SCOOP?????

First Right Guesser was……

Miss Csilla from Kolytyi

For Csilla for the Teaser of Sept. 11, 2017

She guessed right – this is a photo of the Royal Palace also known as Stockholm Palace, in Stockholm, Sweden!    This is the official residence of the Swedish Monarch AND contains within THREE museums in addition to the residence.   Interesting building yes?????    Here’s some more info if you want to research!    CLICK HERE

There were others who also guessed correctly!   Yep – several in fact and EACH of you who did, get this:

I guessed the Teaser right on September 11, 2017

If you didn’t guess correctly – well – you get our special RETRO GREENIE badge anyway!

UHOH…..I bummed out guessing on the Teaser of Sept. 11, 201y

Now who was our wonderful Teaser Photographer this week?    She’s got so many wonderful photos because she and her hubby have traveled EVERYWHERE……………it’s none other than:

Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS!

For Jackie with thanks for her photo used as Teaser on Sept. 11, 2017

Thanks Everybody!

Suzie wants to honor our winners today with one of her special cheers…………..Now I’ve not heard this one to know if it’s x-rated or mean but Suzie is NOTHING if not UNPREDICTIBLE so here goes nothing!

Bim Bam Bango
Let’s do a celebration tango!
First Commenters we had more than one
That made it double fun.
Oliver and Calvin and Animal Couriers
All were first – they were good “hurry-ers” !!
We waited to see who would guess it right –
Hoping it wouldn’t be a big cat fight!
It wasn’t a fight – our First Right was Csilla
She sailed right in like she owned the flotilla!
Our students are sharp
of that there’s no doubt
They’re FAST and FURIOUS to figure it out!
See ya next week and be on time
You might win and I’ll put your name in a rhyme!

Thanks so much Suzie…………….you whipped out another one you little powerhouse you!!!!!

So that’s it for another week of teasing………… week who knows where we’ll be visiting………….depends on what photos YOU send in to us to use!    If you want to sit back and enjoy watching people guess what YOU already know about your photograph – just send us something that will TEASER our TEASERS!    Email it to Mom and she just might use it!

We Profs will see you next week!!!  

Angel Prof Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted

SHOPPING Reminder!


Getting Ready To Shop?

This is just a bit of a reminder that we (One Spoiled Cat) are going to be hosting Bacon’s SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD again this month……………Shopping Day will be Friday, September 29th this month AND what we’re going to be sharing recipes/prices for is one of our most-est favorite-est things (at least it’s certainly our humans’ most faves) – do you remember what it is????


Yep!   That’s right – on the 29th you will write your Shopping Around The World Post and give everyone a recipe for a delightful dessert you know and love and that the rest of us can try out!    Part of the deal is giving not just the RECIPE and instructions, but also to tell us what PRICE you paid for all the ingredients.   That way we can either GIGGLE or CRY at the difference in prices where all of us live in the world and do our shopping!    It’s fun to see!   Trust me.

So, make sure and remind your humans because the 29th will be here before you know.   REMEMBER TO  LINK YOUR SHOPPING BLOG POST TO OUR PAL BACON AT PIGLOVE because he loves to read recipes – AND after all, he’s the KING OF SHOPPING anyway – we’re just substitutes!    Next month it will be back in his capable hooves.

Desserts – far as the eye can see!   Speaking of SEEING – SEE you on the 29th.

HELP!!!!!!! I can’t get UP!!!!

Love, Teddy